Promises about Recreation on Buck-O-Meter

Public programs in downtown parks

"The first year ... the Buckhorn administration will develop a marketing initiative to provide public programs in our downtown parks on a frequent and ongoing basis."

Create a plan to pay for and finish the Riverwalk

"The first year ... Bob and his team will develop a financing plan to complete the unfinished segments of the Riverwalk."

Launch a public service campaign for bicycle safety

"The Buckhorn administration will launch a public service campaign to educate and alert motorists to bicycle safety rules."

Create a series of initiatives to improve parks and public spaces

"To facilitate the development of safe, enjoyable public parks, Bob Buckhorn will create a series of parks initiatives. These will include: The development of a Parks Advisory Board made up of residents and businesses in neighborhoods surrounding city parks to advocate for and help support those venues; A commitment to identify corridors for the development of a city-wide greenway/trail from MacDill Air Force Base to New Tampa using existing rail lines and new development partnerships; Developing parks partnerships with existing parks advocacy groups such as Parks Forever and the Mayor’s Beautification Committee; Encouraging the effective use of the city’s undeveloped open lots for the development of community open spaces such as playgrounds, pocket parks and community gardens."