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Uses old data, absurd comparison

Increase spending on early childhood education

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase investments in early childhood education and quality childcare, which includes helping Wisconsin families with skyrocketing childcare costs”

Update: Final budget ups funding for some childhood programs

Increase spending on public transit

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase funding for public transit.”

Update: Budget adds transit funding

Bolster preventive health programs that have been defunded

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Invest in preventive health programs, especially for Wisconsin women, that have been defunded over the last seven years. Having to drive four hours round-trip for a mammogram, simply isn’t acceptable.”

Update: Many health initiatives cut from Evers' budget

Raise no taxes

The Promise:

In the last week of the campaign, Evers told the Washington Post, “I’m planning to raise no taxes.” He repeated this days later on the Upfront with Mike Gousha show on WISN-TV.

However, these comments appeared to not apply to the gas tax because as he made them he also said he was considering raising the gas tax. (His comments also came as he stuck by his income tax plan, which would cut taxes for the middle class while raising them on some farmers and manufacturers. The income tax plan overall appears to be a net reduction in taxes.)  

Update: Final budget includes tax increases

No U.S. plants closed and moved to Mexico

Restore state funding for schools to two-thirds level in 2019-21 budget

The Promise:

While running for governor, Evers vowed to increase school funding so that the state paid for two-thirds of public school costs. The budget he proposed in his role as state superintendent included this as well.

Update: Evers fails to hit promised school funding mark

Accept federal Medicaid expansion money

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Take immediate action to accept the federal Medicaid expansion dollars which would insure thousands more Wisconsinites who are struggling to find affordable health insurance.”

Update: Medicaid expansion a no go in final budget

Increase spending on local road maintenance

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Invest more in local road maintenance.”


Update: Road spending goes up under Evers

Increase school funding by $1.4 billion over two years in first budget

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase school funding by $1.4 billion over two years in his first state budget.”

Update: The level is much lower than pledged, but final budget shows more than $500 million increase

Increase spending on technical schools and UW System

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase investments in both our technical schools and University of Wisconsin System.”

Update: Spending is on the rise -- just not at the level Evers recommended