Friday, November 28th, 2014
Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn describes his plan for Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park at a September 2014 news conference. Times photo.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn kept most campaign promises

Analyzing the state of Buckhorn's 34 campaign promises as the end of his four-year term approaches.

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Treat Codes Compliance Assistance Department as a budget priority

Have final design for new pier by September 2014


Police rarely charged regardless of race


One reason: artificial insemination

Support referendum for Green Light Pinellas and route into downtown

Create a series of initiatives to improve parks and public spaces

Create a housing program modeled after the Challenge Fund

Start an incentive program to encourage police to live in the city

Support USF research efforts

Mostly False

Campaign listed donations from a Koch corporation

Mostly True

He was arrested and could face jail time though it appears unlikely

Mostly False

The official dropout rate is in the single digits


Law doesn't prove Zimmerman's motivation