"I'll tell you what I can tell this country: If they want a president who doesn't believe in God, there's probably plenty of choices."

Mike Huckabee on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 in Manchester, N.H.

There are no atheist candidates.

Huckabee says there are "probably plenty" of presidential candidates who do not believe in God. But the major candidates have all professed a belief in God and in fact most of them have made their faith in God an apparent element of their campaigns.

John Edwards said during a CNN candidates' forum that he has "a deep and abiding love for my Lord, Jesus Christ," while Hillary Clinton said prayer helped her weather her husband's infidelity. Barack Obama is a prominent member of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ.

Among Republicans, Mitt Romney, a Mormon, said during the Republican debate, "I believe in God, believe in the Bible, believe Jesus Christ is my savior." John McCain's campaign created a commercial where McCain speaks into the camera about his faith in God.