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Veto pork-barrel spending

The Promise:

"Veto what the legislators call 'turkeys' — costly and unnecessary pork-barrel projects."

Update: Rick Scott vetoed a lot of pork projects

Pay competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff

The Promise:

Pay "competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff."

Update: Scott made headway on prison salaries promise

Create a program for $10,000 STEM degrees

The Promise:

"In the next four years, Gov. Scott is committed to securing $10 million to create a $10,000 degree competitive STEM grant program for our state colleges."

Update: Students enrolled in $10k STEM degrees during Scott's tenure

More funding for springs restoration and alternative water supply programs

The Promise:

"During my second term I will: Continue to expand funding for springs restoration and alternative water supply programs."

Update: After cuts, Florida added more dollars for springs

Will fight to repeal federal health care law

The Promise:

Said he would join efforts to repeal the health care law, including supporting a constitutional amendment that "prohibits the federal government from imposing President Obama's individual mandate, to protect Floridians' freedom to control their health care choices."

Update: Small gains but no repeal in Rick Scott's Obamacare promise

Reform PSC for more energy production

The Promise:

"Reform PSC (Public Services Commission) processes to allow reasonable energy production and expansion."

Update: Traditional power saw gains during Scott's tenure

Invest in the Florida Innovation Fund

The Promise:

"I will invest in the state Innovation Fund that brought Scripps and Burnham research labs to Florida, developing high-tech clusters with high-paying jobs."

Update: Scott made some progress toward business fund promise

Reform Citizens Insurance to consistently operate on actuarially sound rates

The Promise:

"Rick Scott will work with the Florida Legislature" to "ensure that Citizens consistently operates on actuarially sound rates."

Update: Scott made progress toward Citizens insurance promise