Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
State Rep. Mandela Barnes, D-Milwaukee, talks about the legislative efforts on various issues important to the faith community, following a march to the Capitol for a lobbying day.

Fact checking the state budget

The calendar change to May means state budget decisions will dominate the political headlines in the weeks ahead. A look back at factchecks on key topics.

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Not enough criminal justice figures available for 18-24 age group

Limit the time on public assistance for certain recipients

Require a drug test for those seeking unemployment benefits and Food Stamps


Collectively, yes, but not true for many individuals


Numbers don't favor Clinton, but no majority in most swing states

Mostly False

Less than Walker claims -- and less than increases before Obama took office


Clearance rack + Kohl's Cash = Campaign speech applause line


Accurate figure, despite rising minority population

Pants on Fire!

Party cites us, but we don't do that kind of rating