Articles from January, 2011

Political vitriol is bad these days, but experts say it’s been worse

The day after an Arizona congresswoman and 18 other people were shot in Tucson, former Wisconsin congressman Dave Obey spoke out on the state of public discourse in America. "We are now reaping the whirlwind after years of wild anti-government, anti-politician, simplistic political vitriol," Obey said in a statement issued Jan. 9, 2011. A look at the state of political discourse.

Introducing the Walk-O-Meter

When Scott Walker was elected Milwaukee County executive in 2002, he put together a notecard that listed a series of promises and encouraged voters to put it on their refrigerator and hold him accountable for them. The Walk-O-Meter will help you keep track of gubernatorial promises. A closer look at Walker's campaign promises.

A look at Scott Walker's campaign promises

Republican Scott Walker made stopping the train to Madison, cutting taxes and creating 250,000 jobs the cornerstone promises of his successful bid for governor. But he also made dozens of less-noticed pledges of high interest to hunters, gun owners, school parents, teachers, tourists, veterans and even ex-Wisconsinites. PolitiFact Wisconsin's new feature, the Walk-O-Meter, will track Walker"s progress on 60 promises over his four-year term in office.