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Josie Hollingsworth
By Josie Hollingsworth July 22, 2020

We welcome comments on our Facebook posts at PolitiFact. To keep comments civil, thoughtful and useful, we ask that you post in accordance with our commenting guidelines and our moderation policy. 

Commenting guidelines

We hope you approach conversations with an open mind and interact with fellow commenters with civility while giving them the benefit of the doubt. We expect you to abide by the moderation policy laid out below, and we encourage you to use Facebook’s function to report violence, hate speech, harassment, spam, etc. 

Moderation policy

We believe in transparency and welcome feedback and criticism. We also appreciate when our journalism leads to debate and discussion. However, we do have some rules, the violation of which will result in our deleting your comments and/or the banning of your account to prevent future posting. 

These things will get your comments hidden and/or your account banned:

  • Personal attacks 

  • Threats of violence

  • Discriminatory language

  • Harassment 

  • Spam or promotional posts

What do we recommend? Join in discussions, and build on top of ideas. If you think someone has made a great point, like their comment and tell them so. It’s easy for conversations online to turn into a sounding board where readers simply post their stance on an issue, but the best discussions come from responding and contributing to what others have already shared.

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