Friday, October 31st, 2014
If these guys tell you Islamic terrorists are carrying Ebola across the Mexico border, you may want to checks the facts. (Orlando Sentinel photo)

Boo! Debunking 10 scary claims for Halloween

We look at 10 recent political claims that sound pretty scary -- until you check the facts. 


• In context: Hillary Clinton and corporations creating jobs

• Catch up with the Q and A session we hosted on Facebook

• The biggest whoppers of the 2014 campaign

The Latest from PolitiFact

Mostly False

There's no support from GOP leaders


Law doesn't prove Zimmerman's motivation

Pants on Fire!

No need to stockpile

Mostly True

A look at statistics shows it was far from a lock

Mostly False

Her house is pricey, but not that pricey


No position does not equal opposition

Mostly True

So you're telling me there's a chance

Mostly False

Veto followed by later funding increases


Puffs up an old story


Cuts not for the faint of heart

Mostly True

But not your traditional origami

Mostly False

State near the top but at it