Greg Borowski

Greg Borowski is deputy managing editor for projects, investigations and digital innovation at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and editor of the newspaper's PolitiFact Wisconsin site. Before becoming an editor, Borowski spent more than 15 years covering government and politics in Michigan and Wisconsin. He joined the Journal Sentinel staff in 1998. Borowski is a Milwaukee native and a graduate of Marquette University.

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The chairmen of Wisconsin's Republican and Democratic parties asserted in the same TV appearance that Wisconsin manufacturing jobs are up under Trump and down in the last year. Can both be true?

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PolitiFact Wisconsin's 'High Five' for September 2019

Topping the 'High Five' for September include claims by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling

Is Milwaukee's 53206 ZIP code really tops in incarceration rates?

 Milwaukee’s ills -- crime, poverty, poor housing -- are measured in studies, and the 53206 ZIP code frequently comes out on top. But is it really on top in African American incarceration rates?

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We round up some of our fact-checks of U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., as he announces he is leaving office after more than 40 years in Congress.