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No city really wins lead leaching contest

Repeal changes made to prevailing wage laws

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Repeal changes made to Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws that simply take money out of Wisconsin’s workers’ pockets”

Update: Republicans kill prevailing wage rollback

Create tax credits and other programs to boost lead abatement efforts

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will:

-- Establish a comprehensive and permanent revolving loan program for lead pipe water service lines, lead-based internal plumbing and contaminated well replacements

-- Allow school districts and villages, cities, towns and counties to exceed levy limits to replace lead pipe water service lines

-- Create a thorough academic and behavioral intervention program for children with elevated blood lead levels

-- Allow individuals to claim the Historic Preservation Tax Credit for 25% of costs incurred to remove and replace windows in a historic property to remediate a lead hazard"

Update: Most of Evers’ lead testing initiatives dropped from budget

Expand background checks and put in place gun restrictions

The Promise:

In answer to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel questions, Evers said he supports universal background checks; regulating military-style weapons; banning bump stocks, which allow semiautomatic rifles to fire faster; and preventing those on the "no fly" list from buying guns. 

Update: Evers finding no traction for gun control changes