Articles from March, 2016

Fact checking a Ted Cruz campaign appearance in Milwaukee

The Texas senator and GOP presidential candidate made several claims during a town hall meeting that have been previously evaluated by PolitiFact.    Plus: The Final Five on the Truth-O-Meter; closer looks at visits by Clinton, Sanders and Kasich; and Trump's comments on punishing women who have an abortion.

In Context: Transcript of Donald Trump on punishing women for abortion

We flesh out what the Republican presidential front runner told MSNBC's Chris Matthews during a town hall meeting in Green Bay.  Plus: The Final Five on the Truth-O-Meter; and closer looks at visits by Clinton, Sanders and Kasich

Fact-checking a Hillary Clinton speech in Milwaukee

Hillary Clinton made claims contrasting herself with the Republican presidential candidates and her rival for the Democratic nomination, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.   Fact-checking John Kasich's Milwaukee visit Fact-checking Bernie Sanders' Madison speech

Fact checking John Kasich's Milwaukee visit

Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich made claims about his general election electability while seeking support ahead of Wisconsin's presidential primary.    The Final Five: Kasich, Cruz, Trump, Clinton and Sanders on the Truth-O-Meter Bernie Sanders: Fact checking his Madison speech  

Fact checking Bernie Sanders' Madison speech

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders repeated several claims we've checked previously in taking his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination to Madison, Wis. The Final Five: Checking the five remaining presidential candidates on what they're likely to say while campaigning in Wisconsin.

The Final Five -- on the Truth-O-Meter

All five presidential candidates are scheduled to traverse Wisconsin -- making assertions, boasts and attacks -- ahead of the state’s primary election on April 5, 2016. Almost certainly, they will repeat some of their favorite lines, some of which will make you stop and ask, Really? Thankfully, we've rated many of those claims.

February High Five: Bringing home our most-clicked items of the month

From national issues to a single Milwaukee house, a look at our most-clicked items for the month of February.

Checking the president, and the presidential campaign

Barack Obama's visit to Wisconsin comes in the midst of a heated campaign for the White House.