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Promises about Elections on Carlos-O-Meter

Make recall process easier

Repeal any current non-charter restriction governing recall process and force any future restriction to be approved by voters.

Support initiative to reduce the county commission from 13 members to nine, and create two at-large districts

Revamp the county commission by reducing the number of commissioners from 13 to nine ... and preserve political diversity by creating seven district county commissioner and two at-large commissioners.

Create term limits

"For years, I have tried to get before the voters a charter amendment for two 4-year terms. In addition to offering more choices for voters, term limits eliminate the advantages of incumbency, break ties to special interests, improve the tendency for elected officials to vote their conscience rather than engage in quid pro quo, and open the door to fresh thinking and new ideas. In short, term limits inhibit political careerism. One of my goals as county mayor would be to make sure an 'eight is enough' law is irrevocably put in place."