Articles from March, 2013

In Context: Lawmaker explains food stamps, junk food plan

When Wisconsin state Rep. Dean Kaufert, R-Neenah, proposed restricting the use of food stamps for junk food, 84 percent of more than 700 people answering an online poll expressed support and more than 200 people liked it on a Facebook page. Critics of the proposal, which made news from Atlanta to San Francisco, lit up Kaufert on Twitter.

The Chief and The Sheriff: Two views of Milwaukee's homicide picture

Milwaukee saw an increase in homicide in 2012. But how does the city stack up to other communities? Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. offered starkly different answers in a recent 24-hour period. We dig into the numbers.

Are Sensenbrenner and Moore in agreement on Voting Rights Act?

As the Supreme Court mulls over the fate of the Voting Rights Act, House Democrat Gwen Moore cites House Republican Jim Sensenbrenner's backing of the landmark law as she advocates for saving it. But do the pair really agree on what constitutes a threat to voting rights? We take a look.

Would expanding Medicaid be good for jobs?

Gov. Scott Walker announced Feb. 13, 2013 that he would reject an expansion of Medicaid offered as part of Obamacare, saying he has a better idea for helping more people get health insurance. Some advocates of making more people eligible for Medicaid say the expansion would create jobs. Is the picture that clear?