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The Obama Administration is suing a Wisconsin company for forcing employees to speak English.

"North Korea is telling its people that their men’s national team is in the World Cup final."

"Justice John Roberts Signed Off On Obama’s Arrest For Treason."

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office "received zero complaints" about the Washington Redskins name.

"Florida Democrats just voted to impose Sharia law on women."

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No, Warren Buffett didn't say Obamacare should be scrapped:

A media hubbub over Warren Buffett's purported rejection of President Barack Obama's health care law was based on an interview that ran three and a half years ago, before Congress even passed the law.

If you can stand the heat, we've got Pants on Fire for you!:

When we sweep all the Pants on Fire rulings from this campaign into one pile, we've got quite a bonfire. Read on to see what we said – if you can stand the heat…

Chain e-mails are back — and they're still wrong:

Get ready to hit the Delete key. Chain e-mails are making a resurgence and landing in your inbox. We check two of them and find they're Pants on Fire wrong.

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