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Greatest hits of the 2012 presidential campaign

It's been a long road to Election Day. We review our most significant fact-checks along the way.

Fact-checking Romney's private fundraiser remarks

Grainy video of Mitt Romney talking to big-dollar donors May 17  in Florida has the political world in a tizzy.     PolitiFact has looked into Romney’s remarks in the secretly recorded video and fact-checked several of the comments. Several abbreviated versions of those fact-checks appear below.         Go to our Facebook page ( for full versions of these and other fact-checks. Readers can comment on our rulings at the FaceBook site. Or find us on Twitter ( We update that page with new fact-checks throughout the news cycle.

Republican convention: Talking about money

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney took center stage Tuesday on PolitiFact and the Truth-O-Meter as Republicans geared up to nominate him at their Tampa convention. First, we tested a talking point GOP leaders are using to cast Mitt Romney as a self-made man: That Romney "gave away his father's inheritance." We also checked Romney’s critique of the economy and its effects on young people. The economy is perhaps the Obama campaign’s biggest hurdle, and Democrats know it. One of his top campaign aides tried to defend him by saying that the recovery during President Barack Obama’s term is stronger than President Ronald Reagan’s. Wrong. We also checked an attack on Obama by Romney’s vice presidential pick U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan about declining household incomes. He was wrong, too. Read these summaries of our findings below. Want to comment on our rulings? Go to our Facebook page, or find us on Twitter. And watch for us during the conventions. We’re providing daily Truth-O-Meter updates for this week’s Republican convention in Tampa and next week’s Democratic convention in Charlotte.

Fact-checking the New Hampshire debates

We're checking the New Hampshire debates this weekend. Follow our live coverage on Twitter @PolitiFact and check throughout the day for new Truth-O-Meter items.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul remix

(Editor’s note: With the Iowa caucuses only two months away, PolitiFact Georgia will dedicate this week to summaries of key fact-checks on the leading GOP candidates as well as President Barack Obama’s performance on his 500 campaign promises. Today we look at Ron Paul.) Want to comment on our findings? Visit us on Facebook. Every month since 9/11, there have been as many suicide attacks against the United States and its allies as there were in all the years leading up to 9/11. Paul made this remark Sept. 30 at a forum in Manchester, N.H., to criticize the U.S. for playing "policeman of the world." Whether Paul meant al-Qaida suicide attacks only or all groups who have executed suicide campaigns against the U.S. and its allies was unclear. Either way, the number of suicide attacks against the U.S. and its allies since 9/11 is not "equivalent" to the total before 9/11. The average number each month is actually greater than the total number that predated that day, so Paul is actually understating the magnitude. And the data support his underlying point that the number of attacks since Sept. 11, 2001, has grown. We rate Paul's claim Mostly True.