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Fact-checking primary contests in Kentucky, Oregon and Idaho

Voters go to the polls today to select between candidates who are seeking their party nominations. Our fact-checks looked at gun rights, the Wall Street bailout, unemployment and cockfighting.

PolitiFact's Top 5 fact-checks for March

Our most popular checks were about presidential power, presidential vacations, the health care law and dinosaurs.

Facebook meme wrongly accuses GOP 2016 hopefuls on dinosaurs

A Facebook meme claims that Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have wacky views on the extinction of the dinosaurs and the age of the earth. Its charges seem to be entirely fabricated, though.

In context: What Obama said about "fundamentally transforming" the nation

When President Barack Obama said he had no plans to "fundamentally transform" the nation during a Super Bowl Sunday interview, that sent some viewers back to the archives to find a 2008 quote.