Yanqi Xu is a reporter with PolitiFact and a masters degree student in journalism at the University of Missouri.

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Explaining the numbers behind the rise in reported hate crimes

FBI data suggests that hate crimes have been on the rise since 2014. However, that only captures the reported hate crimes identified by law enforcement. Results from the National Crime Victimization Survey estimate a higher number of hate crime victimizations, but they are not going up. 

Are New Yorkers really fleeing to Florida over taxes?

Sen. Rick Scott lacks evidence that taxes are driving migration.

Without full Mueller report, Trump obstruction questions leave legal experts wondering

Less than 48 hours after receiving the special counsel’s report, Attorney General William Barr distilled Robert Mueller’s investigative findings into a four-page letter. In a controversial move, Barr supplied a key legal judgment where Mueller declined to reach one.

Donald Trump doesn’t think white nationalism is on the rise. Data show otherwise

Data show a rise in far-right extremism in recent years

Fact-checking the State of the Union for 2019

PolitiFact is fact-checking the State of the Union on Feb. 5, 2019. 

Trump disagrees with his own intelligence team. We catalog the differences

During testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, several intelligence officials testified about security threats to the United States in a way that was sometimes at odds with what President Donald Trump has said. It didn’t take long for Trump to push back against them on Twitter.