Articles from September, 2012

Ad Watch: The latest Crossroads attack on Kaine

The latest Crossroads GPS ad recycles some claims George Allen has been making about Tim Kaine’s record on taxes and defense spending.

Presidential race blankets Virginia with partial truths

Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, a Democrat, are running new ads in Virginia that contain claims that aren't completely true. Here is a summary of the ratings they've received.

In context: George Allen's comments on government waste

 A Democratic super PAC says, in a TV ad, that  George Allen "called programs like Medicare and Social Security a `waste.'" Is that an fair assessment of Allen's comments, or taking advantage of a few garbled words?

A quick look at the Allen-Kaine debate

George Allen and Tim Kaine made a number of statements in their debate that were familiar to PolitiFact Virginia. Here's our review. Look for more on the debate in the days ahead.

Ad Watch: A look at Obama's attacks on Romney's tax and Medicare stances

The sticking point is that Romney hasn’t specified what exemptions, deductions and loopholes he wants to get rid of. So it’s impossible to tell if the math in Romney’s tax plan adds up.

Do GOP governors create more jobs than Democrats?

Gov. Bob McDonnell's mathematical proof doesn't always hold up.

Tim Kaine highlights his, Obama's successes in DNC speech

U.S. Senate candidate and former Gov. Tim Kaine talked about the economic successes that his term in Virginia and Barack Obama's term as president brought. We took at look at the familiar talking points.

Ad Watch: Crafty splice tags Obama with a promise

An Americans for Prosperity ad shows President Barack Obama promising to cut the national deficit during his first term and saying, "If I don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition." Did President Obama really give himself a three-year deadline to accomplish that goal?