Hire an administrator to oversee Midtown issues

Rick Kriseman said he would hire an administrator to deal with Midtown, a position that had not been filled since the 2011 firing of former deputy mayor and police chief Goliath Davis.


Tampa Bay Times story, Oct. 22, 2013; Kriseman campaign news release Oct. 22, 2013



Kriseman hires director of urban affairs

Rick Kriseman often criticized his opponent on the campaign trail for not having someone in City Hall focused on issues affecting Midtown, one of St. Petersburg's poorest areas.

Soon after Kriseman won the election, he appointed a person to fill that position.

On Dec. 3, Kriseman announced he had appointed Nikki Gaskin-Capehart, 40, to serve as his director of urban affairs. For years, neighborhoods in and around Midtown have lagged behind the rest of the city in terms of development. The area has struggled to attract and keep even basic amenities like banks and grocery stores. It was an oft-discussed issue during the campaign. 

Gaskin-Capehart, a St. Petersburg native, is tasked with developing an economic agenda for Midtown. 

Her appointment is something Kriseman clearly cares about — and one he does not want people to forget. When PolitiFact Florida first told Kriseman's team about the Krise-O-Meter, they specifically asked that the Midtown hire promise be included.

Gaskin-Capehart, whose annual salary will be $95,000, is expected to start her job soon. We rate this Promise Kept.


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