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Deficit was projected at $1.2 trillion, then Obama added to it

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He did, though some small companies may also face tax hikes

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Barack Obama's top 25 campaign promises: How'd he do?

From trying end the wars in the Middle East and getting his daughters a puppy to reforming the health care system and tinkering with the tax code, Barack Obama made over 500 promises. Here are the ones that will define his presidency in years to come. 

Truth-O-Meter works hard during federal debt debate

The daily back-and-forth in Washington over the federal government’s finances has provided numerous opportunities for the Truth-O-Meter and PolitiFact researchers.

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In a press conference on June 29, 2011,President Barack Obama talked about the looming vote on raising the debt ceiling, plans to reduce the deficit and reviewing business regulations. We check his facts.

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Candidate for president Michele Bachmann sat for an interview with Bob Schieffer. We checked the facts. 

Oil reserves tapped, promise kept

President Barack Obama's controversial decision to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help replace oil production lost due to unrest in Libya also fulfills a campaign promise.

Lawmakers, Perry stand up for incandescents

Texas lawmakers and Gov. Rick Perry have taken a stand for the right of every Texan to buy Texas-made incandescent light bulbs. The proposal just signed into law reminds us that we’ve illuminated bulb claims before.

California congressional race heats up

It's Los Angeles, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised to see such attention-grabbing campaign videos. But where does the truth lie?

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We look back at memorable statements from the Republican candidate for president

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We've posted new fact-checks of Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich.