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Yes, from American Evita to The Very Unofficial Hillary Clinton Coloring Book


Yes, families pay more for Iraq war than cable

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Gas taxes, on holiday

The RNC is right that Obama once supported a gas tax "holiday," but a video glosses over some key details.

The Iraq war, for $100 month

We find Obama is right about how much households pay for the war.

100 years of latitude

It's all over the news that Sen. Barack Obama claims Sen. John McCain will let the war in Iraq go on for 100 years. Obama is taking liberties with what McCain said, as we told you weeks ago.

Keystone attacks

The Pennsylvania primary is six weeks away, but the charges have been flying fast and furiously. We check the facts on some claims.

Adding up Clinton's 35-year claim

The New York senator often boasts of 35 years in politics. We do the math and find one of her claims is way off, but that her general point about political experience is largely accurate.

Pardon me: Huckabee vs. Romney

The two former governors have been criticizing each other about pardons. We find their claims are accurate and reveal starkly different approaches on clemency.

Romney loves company, but they don't quite belong together

Mitt Romney says he's following the same path as Ronald Reagan, Henry Hyde and George H.W. Bush when it comes to changing positions on abortion, but his turn was sharper than theirs.

History is not their best subject

Presidential candidates often make historical references to emphasize points or justify positions. A lot of the time, though, they get their facts wrong -- to the dismay of historians.

Ham & cheese, hold the bureaucracy

Hillary Clinton is right about the tangled rules of federal food inspections. If you think the sandwich rules are silly, check out the guidelines for pepperoni pizza.

Looking for Mr. Right

Each of the candidates running for the Republican nomination for president claims to be a conservative. And each one is -- to a point.