Articles from November, 2010

Help us monitor promises made by Scott Walker

Let's see, there's the Truth-O-Meter. And the Flip-O-Meter. Yes, here at PolitiFact Wisconsin we like our meters. So, we're in the process of building a new one — and we need your help.

Our Truth-O-Meter will stay plugged in

The election is over, but politics goes on. We'll be turning to statements by elected officials, promises made by the winning candidates and that upcoming Milwaukee County Executive's race. Plus we'll roll out the Flip-O-Meter. To the pols, parties and pundits: We're not going anywhere. To our readers: Stay tuned.

Our procrastinator's guide to the 2010 race for governor

For those just getting focused on Tuesday's gubernatorial election, we've rounded up the key charges and counter charges -- and our past rulings on them -- from Friday night's final debate.