Promises about Government Efficiency on Walk-O-Meter

Reform and speed up permitting process for businesses

Will "reform the permitting process to require state agencies to review permit applications within 60 days of receipt. If the application is not approved or denied by the agency within 180 days of receipt, the application will be presumed approved."

Create "jobs hotline" for direct access to governor's office

Will "create a 'Jobs Hotline' so job creators have direct access to the governor’s office within 24 hours. No more unreturned calls, no more uninterested politicians. When job creators are looking to expand or relocate to Wisconsin, or if they are thinking of leaving, my office will be able to offer immediate action to bring new jobs to our state and save existing jobs."

Have lieutenant governor lead statewide "small business roundtables"

"To ensure that the state and Wisconsin businesses have an open and ongoing dialog on the state of the economy, I will empower my Lieutenant Governor to head regular small business roundtables in all corners of the state."

Create and convene "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" Commission

"As part of my Emergency Jobs Plan, I will issue an executive order on my first day in office, creating this commission, directing it to meet within one week, and giving it the authority to access the books of all state agencies and go through them line-by-line. I will appoint a tough, private-sector chairman who will bring common sense to government spending and ensure that taxpayer money is being spent efficiently and effectively."

Replace Department of Commerce with development-focused agency

"Working with the legislature and through executive order, I will replace ( Department of Commerce) with a true economic development agency. I will hire an experienced economic development professional as Executive Director. All regulatory functions will be transferred to other agencies. Existing economic development functions of state agencies, like the Department of Workforce Development, and state affiliated entities, like the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, will be consolidated within the new agency."

Implement simplified and understandable DNR regulations

Will "allow increased access to state lands for forest management and all of Wisconsin’s citizens. Implement simplified and understandable regulations."

Create new panel to provide advice on hunting and environmental matters

Will "create Governor Advisory Groups consisting of everyday sportsmen, conservationists, business owners and rank-and-file DNR employees to advise me on new and existing regulations and practices."

Require annual audits of fish and wildlife accounts

Will "require increased transparency and accountability by requiring annual audits of our fish and wildlife accounts to ensure that we are prioritizing expenditures an getting maximum value for our sportsmen and women."

Require use of accepted accounting principles to balance all state budgets

Will "require the use of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to balance every state budget, just as we require every local government and school district to do."

Strip policy items and pork projects from the state budget

Will "strip policy and pork projects from the state budget. The budget process should be about funding essential government services based on the taxpayers’ ability to pay."

Toughen reporting requirements for lobbyists

Will "require lobbyists to report all attempts to influence state agency decisions regarding the awarding of state contracts and grants and provide real time disclosure of all contracts and grant awards."

Require cabinet to hold "brown bag lunches" with employees to find waste, fraud and abuse

Will require cabinet to hold "brown bag lunches" with employees to identify waste, fraud and abuse. “As part of my Waste, Fraud and Abuse Commission to find $300 million of savings for the taxpayers, I will issue an executive order requiring my cabinet secretaries to hold regular brown bag lunches with frontline workers to help identify cost savings and more efficient ways of providing services.”

Streamline teacher licensing process; allow those with "real world" experience.

Will "streamline the licensing process and open the door to aspiring teachers with real world experience."

Expand veterans board and let governor appoint all members

Will "support a requirement that there be one member from every congressional district in Wisconsin. The ninth member shall be a statewide at-large member. I will propose legislation to expand the current (Board of Veterans) to nine members, all appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. I will propose legislation to expand the current (Board of Veterans) to nine members, all appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate."

Identify $300 million in waste, fraud and abuse in state budget and eliminate it

Will -- through Commission on Waste, Fraud and Abuse -- identify $300 million in savings. "By also taking advantage of savings that have already been publicly identified such as $22.5 million per year in Wisconsin Shares fraud and $66 million per year in excessive overtime, we can save at least $300 million per year."