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Rating Obama's promises at the 1-year mark

One year into the Obama presidency, we explore how his campaign promises have fared on our Obameter.

A Promise Broken on a vow to end no-bid contracts

Obama said he would require competition for all contracts over $25,000, but he hasn't done so.

The Truth-O-Meter on Biden

Joe Biden returns to the main stage as Barack Obama's vice presidential pick. We review his Truth-O-Meter rulings from the Democratic primary and two from his debut on the ticket.

McCain energy claim low on fuel

John McCain says energy prices would go down if the U.S. stopped filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. They might, but not by much.

Goodbye, Joe

PolitiFact bids farewell to Joe Biden, the only two-time winner of our coveted "Pants on Fire!" rating.

Income gap is big, but so are its causes

Democrats want you to know the income gap between the rich and the rest of us is at highs not seen since the eve of the Great Depression. That doesn't mean it's Bush's fault.

Looking for Mr. Right

Each of the candidates running for the Republican nomination for president claims to be a conservative. And each one is -- to a point.

Biden wants a bite of the Big Apple

The Delaware senator says he's the one who lowered crime in New York while Rudy Giuliani was mayor.

McCain's tough Iraq straddle

An unwavering advocate of the war, he reminds voters he has criticized the White House for its strategies.

Thompson on his own, 99-1

He's consistently voted against giving the feds authority in state matters — even when it opposes conservative ideals.