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Contrary to Biden, Virginia legislative races don't predict presidential elections

Joe Biden put a national spin on Virginia's Nov. 5 elections for 140 General Assembly seats, saying, "As Virginia goes, so goes the nation." We examined whether Virginia's legislative races are a reliable predictor of presidential elections.  

2018 Lie of the Year: Slams after Parkland shooting

An online smear machine tried to take down Parkland students after mass shooting at school.

Are wages rising? Brat and Spanberger disagree

Republican Dave Brat says wages are "going through the roof. Democrat Abigail Spanberger says they are "stagnant."

In context: Dave Brat's comments to jailed addicts

"You think you’re having a hard time, I’ve got $5 million worth of negative ads going at me," Brat told the incarcerated addicts. "How do you think I’m feeling?"  

Ad Watch: Democratic PAC distorts Brat's record on seniors' health

The ad accuses Rep. Dave Brat of selling out seniors for corporate campaign donations. But the evidence put forth by the House Majority PAC is contrived.

Fact-checking Donald Trump's Tim Kaine attack on 'Meet the Press'

The presidential candidates criticize the other candidate's pick for vice president.

Obama's reply to Castro's criticism open to interpretation

A look at Rep. Rob Wittman's claim that Obama thanked Cuban president for criticizing the U.S.

Is the Trump Winery the largest winery on the East Coast?

Trump says it is. But PolitiFact Virginia found wineries that were huger!   Donate $1, help us unlock $15,000 to expand our 2016 fact-checking

On violent crime and concealed gun permit holders

Gov. Terry McAuliffe says, "In Virginia history, in the last 24 years, there has not been one instance of an individual with a concealed carry (permit) who has come into Virginia and harmed a Virginian." But the statistics don't exist.

Barack Obama hasn't said “radical Islamic terrorism”

Per Ted Cruz, Barack Obama won’t say a certain term. "President Obama will not identify, he literally will not utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’" Cruz recently said, "and as matter of policy, nobody in the administration will say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’"   That’s True, PolitiFact Virginia concluded.   See Ted Cruz’s full Truth-O-Meter report card.