Promises about Environment on Walk-O-Meter

Implement simplified and understandable DNR regulations

Will "allow increased access to state lands for forest management and all of Wisconsin’s citizens. Implement simplified and understandable regulations."

Appoint "Whitetail Deer trustee" to review deer counting system

Will "appoint a Whitetail Deer Trustee, an outside independent expert to revise our deer counting system."

Change to hunter-friendly chronic wasting disease strategy

Will push "policymakers in Madison (to) recognize that our Chronic Wasting Disease efforts aren’t working and shift to a strategy that makes sense for our hunters."

Improve deer hunt rules; return to 'traditional' hunts

Will return state "to traditional hunts – enough with T-Zones and Earn-a-Buck (programs related to herd management) – making Wisconsin the best place in the nation to hunt white tailed deer again."

Create new panel to provide advice on hunting and environmental matters

Will "create Governor Advisory Groups consisting of everyday sportsmen, conservationists, business owners and rank-and-file DNR employees to advise me on new and existing regulations and practices."

Require annual audits of fish and wildlife accounts

Will "require increased transparency and accountability by requiring annual audits of our fish and wildlife accounts to ensure that we are prioritizing expenditures an getting maximum value for our sportsmen and women."

Assure at least one Natural Resources Board member has a farming background

Will "ensure that at least one of the members of the Natural Resources Board comes from an agricultural background."

Increase access to state lands for hunters

Will "increase access to state lands so hunters have more hunting opportunities."