Promises about Legal Issues on Scott-O-Meter

Adopt the Daubert standard on scientific knowledge

"Rick Scott supports the adoption of the Daubert standard to be used in the state of Florida. Forty of fifty states have adopted the more modern Daubert standard, by which evidence based on innovative or unusual scientific knowledge may be admitted only after it has been established that the evidence is reliable and scientifically valid."

Provide legal protection for first-responders

State will "offer basic protection from unnecessary litigation to business owners who offer their services to first-responders in the aftermath of a disaster."

Protect doctors working for the state Department of Health from litigation

"Rick Scott supports extending sovereign immunity to physicians acting on behalf of the Department of Health, as already provided to those acting as agents of the Department of Corrections, and providing some measure of indemnification to those physicians who primarily treat Medicare and Medicaid patients."

Enact tort reform

"We're going to do tort reform. We're going to make sure that these lawyers that support my opponent just can't go about doing fishing expeditions against legitimate businesses."