Articles from April, 2008

McCain steps in on Wright

McCain chastises the North Carolina GOP for political ads that use the Rev. Jeremiah Wright; then McCain weighs in other Wright statements.

Capital gains taxes demystified

McCain gets it half right on capital gains taxes while debate moderators pin down Clinton and Obama on where they stand.

A lesson in cherry-picking

Voting records make senators east targets for attack ads, and nobody knows it better than Sen. John McCain. The DNC is only doing what George W. Bush did back in 2000.

Wright not Clinton's spiritual adviser

The Rev. Wright was one of more than 100 religious leaders invited to a prayer breakfast at the White House in 1998, but there's no indication he provided the Clintons any spiritual counseling.

Gas taxes, on holiday

The RNC is right that Obama once supported a gas tax "holiday," but a video glosses over some key details.

Focus on the facts

An e-mail by Focus on the Family uses some inaccurate information to paint a misleading portrait of Barack Obama.

In Pa., 11th-hour attacks on health care

As the Pennsylvania primary looms, health care takes center stage in campaign ads

Flag pin flap tarnishes Obama, journos

Small pin ignites larger controversies

Trying to be tough on Big Oil

Dueling ads from Obama and Clinton say their opponent is weak on Big Oil. We find some truth and exaggerations on both sides.

Vanilla in Phila.

The Philly debate was a relatively tame affair, but it brought a new controversy into the campaign: Obama's ties to a former member of the Weather Underground. We check the facts.

McCain energy claim low on fuel

John McCain says energy prices would go down if the U.S. stopped filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. They might, but not by much.

Numbers game

If a candidate is off with a statistical claim, should they earn a False on the Truth-O-Meter?

'Parallel public financing'? Only partly.

Small donors are a civic good, but they're not the whole picture when it comes to public campaign finance.

Obama's stretch on ethics reform

Obama claims he was the driving force on ethics reform. We find he was a player but not the quarterback.

Bill's Bosnia blunder

In defending his wife's mistakes about sniper fire in Bosnia, Bill Clinton makes a few of his own.

In the e-mail: MoveOn flames McCain

MoveOn e-mails out a 10-point attack on McCain. On domestic policy, its aim is good.

Obama is the Antichrist? Puh-leeze!

The latest chain e-mail attack on Obama distorts the words in the Bible to suggest he is the Antichrist.

The Iraq war, for $100 month

We find Obama is right about how much households pay for the war.