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What you need to know about Kellyanne Conway's endorsement of Ivanka Trump products

Experts told us Conway's directive to "go buy Ivanka's stuff" a clear violation of ethics rules against federal employees endorsing products. 

The list of 78 terror attacks the White House says the media didn’t cover — but they did

The list of 78 terror attacks the White House says the media didn’t cover — but they did

Fact-checking the Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders health care debate

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., debated the future of health care on CNN.

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s Super Bowl interview

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly pressed President Donald Trump why he respects Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he's "a killer." Trump responded: "We have a lot of killers. Got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?"

PolitiFact Sheet: The National Security Council ‘shakeup’

We explain the controversy behind Steve Bannon's appointment to the National Security Council. 

Here's what Donald Trump did his first week as president of the United States

Donald Trump was sworn as 45th president of the United States Jan. 20, 2017. Here's a recap of his presidential actions during his first week in office.

Fact-checking what Donald Trump got wrong in his ABC News interview

In his first major TV interview since he took the oath of office, President Donald Trump repeated a litany of false, misleading or downright illogical claims.

Kellyanne Conway's back and forth with Chuck Todd on 'alternative facts,' annotated

Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump's top advisers, tells NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd that Press Secretary Sean Spicer used 'alternative facts' in his first statement to the press corps on Jan. 21. 

Fact-checking Donald Trump's inaugural address

President Donald Trump delivered a 16-minute inaugural address that emphasized his populist campaign themes, promising to drain the Washington swamp and revitalize manufacturing and the middle class.

President Barack Obama's final Truth-O-Meter scorecard

Obama's final scorecard