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Says Glenn Grothman pushed through state tax credits that when phased in, "someone that owns a factory that produces millions in income" will pay "less tax than their nephew would if he worked full time at Taco Bell for minimum wage."  

"Over the next two years, this $1.8 billion deficit will cost individual Wisconsinites $300 each, or $1,200 for families of four."

"Wisconsin does not have a deficit. Thanks to Republican reforms, the 2014 budget will begin with a $443 million surplus."

Promise: Require annual audits of fish and wildlife accounts

Update: Two reviews out of dozens of areas

Promise: Develop plan to keep Veterans Trust Fund solvent

Update: Cash infusions have kept it afloat, but deficit projections remain

Says Mary Burke’s Madison school district "will be the only school district left in the state" to "ignore the (Act 10) law" in the 2015-16 school year.

Promise: Toughen reporting requirements for lobbyists

Update: Still time to make some headway on this two-pronged promise

Promise: Create relocation tax credit for businesses moving to Wisconsin

Update: Another one that did not make it through

Promise: Begin to phase out state tax on retirement income

Update: Many tax reforms enacted, but this one did not make it through

"Miller Brewing is not a U.S. company any more. Neither is Anheuser-Busch."

"Scott Walker cut school funding more per student than any governor in America."

"We cut our deficits by more than half."

"Scott Walker gave Wisconsin job creation money to his cronies: corporate friends who contributed to his campaigns" and got $570 million in job-development incentives

"Wisconsin’s dead last in Midwest job growth."

In the latest jobs numbers Wisconsin "ranked third in the Midwest."

"Scott Walker has given a $10,000 tax deduction to millionaires who send their kids to exclusive private schools."

In 2012, there were nearly 12.2 million arrests and only 410 "uses of deadly force" by police in the United States.

Wisconsin is "dead last in income growth" among midwestern states during Gov. Scott Walker’s term.

Heroin and prescription opioids are "the number one cause of accidental or preventable death in Wisconsin."

Promise: Create "Homecoming Wisconsin" program to lure back former residents

Update: Some ongoing efforts, but not as expansive as pledged

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