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Enact E-verify

The Promise:

"Enact E-verify to ensure a legal workforce and higher wages for Floridians."

Update: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pushes for E-Verify to crack down on undocumented immigration

Address teacher shortages

The Promise:

"To help recruit the best teachers, Ron DeSantis will work with the Legislature to expand programs that incentivize top educators to teach in Florida and to develop programs that incentivize and reward teachers in more demanding or specialized positions, such as teaching Florida’s special needs students."

Update: Florida Gov. DeSantis proposes starting teacher pay increase

Expand K-12 choice scholarship programs

The Promise:

"Ron DeSantis will support policies that expand choice scholarships, including raising the cap on the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program." 

Update: DeSantis moves ahead on promise to expand school choice scholarships