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And it's no free ride

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Obama's stretch on ethics reform

Obama claims he was the driving force on ethics reform. We find he was a player but not the quarterback.

Spend-O-Meter vs. Truth-O-Meter, Part II

In November, the Republican National Committee oversimplified the cost of Sen. Hillary Clinton's policy proposals. Now, the RNC does a similarly overstated assessment of Sen. Barack Obama's plans.

Obama zapped by lightning claim

The Democrats slugged it out in a Las Vegas debate. We found several claims were true, but Obama was wrong about the probability of lightning strikes vs. undocumented worker prosecutions and Richardson was way off about the popularity of Vice President Cheney and HMOs.

McCain overbids on eBay

The Republicans clashed on taxes, the economy and Iraq during a debate in Dearborn, Mich. They fumbled a few facts along the way.

Romney's nuances on gay issues

Mitt Romney has consistently opposed gay marriage, but he changed positions on a constitutional amendment on civil unions.

Does Obama practice what he preaches?

The freshman senator calls for bipartisanship. But when he votes, it's nearly always with his party.