Create task force to streamline business permits and regulation

"The first year ... Bob will immediately pull together a task force of respected leaders representing every segment of the business community as well as neighborhood and community leaders to look at our regulatory and bureaucratic processes to help us streamline and expedite plans, permits and regulations."


Economic competitiveness committee created

Mayor Bob Buckhorn has named a committee aimed at making Tampa more competitive by recommending ways to re-organize City Hall and streamline city rules and permitting.

The 18-member committee includes developers, real estate executives, architects, lawyers, engineers, a member of the Tampa City Council and the past president of a citywide neighborhood group.

Buckhorn said he expects the committee to focus on three areas: "One, it is to make our processes user-friendly. Secondarily, it is to get rid of antiquated and outdated codes and regulations. And thirdly, to look at our organizational chart and help us figure out how we can streamline our processes and make sure that everyone who touches the economic development process is all singing off the same song sheet."

Buckhorn promised to name a committee of people from business and the community to study the city's regulatory processes with an eye on streamlining the bureaucracy and expediting development. This is the kind of group he discussed, and he created it in his first year, as he said he would. We rate this a Promise Kept.


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