Samantha Patrick is a reporter with PolitiFact West Virginia and a student at West Virginia University.

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Is there a homeless problem in Facebook's back yard, as Richard Ojeda said?

Richard Ojeda, a former West Virginia state senator who was briefly a Democratic presidential candidate, focused his message as a candidate on the fate of the working class and the sick. In a Jan. 8 tweet, Ojeda said that if you "go 1 mile from the headquarters of Facebook you will find a homeless shelter with a 70 person waiting list." We took a closer look.

Fact-checking Jim Justice's state of the state address

Gov. Jim Justice delivered his third State of the State address tonight, proposing the elimination of a state tax on Social Security benefits, a 5 percent pay raise for state employees including teachers, and millions of dollars more for substance abuse and other social services. PolitiFact West Virginia took a look at the accuracy of a few of Justice’s statements in the speech. We will analyze additional statements from the speech in the coming days.