Shawn Zeller

Shawn Zeller is a reporter for CQ Weekly.

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Prime-time promises

We check the facts on Obama's 30-minute prime-time ad buy.

No maverick cred for Obama

Still fighting to be the candidate who can deliver change, McCain accuses Obama of being too cozy with his party leaders.

McCain's pork project

McCain hammers at this point of distinction: he hates pork-barrel spending, Obama revels in it.

A lesson in cherry-picking

Voting records make senators east targets for attack ads, and nobody knows it better than Sen. John McCain. The DNC is only doing what George W. Bush did back in 2000.

McCain's POW record attacked, again

In a flashback to 2000, Sen. John McCain faces unfounded allegations about his past. This time, a flyer from the Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain alleges he's a traitor.

Romney haunted by liberal past

Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts and as a candidate for office put him in a vulnerable position as rival Republicans attack his past.

The intel numbers game

Rudy Giuliani blames President Clinton for the sad state of the intelligence budget.