Katie Sanders is the managing editor of PolitiFact. Previously, she fact-checked talking heads and opinion-shapers for PunditFact as well as the Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott for PolitiFact Florida, reporting from the Tallahassee bureau of the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, where she majored in English and journalism.

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Why would Trump want to buy Greenland?

The world's largest island is three times the size of Texas and about 80% covered in ice. But Donald Trump wanted to buy it. We look at how ocean warming has changed the geo-political stakes.

What’s behind the dubious claim that psychiatric drugs fuel mass shootings?

One question hangs over every mass shooting: How could a person plot and execute such horrific violence? In the search for answers, psychiatric drugs have emerged as a culprit.

The death of Michael Brown, legal facts and Democratic messaging

Two Democratic presidential candidates recently observed the fifth anniversary of Michael Brown’s death by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. -- a case that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement as well as days of unrest locally.

The Fredo flap and the nuances of an insult

CNN host Chris Cuomo stirred up a tweetstorm when he exploded at a man who called him Fredo. Cuomo called it slur on Italian Americans. Language has more twists than that would suggest.

Would Florida proposal ban virtually all guns? Here’s what we know

Florida’s attorney general says ban on military-style weapons would cover far more guns than what proponents call assault weapons. Here’s what we learned about it.

Fact-checking claims about the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton

In the days since the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, we’ve heard a lot from people seeking to shape the gun debate with their own theories, facts and figures.  With so much going on, it might be hard to keep all of it straight. We recapped our fact-checking of politicians, pundits and social media here.

Why do some people think mass shootings are staged every time?

False flag conspiracies have been spread after nearly every mass shooting in recent memory.

Tucker Carlson says white supremacy is a hoax. Here are 5 reasons why that’s wrong

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson claimed white supremacy is a hoax and "not a real problem in America." But that’s not what the evidence shows.

Checking out Neil deGrasse Tyson’s comparison of mass shootings to other causes of death

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson faced intense blowback for a tweet comparing recent mass shootings to other causes of death. We checked his numbers.

Despite Trump remarks on El Paso and Dayton, it's a weak link between video games, mass shootings

Studies contradict Trump assertion that partly blames gaming for motivating killers behind mass shootings.