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Pants on Fire!

State and federal reports list thousands of private sector stimulus jobs here


Yes, families pay more for Iraq war than cable

Pants on Fire!

Flag was there, but Obama wasn't waving it

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Flipping and flopping

Biden defends Obama by saying McCain changes positions, too. Yes, but not much on Iraq.

The Iraq war, for $100 month

We find Obama is right about how much households pay for the war.

Obama and Israel

In his AIPAC speech, Obama said chain e-mails have been distorting his position on Israel. In this article, we examine some of the charges and whether there is any truth to them.

Romney loves company, but they don't quite belong together

Mitt Romney says he's following the same path as Ronald Reagan, Henry Hyde and George H.W. Bush when it comes to changing positions on abortion, but his turn was sharper than theirs.

Ridiculous, petty — but true

The Clinton campaign trots out quotes from Obama's kindergarten teacher to prove that he's been aiming for the White House longer than he admits. Seriously.

Giuliani left Iraq panel - or it left him

Rudy Giuliani joined the Iraq Study Group but then never made it to a meeting.

Romney misses easy grounder

At the CNN/YouTube debate, the candidates argued about immigration, crime and Iraq. We found they generally got their facts right, although Huckabee distorted the facts on an education program for immigrants and Romney missed an easy one about the Red Sox.

Barbers give Dodd a good cut

The barbers in the TV ads aren't real, but they're correct that Dodd was the prime sponsor of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Taking off the gloves in Orlando

The Republican candidates mixed it up during a lively debate in Orlando. They stretched the truth on crime and defense, while Huckabee was Pants-On-Fire wrong about the Founding Fathers.

Thompson's first role: factory worker

To counter his history in Hollywood and Washington, he tells of growing up in rural Tennessee.