Articles from February, 2011

Gov. McDonnell's road cost claim revisited

Our reader raised an interesting point: how does the increase in road costs compare to the rise in overall inflation?

PETA's claim is fishy

"The statistics are staggering," PETA wrote in a sample letter posted on its web site Feb. 1 that members were urged to send to their governor. "In the U.S. alone, animals shelters must spend an estimated $2 billion in taxpayer money to take in, house, euthanize, and dispose of unwanted animals." 

Mail call: Readers react strongly to Warner, Janis Truth-O-Meters

Warner, a Democrat, is planning on introducing a bill that would lower the national debt by cutting spending and reining in tax breaks. Warner acknowledges his legislation will be unpopular and, judging by the reaction we got, he’s right. 

Two scorchings averted

PolitiFact Virginia spared two politicians the rigors of facing the Truth-O-Meter even though their statements were obviously false. They were House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong and Gov. Bob McDonnell.