Julianna Rennie is a junior at Duke University studying journalism and public policy. She is the student editor for The 9th Street Journal. Her work can also be found in The Chronicle, The Charlotte Observer and Columbia Journalism Review.

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Who is John Hickenlooper? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

In a crowded primary field that’s pushing the Democratic party farther to the left, John Hickenlooper has branded himself as an "extreme moderate."

Who is Tim Ryan? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan says he’s running for president because the economy is not working and the American Dream is out of reach. It’s a familiar message in his blue collar district.

Who is Marianne Williamson? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson says she’s running for president to heal the country’s soul.

Sarah Sanders and the history of press secretary falsehoods

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told special counsel Robert Mueller’s team that she gave false information during a press briefing. Now, some are calling for her removal.

What Democrats said about Trump, collusion before Mueller report

We don’t know what Mueller's team found and why he decided it fell short of a tacit or express agreement between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. With that in mind, we wanted to review what Democrats said before Barr’s memo came out.