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Wisconsin is "dead last in income growth" among midwestern states during Gov. Scott Walker’s term.

Heroin and prescription opioids are "the number one cause of accidental or preventable death in Wisconsin."

Promise: Create "Homecoming Wisconsin" program to lure back former residents

Update: Some ongoing efforts, but not as expansive as pledged

Promise: Sign legislation on immigration similar to Arizona bill

Update: No legislation moved, and no more session days left

Promise: Lift nuclear moratorium

Update: Some talk, but no action and no more session days scheduled

New Glarus Brewing Co.’s Spotted Cow is available only in Wisconsin.

Says he "invested over $100 million in worker training."

Wisconsin is "38th in the country in terms of proficiency standards" in student testing.

Says his "Act 10 reforms" have "saved the taxpayers some $3 billion."

Under Mayor Tom Barrett, the number of Milwaukee police officers "has not increased."

The Milwaukee Police Department has seized nearly as many firearms this year as the much larger New York City Police Department.

Promise: Create 250,000 new jobs

Update: A small increase, but not enough to put the goal in reach

"Wisconsin is #1 in the Midwest for personal income growth over the year."  

"Kids coming from an affluent background" are "taking advantage of all these student loan programs and grants" while many middle-class families with no connection to college are picking up the tab.

Says GOP primary opponents Glenn Grothman and Joe Leibham cast a "compromise vote that cost $788 million" in higher electricity costs.

"I've either balanced every budget or we turned back a surplus."

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. advised citizens to "point that barrel center mass and pull the trigger" because "911 is not our best option."

"There has never been an alderman who has defeated an incumbent mayor in the history of this great city."  

"Mitt Romney did not run his campaign on the basis of arguing his experience in the business world was a reason to vote for him."

Says a $12.5 million incentive deal she approved for Abbott Laboratories contained "strong protections for taxpayers if job creation goals were not met."

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