Promises about Education on Kasich-O-Meter

Promote cooperation among colleges, universities and major institutions

Said he can bring Ohio colleges and universities together to share resources, entice major institutions to collaborate and force Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly to tackle tough issues.

Scrap Gov.Ted Strickland's evidence-based school funding model

"Ted Strickland's evidence-based model was unfunded, filled with unfunded mandates on cash-strapped districts, and has been unsuccessful in the states in which it has been implemented."

Raise education standards

"Raise (education) standards for everybody. We should bring the curriculum in line with international norms. We're not competing with Indiana. We're competing with India."

Teacher pay based on performance

"We pay good teachers more, but I'm going to suggest that we hold all teachers accountable. Teachers who can't teach shouldn't be in the classroom. ... If we've got teachers who can't do the job there's no excuse for leaving them in the classroom. But the good ones — we'll pay them more."

Reduce school administrative costs and shift funding to classrooms

"School funding should be shifted out of bureaucracy and into the classroom."

Promote school choice

"I've been in cities where I've seen people stand in line to give their kids a chance to be safer and better educated. And the idea that we're going to deny them a chance to have choice; to put their kids where their kids can get the best education, in my opinion violates their civil rights. To me it's the biggest civil rights issue out there. The right of mothers and fathers to have the resources to put their kids in a school setting where their kids can learn and prosper."