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Pants on Fire!

You can clean out your inbox. This chain email couldn't be more wrong.

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Rationing? Democrat says it's happening already

Rep. Bill Pascrell said rationing is happening right now because of the high cost of health care. We check his evidence.

E-mail 'analysis' of health bill needs a check-up

Readers sent us a chain e-mail that comments on the House health reform bill page by page. Most of its factual assertions are wrong.

Break out the marshmallows!

It's double Pants on Fire! day at We check a chain e-mail on illegal immigrants and comments from TV and radio personality Glenn Beck.

Sorting out the players in the health care debate

Want to know who's in and who's out in the health care debate? We did the dirty work for you.

More 'birther' announcements

Doubters of President Obama's citizenship have gained prominent new voices, but no new facts.

At 6-month mark, Obama has long to-do list

Halfway through his first year, we examine President Obama's record on our Obameter and Truth-O-Meter.

The (Half) Truth About Judge Sonia Sotomayor

The attacks against Obama's Supreme Court nominee have generally had some truth to them. But the truth has been exaggerated or twisted, earning a spate of Half True ratings.

Mailbag: Readers celebrate freedom of expression

It's Fourth of July weekend, so what better time for our readers to sound off?

Obama's birth certificate: Final chapter. This time we mean it!

We address continued Internet speculation on the document.

When in-your-face is off-the-air

ABC refused opposing ads during Obama's town hall on health care. We explain why.