Articles from March, 2011

A few claims don't make the Truth-O-Meter

We couldn't find ample data to render judgments on a statement by Gov. Bob McDonnell on tourism and a tweet by U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes on regulations. But they're interesting topics so we thought we'd share a bit of our work.

We don't fact check basketball predictions, but...

We do want to draw your attention to the March 13 comments of two ESPN basketball analysts upon learning Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond was among 68 men’s basketball teams chosen to compete for the NCAA national championship. Basketball mavens Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas were outraged by VCU’s inclusion. They said some bigger-name schools -- specifically Virginia Tech and the University of Colorado -- were more deserving of the berth.

Politicians say the strangest things

We always call the person who made the claim and ask where he or she got the information that his or her statement was based on. Sometimes the answers are a little surprising.  

Democrats correct their estimate of job losses in Virginia under GOP budget plan

We figured that claim was made in an error. That number would mean an almost 18 percent drop in the number of workers in Virginia -- estimated at 3.9 million in January by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Resetting the Truth-o-Meter to account for inflation

We have revisited a claim by Gov. Bob McDonnell that education spending grew six times faster than student enrollment. The statement now is rated Half True after we re-calculated our figures to include the impact of inflation.

It's jobs week at PolitiFact Virginia

Politicians claim way too much credit for good jobs news and heap way too much blame on opponents when the news is bad. Economists keep telling us that the policies of presidents and governors have only a minor effect on economic cycles.