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Tracking the promises of Nathan Deal

Allow some Georgians to pool together to buy health insurance

Will allow some individuals in Georgia to pool with others to buy health insurance plans.

Create an Arizona-style immigration law

"I will do what I have done on the federal level and we will take our stand and do what Arizona has done."

Use zero-based budgeting

"As Georgia’s next governor, I will work to ensure effective use of taxpayer dollars by enacting zero-based budgeting. This significant reform of state budget policy will ensure every taxpayer dollar spent is justified and accounted for each year. Even in austere budget years such as this, we have a tremendous opportunity to cut cost and increase efficiency in state government."

Oppose new regional bureaucracies

"I wouldn't support creating new regional bureaucracies. Instead, I think as Georgia's needs continue to change, our current regional commissions will take on greater significance and influence in how our state moves forward."

Will cut corporate income taxes by one-third

Said he will cut the state's corporate income tax from 6 to 4 percent. "We need to give businesses in Georgia every possible incentive to create new jobs as well as preserve the jobs we have now. "

Initially exempt some startup businesses from corporate income taxes

Said he will cut the corporate income tax for new small businesses in their first decade

Eliminate the corporate net worth tax on businesses

"Corporate net worth taxes penalize growth and development of wealth in Georgia, and as Governor, Nathan Deal will work to eliminate this duplicative layer of taxation. By doing so, the state will send a strong signal to current and prospective businesses that Georgia is an ideal place to call home and provide an environment in which to grow. Loss of revenue would be minimal to the state and would quickly be replaced by a stronger corporate presence and improved environment within which growth and development will be encouraged."

Exempt initial $7,000 earned from taxes

As Governor, Nathan Deal will use his leadership as a fiscal conservative to reduce the bureaucratic burdens of the tax system by eliminating personal income taxes for all individuals with incomes below $7,000 per year and enacting a simple tax of 6% of income above this level."

Eliminate Georgia's marriage tax penalty

"Nathan Deal has committed to eliminate unfair treatment of married couples under the state income tax system. Strong families benefit our communities, and state policies should always seek to promote marriage rather than see it as a chance to take a few more dollars for the treasury."

Eliminate withholding for some workers

"By eliminating the requirement for certain individuals to have income taxes withheld puts more hard-earned money back into the hands of hardworking families at a time when they need it the most. This also simplifies the administrative process by reducing the number of returns which the state must process as well as the burden on individuals which have to file in order to receive this money back."

Will protect teacher pensions

Will "protect their retirement pensions from a return to Barnes-style investments that would put their financial security at risk."

Will opt out of the abortion coverage in federal health care plan

"The abortion issue has long divided voters in Georgia and across the nation, but I believe we have consensus in Georgia that taxpayers should not foot the bill for a procedure that offends so many people's values"

Will continue Sonny Perdue's implementation of Race to the Top program

"As governor, I will convene teachers, parents, elected officials and education leaders from the 26 school districts involved to assure that Race to the Top funds are implemented effectively, so that we capitalize on our successes and implement them elsewhere in Georgia."

Will eliminate the Georgia 400 toll by the end of 2011

"As governor, I'll swing the sledgehammer to bring down the Buckhead Wall. The state has collected more than enough money to pay the bonds for the highway. We are now using the tolls of Georgia 400 drivers to pay for other road projects. That's not fair to the commuters in north Fulton and Forsyth counties. They've carried more than their fair share."

Oppose federal health care law's individual mandate and help get it repealed

"As governor, he’ll work with (Attorney General) Sam Olens to fight for Georgians’ constitutional rights by fighting Obamacare’s individual mandate in court."

Allow students to progress to higher levels without having to complete unnecessary hours

Deal's plan would allow students to progress to higher levels without having to complete unnecessary hours…"We will no longer tie the hands of students and teachers by imposing arbitrary 'seat time' requirements."

Develop a plan to encourage the best science, technology, engineering and mathematics students to become teachers

"In order to restore Georgia's competitiveness in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Deal will work with legislators, state and local school officials to develop a STEM Education Student Incentive Plan that will encourage our best and brightest science and math college students to pursue a course of study to become an educator in these fields. These incentives would be repaid over the course of a teacher's service in our public elementary, middle and high schools."

Allow teachers at underperforming schools accrue service credit at twice the normal rate

"Teachers who agree to dedicate their time in one of our state's most underperforming schools would further be rewarded by accruing service credit at twice the rate, earning two years of credit for each calendar year served."

Enhance storage capacity for the state's water resources

"In conjunction with strong conservation efforts to maximize the usage of existing water infrastructure, additional storage capacity is essential in addressing our long-term needs as a growing state."

Reduce landfill waste

"Deal also calls for reducing landfill waste by promoting new waste reduction methods."