Plant 1,000 trees per year

Bob's plan includes: ... plant 1,000 trees per year in our parks, medians and right of ways.


Tree goal met, with more than 600 to spare

Bob Buckhorn promised during his campaign for mayor that his administration would plant 1,000 trees a year.

From March 2011 to March 2012, the city planted 1,621 trees. They were planted in parks, at community centers, on rights of way and through the city's community tree planting program, in which residents can get two trees if they agree to water them while they establish themselves. Of the total, several dozen were provided to volunteers who did the planting.

We'll be watching this promise over the course of Buckhorn's full term. For now, we rate this Promise Kept.


Interview with Brad Suder, superintendent of planning, design and natural resources, Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, March 29, 2012