Stephen Koff is fact-checking the 2018 midterm elections for PolitiFact. Stephen has worked as a reporter or editor for more than 30 years, including 26 years for The Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com. For both, he served as Washington Bureau Chief. He previously worked for the St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg Evening Independent, and Cincinnati Magazine. He grew up in Cincinnati and has degrees from Northern Arizona University and American University.

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Fact-checking the congressional race between Dan McCready and Mark Harris

Our guide to the facts in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready

Did New York's John Faso break his promise to a woman with cancer?

Congressman John Faso promised to protect a woman's health care. Whether he kept the promise is a source of political attacks.

Abuse-of-office claim in Ohio's Chabot-Pureval race raises intrigue

Did Aftab Pureval abuse his office, as a Steve Chabot ad says, or was he just a new-style serving the public?

UPDATE: Ad says Calif. candidate Gil Cisneros demanded sex for campaign cash. Here's what we know

A super PAC used a claim against Gil Cisneros knowing it is unsubstantiated.

The year in social media claims, from True to Pants on Fire

Many claims went viral this year. Only a few of them were entirely accurate.

Will recess appointment handcuff consumer cop?

Whether appropriately bold or outrageous, President Barack Obama stirred up the dust when he used a recess appointment to make former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray the nation’s consumer financial cop. We were intrigued by an argument put forth by Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio: that Obama might have limited Cordray’s ability to do his full job because of the way he put the Ohioan in the director’s chair. But sorting the issue out on the Truth-O-Meter proved to be a challenge.  

PolitiFact Ohio celebrates a year of the Truth-O-Meter

We're celebrating one year of PolitiFact Ohio. We launched July 25, 2010. Since then we've posted Truth-O-Meter ratings on more 200 statements, including some surprising truths and some real whoppers.    

Texas Democrats accused of maxing out U.S. credit card

The National Republican Congressional Committee says big spending by congressional Democrats, including U.S. Reps. Ruben Hinojosa and Henry Cuellar of Texas, pushed the nation’s debt to the limit. PolitiFact Ohio poked into that.

One year later: Some truths, some half-truths

One year after President Obama signed the health care law, we examine some of the truths and half-truths.

Fact-checking the federal budget fight

A deadline looms for the federal budget on Friday, with even more deadlines to come.