Articles from March, 2014

The High Five for March: jobs, guns, poverty

Readers flocked to items that sought to settle the facts and shed light on Wisconsin's employment picture, Rep. Paul Ryan's comments on poverty, Senator Ron Johnson's take on gun-control and the state of the state budget.

Mary Burke, so far

The last time Marquette Law School did its statewide poll, in late January 2014, 70 percent of the respondents said they hadn’t heard enough about Mary Burke to have an opinion on her, or didn’t know if their view of her was favorable or not.  

The battle over early voting access: How many votes are really at stake?

Political scientists don't see a dramatic difference in overall voter turnout when early voting is expanded or limited, but there's emerging evidence that African-American turnout falls when the chance to vote early is reduced.

In Context: Were Paul Ryan's poverty comments a 'thinly veiled racial attack'?

The backlash to comments U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan made about poverty and inner-city residents suggested that the former vice-presidential candidate had been bigoted. Was what he said, as U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee called it, a "thinly veiled racial attack"?

In February's High Five race: Barack Obama, Scott Walker and some other guys

The PolitiFact Wisconsin articles that got the most page-views in February 2014 (Barack Obama was No. 1, Scott Walker No. 2) are a little like the advertising on a NASCAR racing car. All over the map.