Articles from October, 2012

Ad Watch: Allen and the GOP go after Kaine

Kaine, in his final budget, unsuccessfully proposed a 1 percent income tax increase. Many, but not all, individual earners at the $17,000 level would have seen their tax bill rise.

Ad Watch: Kaine attacks Allen on abortion and birth control

Allen’s campaign did not respond to a PolitiFact inquiry on whether he’s interested in overturning Roe v. Wade.

A quick look at the final Allen-Kaine debate

Tim Kaine and George Allen squared off for the fifth time Thursday night, reinforcing their positions on jobs, health care and the budget. Here's a review of some of their claims:

Not quite ready for the Truth-O-Meter

Sometimes we look into the statements and find that they don’t prove or disprove anything. So rather than put them to the Truth-O-Meter, we feel a quick explanation of our findings will suffice. Here are a few examples:

A quick look at the latest Allen-Kaine debate

Tim Kaine and George Allen made a number of statements in Monday night's debate that were familiar to PolitiFact Virginia. Here's a recap: 

Ad Watch: A look at the latest claims by Romney, Crossroads and Hirschbiel

Claims that Obamacare is the greatest tax increase in history or would charge $1 trillion in new taxes have been rated Pants on Fire.