Wednesday, May 27th, 2015
State Rep. Scott Sanford won Texas House approval of the so-called Pastor Protection Act May 21, 2015 (Austin American-Statesman photo, Rodolfo Gonzalez).

Texans legislating about permitting clergy not to perform gay marriage ceremonies

Texas legislation may be headed into law regarding the freedom of clergy to refuse to perform gay marriage ceremonies--but a proposal potentially penalizing elected officials, mentioned by Apple's Tim Cook, remains out of play.


Read up on the latest Texas House action here (and here and here and here). But about that penalty legislation...

The Latest from PolitiFact Texas

Permit residents of cities and counties to repeal red light camera ordinances

Ban school districts from hiring lobbyists to lobby legislators for more funding

Change allowed uses of state rainy day funds

Full Flop

UPDATED: Yes as governor, no as presidential prospect

Require two-thirds' vote of Texas House and Senate to override constitutional spending limit

Impose a stricter constitutional spending cap based on population growth and inflation

Bar statutorily-dedicated accounts from being used simply to certify the state budget is balanced

Give the governor power to reduce, but not eliminate, individual spending items in state budget


UPDATED: 14 weren't a senator or a governor


Governments say nothing doing