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Expand funding for Planned Parenthood

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Reverse Scott Walker’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood and thus ensure that thousands of Wisconsin residents are still able to access important health services like breast and cervical cancer screenings, physical exams, birth control and sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing”

Update: Funding in doubt after Republicans ax ACA funding

Accept federal Medicaid expansion money

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Take immediate action to accept the federal Medicaid expansion dollars which would insure thousands more Wisconsinites who are struggling to find affordable health insurance.”

Update: Medicaid promise stalled amid budget battle

Protect coverage for pre-existing conditions

The Promise:

Evers said he would send a letter when he takes office that says: “As my first act in office, I am immediately withdrawing the authority previously provided under Wis. Stat. § 165.25(1m) for Wisconsin to participate in litigation over the Affordable Care Act in Texas, et al. v. the United States.”

He also pledged to “extend protections for Wisconsinites with pre-existing health conditions. It is estimated that half of Wisconsinites have some kind of pre-existing health condition like cancer, diabetes, a heart condition, obesity or depression.”

This promise focuses on the second part -- steps taken to protect coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Update: Pledge on pre-existing conditions treading water