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Stefanie Pousoulides is a student at Duke University and a PolitiFact staff writer. She is also the news editor of The Duke Chronicle and former university news editor and student government beat.

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The facts behind the detention of immigrants

More children and families arriving at the southwest border is leading to overcrowding at border processing facilities and prompting Democratic lawmakers to scrutinize how the Trump administration is handling the surge. â€‹ A delegation of Democratic members of Congress, including U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., went down to the border to visit facilities where apprehended migrants are processed. They said conditions were condemnable.

The facts behind Kirsten Gillibrand’s comments on Al Franken and sexual misconduct

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was asked during a Fox News town hall about the resignation of former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

Do you know your Democrats? A PolitiFact presidential quiz

Do you know your Democrats? Test your knowledge with this PolitiFact presidential quiz.

Who is Steve Bullock? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

With an approval rating of 66%, Bullock was ranked the most popular Democratic governor in 2016. When it came time for the 2016 election, he and only one other Democrat in Montana won statewide offices – when Trump won by more than 20 points.

Who is Jay Inslee? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Most Democrats say that climate change is a key issue, but Jay Inslee has gone further and made it the central issue of his campaign.

Nancy Pelosi cites principle of not talking about Donald Trump when overseas. We looked into it

In Normandy, France, the House Speaker demurred when asked about Trump and tariffs. She deosn't talk about him when she's overseas. But she isn't shy about laying out her policy disagreements with him.