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Stephanie Stapleton has 20 years of experience covering health care. She started with KHN when it launched in 2009. Prior to this, she was a reporter and then health and science editor for American Medical News. She has a master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University and is a native of Ohio.

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Health care stayed front and center at Democratic debate

The topic, which polls show is top of mind among voters, kept returning throughout the fourth debate of Democratic bpresidential candidates.

Fact-checking the Ohio Democratic presidential debate

Twelve presidential candidates assembled in Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, on Oct. 15 for the fourth and largest Democratic primary debate so far.

Trump’s new order for Medicare packs potential rise in patients’ costs

The president’s directive, which he said is designed to give beneficiaries more choices in their health care, could lead to higher costs for seniors. Final rules are to be written by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Fact-checking Trump's claims about Medicare at The Villages in Florida

As part of the president’s outline of key health policy concerns, his wide-ranging speech touched on a variety of hot-button issues.

Despite repeated calls for unity, Democrats throw some debate punches on health plans

When it came to health plans, there were big ideas and big numbers, even though fewer candidates were on the stage.

Biden-Harris debate rematch highlights health plan differences

The Wednesday night event marked the second night in a row for Democratic presidential hopefuls to stake claims on how to fix the health care system. 

In a messy Democratic presidential debate, facts about Medicare for All get tossed about

Candidates used their varying degrees on how to achieve universal coverage — whether through Medicare for All or more incremental steps — as a means to differentiate themselves from the field.

Health care gets heated on night 2 of the Democratic presidential debate

Though the candidates tended to agree on the end goal of universal coverage, differences emerged over how to get there.

‘Medicare for All' emerges as early divide in first Democratic presidential primary debate

Only two candidates went all-in for single-payer. 

Curing cancer: easy politics, difficult science

As the 2020 campaign season kicks off, both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden say they’ll cure cancer. If only it were that simple.