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Support ending solitary confinement

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will support: Ending the use of solitary confinement (especially with juveniles)"

Update: Evers hasn't taken action to end it, though he could

Increase spending on technical schools and UW System

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase investments in both our technical schools and University of Wisconsin System.”

Update: UW funding would go up by $150M, tech school by $18M

Increase spending on early childhood education

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase investments in early childhood education and quality childcare, which includes helping Wisconsin families with skyrocketing childcare costs”

Update: Budget includes more funding for 4K, childcare programs

Increase spending on public transit

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase funding for public transit.”

Update: Evers has included more funding in the budget

Increase spending on local road maintenance

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Invest more in local road maintenance.”


Update: More money in budget, but Evers' spending plan faces bumpy ride under GOP control

Increase school funding by $1.4 billion over two years in first budget

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Increase school funding by $1.4 billion over two years in his first state budget.”

Update: First budget includes that amount. It's now the Legislature's turn

Withdraw Wisconsin from lawsuit seeking to overturn Obamacare

The Promise:

Evers said he would send a letter when he takes office that says: “As my first act in office, I am immediately withdrawing the authority previously provided under Wis. Stat. § 165.25(1m) for Wisconsin to participate in litigation over the Affordable Care Act in Texas, et al. v. the United States.”

He also pledged to “extend protections for Wisconsinites with pre-existing health conditions. It is estimated that half of Wisconsinites have some kind of pre-existing health condition like cancer, diabetes, a heart condition, obesity or depression.”

This promise focuses on the first part -- withdrawing the state from the Obamacare lawsuit.

Update: After a delay, lawsuits open window to allow withdrawal

Raise no taxes

The Promise:

In the last week of the campaign, Evers told the Washington Post, “I’m planning to raise no taxes.” He repeated this days later on the Upfront with Mike Gousha show on WISN-TV.

However, these comments appeared to not apply to the gas tax because as he made them he also said he was considering raising the gas tax. (His comments also came as he stuck by his income tax plan, which would cut taxes for the middle class while raising them on some farmers and manufacturers. The income tax plan overall appears to be a net reduction in taxes.)  

Update: Budget includes tax hikes, but issue is a long way from being resolved

Raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, with automatic inflationary increases

The Promise:

“Tony supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hour and indexing to inflation.  However, like Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Tony also believes that this should be phased in over multiple years.”

Update: Budget proposal calls for increase to $8.25 an hour

Cut middle-class income taxes by 10 percent

The Promise:

Evers said he would cut income taxes in his first budget by 10 percent for individuals making up to $100,000 and families making up to $150,000. He would pay for it by limiting the manufacturers and agricultural tax credit. 


Update: Proposal is included in budget, which awaits legislative action

Dissolve and replace state economic development agency

The Promise:

“As governor, Tony will: Disband (the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation), replace it and return the majority of economic development dollars to local communities and regional organizations. We shouldn’t make businesses come to Madison to beg for help – we should work within our communities and local chambers of commerce to rebuild our main streets and grow our existing businesses.”

Elsewhere, Evers pledged to defund WEDC in his first budget.

Update: WEDC plans on hold amid legal battles, September changeover