Compromise rulings on the Bob-O-Meter

Fund programs based on effectiveness

"Bob McDonnell will improve the budget system by implementing a budget process that rewards effective programs and allocates future spending based upon that effectiveness."

Expand lobbyist disclosure

"Bob McDonnell will have legislation introduced that requires disclosure of the specific bills and procurement matters that lobbyists are working on, as well as information about entertainment expenses related to those matters."

Ensure citizen input in redistricting

"Whether through legislation or a blue ribbon governor's panel, Bob McDonnell will ensure bipartisan citizen involvement in the state legislative and congressional district redistricting process in 2010-2011."

Start performance pay program

"Bob McDonnell will establish a pilot program for performance pay for state managers."

Ban gifts during procurement process

Ban gifts over a certain amount to the executive department during the procurement process.

Implement drug education program

McDonnell will implement a standard for programs that teach students how drugs can negatively impact physical and mental health, as well as the social consequences of substance abuse that reach children at a variety of ages.

Increase funding for Virginia Teaching Scholarship Program

Over the course of the McDonnell administration, we will increase the amount of funding available for the Virginia Teaching Scholarship Program and set aside a portion of the funds specifically for STEM and career technical education shortage areas.

Appoint public school turnaround leader

As governor, Bob McDonnell will appoint a public school turnaround leader, at the Department of Education, whose sole mission will be to focus on the underperforming schools and set in motion urgent plans to eliminate obstacles to success.

Consolidate guides for business creation and expansion

Virginia has four different types of publications to help create and expand a business...As governor, Bob McDonnell will combine all resources into one updated manual.

Dedicate 75 percent of surpluses to transportation

As governor, Bob McDonnell will dedicate 75 percent of annual budget surplus revenue to transportation needs (after constitutionally mandated deposits).

Seek telecommuter tax credit

As governor, Bob McDonnell will build bipartisan consensus behind a plan to grant a tax credit to employers for expenses incurred in allowing employees to telecommute pursuant to a signed telwork agreement.