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Putting Al Green’s comments on impeachment in context

President Donald Trump described U.S. Rep. Al Green's comments on impeachment, but he lacked context.

Fact-checking figures about gun violence in Texas

After seven people were killed by a gunman who opened fire in Midland and Odessa in Texas, a state representative shared a series of tweets about gun violence in Texas. We checked them out.

Who is Julián Castro? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Julián Castro is a former mayor of San Antonio and the only Latino running for president. Castro touts "People First" policies and proposes overhauls of the education and immigration systems.

Who is Beto O'Rourke? A bio of the Democratic presidential candidate

Beto O’Rourke seeks the presidency after gaining national attention during his unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican Ted Cruz. O’Rourke released a $5 trillion plan to address climate change — which he said is the greatest threat to Americans.

Fact-checking Club for Growth's attack ad about Beto O'Rourke

El Paso Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who announced Thursday that he is running for president, had been teasing a presidential bid for weeks.

What Ted Cruz, Beto O'Rourke got right and wrong in Senate debate

How did they do?

Fact-checking Greg Abbott's 'Promises Kept' TV ad

We're fact-checking an education claim in Greg Abbott's new TV ad.

How Geraldo Rivera touched off Dan Patrick's debate challenge

Here's how.

Why Rafael Cruz goes by Ted and Robert O’Rourke by Beto

Why Rafael Cruz goes by Ted and Robert O’Rourke by Beto...

UPDATED: Ted Cruz ad hearkens to Beto O'Rourke's 2009 call for debate on legalizing narcotics

A new Ted Cruz ad says Beto O’Rourke called for considering legalization of all narcotics.

UPDATED: How Beto O'Rourke is a yes and no on impeaching Donald Trump now

Yes and no.

Ken Paxton no longer nation's only indicted statewide official

Ken Paxton's reign as the nation's sole indicted statewide official didn't last long.

Ted Cruz 'SUMMONS ENCLOSED' envelopes might deceive--but mailers aren't illegal

We review a Ted Cruz campaign mailer inside a brownish envelope.

Greg Abbott ad about 'too liberal' Lupe Valdez looks mostly factual

We look at the factual claims in a May 10, 2018, Greg Abbott video ad critical of Democrat Lupe Valdez.

Did Greg Abbott activate Texas troops to monitor Jade Helm 15?

A fresh claim reminds us of a past fact-check.

Alex Jones said Sandy Hook slayings 'pretty much didn't happen'

Lawsuits remind us of a fact-check.

Donald Trump vow to build wall funded by Mexico still 'In the Works'

PolitiFact revisited progress on President Donald Trump’s avowed border wall.

Free tuition and fees for UT students with family incomes of up to $80,000?

Do students get a big tuition break?

Dog in overhead bin? Feds let airlines set pet travel policies

You’re on a plane. Is it against the law to put your pet in an overhead bin? In the wake of a dog’s death, we inquired.

A fact-check guide to Texas' Tuesday primaries

Here's what PolitiFact Texas learned while researching fact-checks in the weeks preceding the March 2018 Texas party primaries.

Mailbag on George P. Bush claim: 'Like saying you took a shower when you took a bath'

Readers sound off on a fact-check of George P. Bush.

Beto O'Rourke tweets at Sarah Huckabee Sanders about El Paso's safety ranking

President Donald Trump's press secretary says expanded border fencing explains El Paso's relative safety. A local congressman disagrees.

Top 10 PolitiFact Texas fact-checks of 2017

Catch up on the top 10 most-clicked PolitiFact Texas fact-checks of 2017.

UPDATED: Lupe Valdez, a Democratic candidate for governor, often notes migrant worker roots

Lupe Valdez has long recapped her parents' migrant worker roots.

Sid Miller admits to posting false account of Donald Trump removing Muslim judge

Sid Miller concedes he shared a false story about the president firing a judge for practicing Sharia law.

UPDATED: Ted Cruz says he's not called Social Security a Ponzi scheme. Really?

UPDATED: Ted Cruz says he hasn't called Social Security a Ponzi scheme.

Why 4 Texans voted against Hurricane Harvey relief measure

Why did four Texans vote against a measure containing Hurricane Harvey relief?

Greg Abbott warns of George Soros--who has yet to put money into Texas state elections

Republican Greg Abbott has been telling supporters to watch out for Democrat-loving George Soros. But why?

Checking hurricane claims by Limbaugh, McCain, Chris Christie and Rick Perry

With Hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas, here’s a look at past fact-checks of hurricane claims.

Immigrant deaths and the science behind temperatures rising inside parked cars, trucks

We corraled research behind claims that parked vehicles warm precipitously in sunshine.

Is it Day 200 of Joe Straus not meeting one-on-one with Dan Patrick?

Looking at no meetings.

Breaking down Greg Abbott's 'common' pecan tree tale

We break down Greg Abbott's pecan tree tale.

USS Gabrielle Giffords is not a gun-free vessel

It's not gun-free.

Checking Dan Patrick's talking points after 2017 regular session

We have backup on Dan Patrick's latest talking points.

Matt Rinaldi offers different accounts of 'illegal immigrant' signs blamed for his calls to ICE

Matt Rinaldi's June 1, 2017 interviews contradict what he said on Facebook three days before.

Did Texas House protesters hold signs declaring 'selves illegal immigrants?

It's an unconfirmed account.

Dan Patrick: PolitiFact ‘just wrong’ about tax-savings claim

Dan Patrick set us aflame.

Do Texas restaurants often shortchange on barbecue by the pound? Records suggest not.

Rest easy.

Al Franken fact-checks Ted Cruz

Al Franken fact-checks Ted Cruz in a new book.

Rick Perry: No need to PolitiFact Donald Trump's Texas-tied expectations of me

One less PolitiFact, Rick Perry crowed.

Fact-checking sanctuary city, immigration claims

We've got seven recent immigration fact checks to share.

Southwest Airlines does not have slogan about beating the competition--not you

The 'beats the competition' Southwest Airlines image is a spoof ad.

Denver man chokes to death on 'Tex-Ass' donut

A Colorado man died trying to wolf down a gigantic "Tex-Ass" donut.

Texas economy falls from No. 3 to 21 in rankings, probably due to oil slump

Texas Democrats pointed out a national story suggesting the state's economy lost lots of oomph from 2013 to 2016. Really?

Checking on North Carolina's bathroom law affecting its economy

Stopping in Texas, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest aired claims about North Carolina's experience with its bathroom law adopted in 2016. To the fact checks...

Dan Patrick touts fact check of study tied to Texas bathroom bill

We rounded up news accounts of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick touting a recent fact check.

Readers: PolitiFact doesn't know much about history

PolitiFact Texas doesn’t know much about history, readers write. Let’s empty our mailbag--and share some tweets.    

Greg Abbott fulfills nine campaign promises, but 13 vows broken, per PolitiFact Texas Abbott-O-Meter

Midway through his four-year term, Gov. Greg Abbott has fulfilled nine campaign promises and signed off on a few compromises. He's to date broken 13 promises, according to the PolitiFact Texas Abbott-O-Meter.

Ted Cruz's dual citizenship and other factual finds of 2016

PolitiFact Texas reporters came across plenty of curious facts through 2016. For instance, did you know about Ted Cruz long holding dual citizenship?

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg did not call Texans drones with nothing to live for

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg did not call Texans drones who have nothing to live for.

Jill Stein claim that U.S. bombing 7 countries sparked our No. 1 fact check of 2016

Jill Stein's claim about the U.S. bombing seven countries led to our No. 1 most-clicked fact check from 2016.

Our No. 2 hit of 2016; checking Hillary Clinton on Alex Jones, child deaths

Hillary Clinton was right about Alex Jones saying no one died at Sandy Hook Elementary. Our fact check of Clinton was our No. 2 most-clicked story from 2016.

Ted Cruz started 2016 saying Blue Cross quit Texas; our No. 3 hit fact check

Ted Cruz's January claim about Blue Cross/Blue Shield ditching Texas fueled our No. 3 most-clicked fact check from the year.

Ted Cruz claim about Obama handing over Internet led to our No. 4 fact check of 2016

Ted Cruz's incorrect claim about Barack Obama handing off management of the internet resulted in our No. 4 most-clicked fact check from 2016.

Dan Patrick claim about mass shootings sparked our No. 5 most-clicked fact check

Dan Patrick's claim about mass shootings led to our No. 5 most-clicked fact check from 2016.

Donald Trump's claim about 'plane graveyards' led to our No. 6 hit of 2016

Donald Trump's claim in Texas about the U.S. salvaging fighter aircraft parts touched off our No. 6 most-clicked fact check from 2016.

Ted Cruz's false abortion claim was our No. 7 hit of 2016

Ted Cruz's claim about Hillary Clinton on abortion led to our No. 7 most-clicked fact check of 2016.

Greg Abbott's Pants on Fire voter fraud claim sparked our No. 8 fact check

Gov. Greg Abbott's claim about rampant voter fraud launched our No. 8  most-clicked fact check from 2016.

Barack Obama claim about low illegal immigration was our No. 9 fact check from 2016

Our check of a made-in-Texas Barack Obama claim about immigration ended up our No. 9 most-clicked story from 2016.

Celia Israel claim about Trump's hats was 10th most-clicked fact check from 2016

Catch the No. 10 most-clicked PolitiFact Texas fact check from 2016.

Three Pinocchios slapped on Texas language about abortions, breast cancer

A fact-checker found misleading a State of Texas statement about abortions and breast cancer, The state agency told us it stands by its declaration.

Checking Rick Perry claims about energy

Rick Perry has been fact-checked many times -- including on energy claims.

Sid Miller defends unfactual Facebook posts

Sid Miller of Texas stands behind his factually flawed Facebook posts, saying readers can gauge accuracy on their own.

UPDATED: Austin newspaper (still) not endorsing candidates in November elections

A Republican and a couple Austin-area Democrats listed Austin American-Statesman endorsements on campaign websites.   All three got that wrong.

In Context: 'Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again'

"Senator," Mike Pence said to Tim Kaine, "you've whipped out that Mexican thing again." It wasn't a joke by the Republican vice presidential nominee. Let's see Pence's comment in context.

Donald Trump, stumping in Austin, on the PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter

Donald Trump, stumping in Austin, brought along a fiery record on the PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter.

Dan Patrick's case for ABC News to release full Obama 'town hall' video

Texan Dan Patrick continues to call for ABC News to release full video of this month's White House town hall where Patrick and President Obama went back and forth.   We've newly annotated what fit into the 60-minute broadcast--and what got cut.

Rick Perry revisits claims about job gains, graduation rates

Former Gov. Rick Perry rallied Texas delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this morning partly by revisiting claims about Texas job growth and high school graduation rates that we’ve checked before.   Just ahead, his repeat of a statement we found Mostly False...

Texas allows rifles to be toted publicly, but not in manner 'calculated to alarm'

The sniper attacks in Dallas reminded us we'd confirmed Texas allows residents to openly carry rifles in public.   However, no one may legally display any gun in a "manner calculated to alarm."   See the 2014 fact check.

George Will dropped Republican voter registration--like 5,000 fellow Maryland voters

George Will indeed shifted his voter registration from Republican to unaffiliated in June, we confirmed, like about 5,000 other Maryland residents.   The from-the-right commentator, clarion clear about opposing Donald Trump for president, declared his GOP abandonment in a June speech. We sought factual backup.

Julián Castro, vice presidential prospect, and the Truth-O-Meter

Texan Julián Castro is reportedly among Democrats being vetted to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.   To date, the HUD secretary and former San Antonio mayor has a Half True through True PolitiFact record. We’ve checked nearly a dozen Castro claims.

Donald Trump in Dallas gets Hillary Clinton/Syria claim right, other facts wrong

Firing up supporters in a Dallas ballroom, Donald Trump correctly recapped Hillary Clinton’s desire to drive up Syrian refugees admitted to the United States.   But his accuracy was off in statements about Clinton and the Second Amendment, his past public opposition to war in Iraq and the U.S. having the world’s highest taxes.   See Donald Trump’s Truth-O-Meter report card. See Hillary Clinton’s PolitiFact record.

Documents support Dan Patrick claim he didn't post tweet to blame Orlando shooting victims

Newly revealed documents support Dan Patrick’s declaration that the "reaps what you sow" Biblical verse he posted online the morning of the Orlando tragedy wasn’t calculated to blame victims at the gay night club.   It looks like Patrick’s campaign-funded social media team created and scheduled the tweet three days before.   Read Austin American-Statesman reporter Jonathan Tilove’s extensive update here.   See Dan Patrick's Truth-O-Meter report card.

Analysis: Dan Patrick ‘reaps what you sow’ tweet wasn’t posted to blame Orlando shooting victims

Did Dan Patrick quote a Biblical verse as the Orlando tragedy came to light? Yes.   Did Patrick say a man "reaps what you sow" to blame the victims at the gay night club? Not so, a reporter concludes.

Do up to 80 percent of Texas high school graduates (still) flail afterward?

To a reader's yowl, we looked afresh at how many Texas students prove ready for college.   Grim: An analysis of results through 2015 suggests 80 percent of Texas high school graduates (still) fall short of earning college degrees or other postsecondary certificates within six years of graduation.

Wendy Davis says Texas has no ‘equal pay’ law; it has a couple

Wendy Davis, mindful of a 2013 veto, told Texas Monthly her state has no "equal pay" law. That’s incorrect.

Steve Adler correct about Austin’s No. 1 ranks, wrong about first tweet coming from Texas

Austin Mayor Steve Adler, talking up the capital, laid claim to Austin leading Texas by three metrics.   Later, Adler declared that the world's first tweet was sent in the city.   That’s one True rating for Adler and a Pants on Fire.   What’s catching your ear?

Whole Foods didn't write anti-gay slur on Austin cake, pastor reveals

An Austin pastor, dropping his lawsuit, concedes he got it wrong when he said a Whole Foods worker put a slur on a cake. That admission came a month after Jordan Brown filed suit charging otherwise.    

Ted Cruz's 'Pants on Fire' claim about U.N. shredding First Amendment

Ted Cruz had seven Pants on Fire ratings on his Truth-O-Meter record before he suspended his presidential campaign. He just landed "Pants" No. 8 for a flawed claim about a U.N. resolution shredding the First Amendment.

Julián Castro, Bernie Sanders and the Minutemen ‘hate group’

Julián Castro charged Bernie Sanders with voting to protect the Minutemen "hate group."   HALF TRUE.

Fact checks: Austin’s vote on Uber background checks

Austin voters -- who decide Saturday how to background-check drivers for ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft -- have been beset by dramatic claims.   Here’s our skinny on the facts around Proposition 1.

Ted Cruz, win or lose, has the Texas Truth-O-Meter

Ted Cruz, a political unknown just a few years ago, is no longer running for president after losing Indiana's Republican presidential primary to Donald Trump.   Still, the Texas senator will always have the Truth-O-Meter.   See PolitiFact's recap of Cruz dropping his bid.    

Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and the Truth-O-Meter

Ted Cruz says Carly Fiorina will be his running mate should he overtake Donald Trump to become the Republican presidential nominee.   That's Canadian-born, Texas-reared Cruz potentially bidding with Austin-born Fiorina...   Say you want to keep up with Ted Cruz on the Truth-O-Meter.   CLICK!

Jorge Ramos draws Half True for claim 80 journalists killed in Mexico in last decade

Univision's Jorge Ramos made a dramatic point on NPR about the safety of journalists here versus Latin America.   Ramos also said 80 journalists had been killed in Mexico in the last decade.   HALF TRUE.   Say you want to keep up with Ted Cruz on the Truth-O-Meter.   CLICK!

Where are Ted Cruz’s Muslim neighborhoods?

Texan Ted Cruz, reacting to the terrorist attacks in Brussels, says the U.S. needs to bear down on "Muslim neighborhoods."   That might be hard to launch.

Tracking Ted Cruz fact checks

Say you want to keep up with Ted Cruz on the Truth-O-Meter.   CLICK!   READ THE LATEST on the race for president from Jonathan Tilove, chief political writer for the Austin American-Statesman, here.    

Barack Obama, briefly in Austin, has kept 45 percent of his campaign promises, Obameter indicates

Barack Obama, who gave an opening interview Friday to kick off South by Southwest Interactive , has about 10 months left in his presidency.   According to the PolitiFact Obameter, he's fully kept 45 percent of his campaign promises. Details ahead...   What did you hear that might merit a fact check?

Barack Obama speaking at SXSW, not attending Nancy Reagan's funeral

President Barack Obama is set to give a public interview at Austin’s South by Southwest Interactive this Friday.   The same day, Obama doesn’t plan to attend Nancy Reagan’s California funeral.   A sitting president not going to the funeral of a first lady? Not unusual, we find.

Ted Cruz and the Truth-O-Meter, four years and counting

Ted Cruz, who prevailed in the Texas Republican presidential primary, has a lengthy Truth-O-Meter record considering he's just a first-term senator.   Here's a way to see it all.     See the PolitiFact report cards for Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ben Carson. See the PolitiFact report cards for Democratic aspirants Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

It's voting time in Texas and across south (consult your Truth-O-Meter)

There's no debating this: The Republican and Democratic primaries in Texas and other southern states (is Minnesota a southern state?) take place Tuesday.   So get your Truth-O-Meter on!   For our latest Texas-oriented fact checks, scroll down. LIKE us and comment on our Facebook page. For a national view, click here.

Reports: Ted Cruz aide asked to leave campaign after publicly acknowledging error

A day after Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler acknowledged his error in quoting Marco Rubio on the Bible, he’s reportedly asked to move on. Here’s a look at what Tyler admitted.  

UPDATED: Rush Limbaugh likened Ted Cruz to Ronald Reagan--but also praised Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz closes a TV ad his campaign debuted today with conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh heard saying Cruz is the choice for president and "the closest in our lifetimes we have ever been to Ronald Reagan."   But don’t assume El Rushbo endorsed Cruz over everyone. Cruz’s commercial leaves out qualifying words from Limbaugh--and that Limbaugh quickly praised Marco Rubio... But there's also an earlier instance of Limbaugh linking Cruz and Reagan.   Ted Cruz’s Truth-O-Meter report card.   Marco Rubio’s Truth-O-Meter report card.   Rush Limbaugh’s Truth-O-Meter report card.

Ted Cruz ad, assailed by Trump, leaves out Trump's declared shift on abortion

A Ted Cruz ad assailed by Donald Trump and defended by Cruz leaves out factual details--some old, others relatively new.   Key: Trump, once strongly "pro-choice," subsequently shifted his position on abortion rights.

George W. Bush and the (olden) Truth-O-Meter

George W. Bush, the president and former Texas governor who this week made a pitch for his brother, Jeb, in South Carolina, was president when the Truth-O-Meter debuted in 2007.   PolitiFact reporters focused on contenders to succeed him, though the second President Bush's administration often came up in fact checks of others. We look back...   Early voting in Texas launches Tuesday Feb. 16. Wondering where to vote?   See presidential campaign fact checks here.

Free college is true American history, Bernie Sanders insists

Bernie Sanders says college tuition in the U.S. was once nothing as in nada as in zero.   Sure, senator, and the space program ran on Tang. Oh wait: PolitiFact Florida found Sanders’ claim MOSTLY TRUE.   Early voting in Texas launches Tuesday Feb. 16. Wondering where to vote?   LIKE the PolitiFact Texas project on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.   See Texas presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s Truth-O-Meter report card.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler fulfills five campaign promises, breaks one

In his first year, Austin Mayor Steve Adler kept about a third of 16 campaign promises we're tracking on the PolitiFact Texas Adler-O-Meter.   Adler also had a promise rated STALLED and three promises graded IN THE WORKS. Adler's one BROKEN promise was his unfulfilled idea to have the Austin City Council jointly visit council districts.   Want the latest on candidates for president including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz? Click here.  

Reader: Ted Cruz 'dead-on' about cancelled health plans in Texas

Readers questioned our fiery rating of a Ted Cruz claim that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas had cancelled all individual health insurance policies in Texas, effective Dec. 31.   Let's open the PolitiFact Texas mailbag.

Did Ted Cruz gin up Iowa voter histories?

Just before Iowa’s presidential caucuses, Ted Cruz’s campaign poked some Hawkeye State voters with mailers criticized as deceptive by the state’s chief elections official. Could it be too that Cruz concocted personal voting histories for Iowans (and their neighbors) who got the mailers?   Here's our detailed look -- including a professor's comparison of personal information in the mailers to 20 voter histories he checked in Iowa state records.

Checking Ted Cruz on the facts in New Hampshire

Stumping in New Hampshire today, Ted Cruz aired claims PolitiFact has gauged before.   In this report, read what Cruz got right and wrong, courtesy of PolitiFact correspondent Lou Jacobson, on the scene.

Texas law requires high schools to nudge students about registering to vote

Believe it or not, Texas requires high schools to nudge eligible students to register to vote.   We learned as much checking an even more dramatic claim by Paul Saldaña, vice president of Austin's school board.   Skip to the fact check.   SEEKING PRESIDENTIAL FACT CHECKS? SEE THE LATEST HERE.

Mano a mano, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio lead the last pre-caucus tangle in Iowa

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz--tangling again over immigration and, perhaps, who's politically pure--ran first and second in speaking time during the last Republican presidential debate a few days  before Iowa's crucial caucuses. (Donald Trump, who declined to attend, spoke elsewhere).   PolitiFact in Washington, D.C., is piling up debate fact checks here--starting with a MOSTLY FALSE for Cruz's claim Barack Obama has "degraded" the U.S. military and a MOSTLY FALSE for Cruz's statement he hasn't insulted Trump personally.   What did you hear that merits a check?  

Republican presidential candidates, their latest muffs and misstatements

Never mind Ted Cruz’s factually flawed ad about New Yorker Donald Trump. Tonight Cruz likely takes center stage thanks to Trump saying he’s not going to join the Republican presidential debate put on by Fox News.   See PolitiFact’s debate coverage plans here. Meantime, we scanned PolitiFact states to see what candidates have lately misrepresented or gotten right.

Flawed Ted Cruz ad ties abortion to Donald Trump saying, ‘How stupid are the people of Iowa?'

A Ted Cruz TV ad portraying Donald Trump as embodying liberal New York values--including support for abortion rights--exploits Trump saying in Iowa last year: "How stupid are the people of Iowa?" The ad lacks some perspective. Trump uttered his "stupid" question in November, 16 years after he described himself as pro-choice. Notably, too, Trump was urging Iowans to doubt the accuracy of personal stories told by candidate Ben Carson--not outright saying Iowans are stupid.

Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton -- and Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs isn’t running for president.   But the New York-based investment behemoth has lately drawn fire in connection with presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.   IN CONTEXT: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on Goldman Sachs

Cruz, Trump each outpoll Hillary Clinton, most recent poll suggests

Contrary to a Ted Cruz declaration, it may be too close to call whether he outpaces Hillary Clinton in national polls while Donald Trump does not.   Here's a quick peek at the latest head-to-head polling -- Cruz v. Clinton and Trump v. Clinton.   NEW: We scope out federal reporting requirements per Cruz's campaign loans of 2012.

A Trump False: Ted Cruz has had a 'double passport'

Donald Trump last week said Ted Cruz has had a "double passport."   We found no evidence for that, rating Trump's claim False.   MOSTLY TRUE: Ted Cruz says it's always been that babies born to U.S. citizens abroad are citizens from birth.

Donald Trump, Mexico--and Morocco

Donald Trump offered up video shot in Morocco in a TV ad about his vow to stop unauthorized people from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.   Pants on Fire!  

Happy CRUZ Year?

For Ted Cruz, the Texan bidding for president, this year could be huge.   See his Truth-O-Meter report card.   Warm up with his trio of True claims...

Banned barbecue to Bernie Sanders and Nazis, our most-clicked fact checks of 2015

Smoke streamed from some of our most-clicked fact checks of 2015--including the Pants on Fire rating smacked onto a ridiculous Rush Limbaugh claim that Austin was banning barbecue restaurants.   Just ahead, our 10 most-clicked fact checks of 2015...

Factually flawed Christmas claims

People get the facts wrong even about Christmas.   Ho ho ho!

The 2015 Lie of the Year: the campaign misstatements of Donald Trump

A presidential candidate with an unprecedented record on the Truth-O-Meter earns PolitiFact's annual award.

Ted Cruz quip hearkens to FDR's gramps saying 'all horse thieves are Democrats'

Drawing laughter, Ted Cruz improbably brought up horse thieves, Democrats and a Franklin D. Roosevelt ancestor in talking about Donald Trump.   It looks like the line came up before when the president’s mother, whose father was a staunch Republican, was courted by a Democrat before they were wedded in 1880.

Ted Cruz tangles with Marco Rubio in Las Vegas presidential debate

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio put energy into making claims about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's record during the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas aired by CNN--and Cruz fired back.   At issue: Cruz's established positions on how to address immigrants living in the country without legal permission and his votes on defense spending and national security measures. Cruz, in turn, brought up Rubio's past advocacy of a bipartisan immigration plan and what the Texan characterized as Rubio's alignment with Democrats on foreign affairs.   We'll be reviewing all that was said to see what might merit a fact check.   During the debate, PolitiFact in Washington, D.C. had this blog on what the candidates were getting right or wrong. To see news coverage of the debate, go to the Austin American-Statesman's website.   And let us know what you noticed?  

PolitiFact Texas Mailbag: ‘Really, how stupid can you people get?’

We’re opening our first mailbag since three newspapers started teaming on PolitiFact Texas in November.   Reader darts ahead...   Want the latest fact checks right away? Like our Facebook page; follow us on Twitter.

Ted Cruz's boys showering with girls claim False, but transgender student rights are unsettled

Texan Ted Cruz was incorrect, we concluded, when he said the federal government has been trying to force schools to let boys shower with little girls.   But it’s also the case that how an anti-discrimination law applies to transgender students continues to be debated and fought out in court.

Ted Cruz fact check about shrinking Democrats drew our most clicks in November

Our check of Ted Cruz’s claim about the shrinking Democratic Party won November.   It proved our most-read fact check in the month, based on online clicks.   Read the full fact check.   See Ted Cruz’s PolitiFact file--chocked with 60-plus fact checks.   Footnote: Our No. 1 most-viewed fact check of October concerned a Republican legislator’s tweet about Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders--and Hitler’s Germany. See Bernie Sanders' Truth-O-Meter report card.

Not so: Donald Trump's claim that Barack Obama plans to import 250,000 Syrian refugees

Donald Trump, in Texas, said Barack Obama has big plans for Syrian refugees.   But Trump’s declaration the president wants to import 250,000 Syrian refugees lacks factual standing.   See all of Donald Trump’s Pants on Fire statements.   See Trump’s full Truth-O-Meter report card.

Barack Obama hasn't said “radical Islamic terrorism”

Per Ted Cruz, Barack Obama won’t say a certain term. "President Obama will not identify, he literally will not utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’" Cruz recently said, "and as matter of policy, nobody in the administration will say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’"   That’s True, PolitiFact Virginia concluded.   See Ted Cruz’s full Truth-O-Meter report card.

MOSTLY FALSE: Martin O'Malley's claim that immigration reform raises U.S. household incomes $250

Martin O'Malley told a Texas journalist that immigration reform will drive up U.S. household incomes $250 a year.   Mostly False, we found.  

American turkeys heftier than ever?

Whatever you're enjoying this Thanksgiving, maybe you'll appreciate reporter Tom Kertscher's 2014 look into whether  American turkeys are heavier than they once were.   Click here for the full skinny from PolitiFact Wisconsin.

MOSTLY FALSE: Saudis "caught" by agents at border in Laredo

Greg Abbott, citing a web post, said Syrians were "caught" by federal agents at the border in Laredo.   We found that claim Mostly False.   See Gov. Abbott's full Truth-O-Meter report card.

Ted Cruz sticks to Mostly False claim about shrinking Democratic Party

We saw flaws in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s claim the Democratic Party is shrinking.   He’s sticking to his declaration and his established take on our fact-checking.  

PolitiFact Texas branching out in partnership with Houston, San Antonio newspapers

Good news: We’re partnering up to expand fact-checking in the Lone Star State.   Starting today, the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News are joining the Austin American-Statesman in checking the facts and turning on the Texas Truth-O-Meter. Here’s to more readers letting us know whatever makes them wonder: Could that really be so?

Ted Cruz wins Milwaukee presidential debate--in talk time


Ted Cruz's father may have embroidered revolutionary acts, Times story says

Texan Ted Cruz, potentially riding momentum from the CNBC debate into a Milwaukee debate, often celebrates his father’s roots as a Cuban revolutionary turned refugee.   Now a New York Times story says the elder Cruz may have embroidered his early activism.   KEEP UP WITH POLITIFACT'S DEBATE COVERAGE HERE.

Is U.S. nearly alone in allowing late-term abortions? Not exactly.

Our look into John Cornyn’s claim about the U.S. being among a very few nations that allow late-term abortions stopped short of a Truth-O-Meter rating.   The senior Texas senator worded his lament different ways over a few days. Also: Cornyn was hardly the only Republican to make the claim.

Democratic Socialist tweet about Bernie Sanders touched off our most-viewed fact check in October

Our check of a tweet about Bernie Sanders and the Nazi party was our most-read online post in October.   Looks into claims by Democratic operative Jeremy Bird and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also fared well.

Guns, motor vehicles and U.S. deaths, the trend lines

A reader’s claim touched off a look into whether more Americans die in motor vehicles than from gunfire. Ben Wear of the Austin American-Statesman ultimately found the comparison questionable.

Ted Cruz says debate reporters fawned for Democrats, provoked Republicans

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz drew a raucous go-get-'em reaction by assailing CNBC’s debate panel Wednesday and saying questions asked of the Republican candidates to that point "illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media."   That is, Cruz said, the questions of the 10 aspirants on stage were less substantive than questions thrown at the five Democratic presidential candidates at the Oct. 13 debate hosted by CNN. "The contrast with the Democratic debate, where every fawning question from the media was, ‘Which of you is more handsome and why?’" Cruz offered.   Here’s our look back at the questions asked at the latest pre-2016 debates.

Speaking of Colorado, how the Republican presidential candidates stand on marijuana

Most of the Republican presidential candidates aren’t down with Colorado’s 2012 decision to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Some take a wait-and-see attitude.   In light of the CNBC debate in Boulder, we present a rundown based on research by pro-legalization activists.   SEE POLITIFACT’S FILE OF MARIJUANA-RELATED FACT CHECKS.

Flaming tap water in Texas?

We're not sure how to check a video purportedly showing flammable Texas tap water.   Maybe you have an idea or two.

Dan Patrick: Planned Parenthood solely kills babies and sells body parts

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a nationally broadcast interview that Planned Parenthood does little more than profit from killing babies.   We ended up smellling smoke on that claim.   SEE DAN PATRICK'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD.

Hillary Clinton says U.S. loses 90 people a day to guns

Stumping in San Antonio, Hillary Clinton said the U.S. loses about 90 people a day--to guns.   We wondered.   SEE CLINTON’S FULL TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD.

UPDATED: Curious claims we heard at the Texas Tribune Festival

Texans say the darndest things--such as many college students don’t pay any college tuition. That was one of a few ear-catching claims we heard from participants in the 2015 Texas Tribune Festival. Maybe you’ll spot something we should check.

Looking for curious factual claims at Texas Tribune Festival

A band of student reporters will once again enable us to listen widely for factually curious claims during this week's Texas Tribune Festival.   What are you hearing?    

Texas whups nation in poverty--for 50-plus years?

Texas activist Bee Moorhead wasn't celebratory.   Still, she did write recently: "Texas once again outstripped the national poverty rate" in 2014, "as we have done since at least 1959."   For real?    

Fact-checking the Democratic debate in Las Vegas

The Democrats seeking to succeed Barack Obama went at it Tuesday in Las Vegas.   PolitiFact reviews their factual claims.   PolitiFact digs into how Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the gang have fared so far on the Truth-O-Meter. 

Dan Patrick says all crime committed by about 15 percent of population

In a radio inteview, Dan Patrick put specific numbers behind his point that most Americans are law-abiding.   A reader wondered about Patrick's claim. Our verdict: Pants on Fire!   See the full fact check here.   See Dan Patrick's PolitiFact report card here.

Glenn Hegar says 650 people a day move into Texas

Glenn Hegar, bullish on the Texas economy, has been telling groups 650 people a day move into the state.   That’s an accurate estimate of net migration to the state, also accounting for residents who leave.  

Ted Cruz fact checks dominated Texas Truth-O-Meter in September

It was a very good September for PolitiFact stories featuring Ted Cruz.   Five Ted-Cruz-connected stories ranked among our 10 most-read articles in the month.

Checking Ted Cruz, Stephen Colbert on the CBS 'Late Show'

Two fact checks bubbled up from Ted Cruz's appearance on CBS with Stephen Colbert.

Welcoming PolitiFact Missouri (properly pronounced MIZZ-ER-AH, we believe)

Bad news for Missouri politicians prone to making outrageous or unsubstantiated claims: PolitiFact is now watching.

Fred Fleitz: Slanted fact check whiffs on Ted Cruz Iran inspections claim

An expert quoted in our latest Ted Cruz fact check says we blew it.   We stand by our work. But we also wanted to share his full reaction.   See the original fact check here.

Remember front-running Rick Perry for president? Karl Rove does

Rick Perry recently suspended his fresh bid for president. So did Wisconsin's Scott Walker.   But there was a time Perry was the frontrunner for his party's presidential nomination.   This reminder comes courtesy of Karl Rove, the Texas-tied consultant, who says the leader in the race for the 2012 Republican nod changed seven times between September 2011 and the end of February 2012. PunditFact found that five individual candidates, including Perry, handed the lead around.

Mike Huckabee's Mostly False claim about Fort Hood shooter's beard

Mike Huckabee said the Fort Hood shooter was allowed to remain unshaven at trial for religious reasons.   PolitiFact says: MOSTLY FALSE.   SEE MIKE HUCKABEE'S POLITIFACT REPORT CARD.

In debate, Ted Cruz pipes up on Iran deal, cutting off Planned Parenthood aid

For a spell, Ted Cruz looked to be a bit left out of the 11-candidate Republican presidential debate.   Then the Texan remaining in the field got back-to-back opportunities to criticize the Iran agreement and federal aid to Planned Parenthood. Later, he called the elevation of John Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court "a mistake" before acknowledging he supported the Roberts' nomination at the time.   Cruz also said he'd place Rosa Parks on a revamped $20 bill.   Catch a lot more on PolitiFact's site and enjoy the Austin American-Statesman's coverage here.   See Ted Cruz's Truth-O-Meter report card here.

Greg Abbott lacks data tying Texas actions to drops in abortions, unintended pregnancies

A Greg Abbott tweet prompted us to check on whether legislative actions that took full effect in 2013 led to fewer abortions and unintended pregnancies.   That's a MOSTLY FALSE.

Donald Trump, rallying in Big D, has a Truth-O-Meter record laden with False ratings

Donald Trump, rallying in Dallas, brings a Truth-O-Meter record heavy with False ratings.   Let us know if you hear something fresh we should check?   SEE TRUMP'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD.

Rick Perry, suspending campaign after 168 fact checks since 2010

"I give you this news with no regrets," Rick Perry said in suspending his presidential campaign today.   SEE Perry's full Truth-O-Meter report card.   Ahem: PolitiFact reporters have checked Perry claims 168 times since our launch in Texas in 2010.   Also today, Perry revisited a couple of recently fact-checked claims.

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and the Iran deal

A high-profile trio--Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin--rallied against the Iran nuclear deal.   HELPFULLY, PolitiFact posted your six things to know about the Iran deal.   See Trump's PolitiFact report card here; see Cruz's report card here.

Labor Day means candidates (Rick Perry included) making job claims

Some suggest Rick Perry's campaign is zombified.   Our take: So long as the former governor remains among presidential hopefuls, it's worth watching for claims about job gains in Texas while he held the top elected post. Samples ahead.   See Rick Perry's full Truth-O-Meter report card here (we've checked him more than 150 times).

Have you now or ever been a U.S. citizen? By birth, Ted Cruz says

Ted Cruz says it's a historical fact that since nationhood, children born to U.S. citizens living abroad were citizens too.   That's MOSTLY TRUE.   See Ted Cruz's full Truth-O-Meter report card here.

10 misleading statements about immigration

PolitiFact writers have identified several immigration claims floated by presidential aspirants that lacked full factual footing.   Amy Sherman of PolitiFact Florida breaks it down.   Meanwhile in Texas... HALF TRUE: Ted Cruz's claim the Obama administration released 104,000 "criminal illegal aliens," including 196 murderers.

Bruce Elfant says U.S. voter turnout about 100th among industrialized nations; Texas not high either

A Travis County official, Bruce Elfant, says that in voter turnout, Americans suck compared to voters elsewhere.   OK, those weren't his words. But he made a similar point, which we found MOSTLY TRUE.   READ THE FULL FACT CHECK HERE.  

Julián Castro: Less than half of poorest Americans have home web access

Julián Castro, the Texan in President Obama's cabinet, recently declared that less than half of the poorest Americans have home Internet subscriptions.   True, we found.   READ THE FACT CHECK HERE.

Robots feeding fact checks? Soon.

Robots and fact checks go together like, well, you fill in the blanks.   But it's happening.

John Cornyn--a Texas leader not running for president--and the Truth-O-Meter

John Cornyn, the second-term senior U.S. senator for Texas, isn't running for president--unlike Cruz and Perry and Texas natives Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina.   He's still getting some Truth-O-Meter love. Let's peek.   SEE CORNYN'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD HERE.

Eight things to know per Planned Parenthood videos

Stealth videos released by an anti-abortion group led us to wonder about the murky guidelines for using fetal tissue for research purposes. MOSTLY FALSE: John Cornyn tweet about Planned Parenthood and violation of Hyde amendment.   EIGHT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE PLANNED PARENTHOOD VIDEOS, AHEAD.

Texas-born Carly Fiorina on the Truth-O-Meter

We've written quite a bit about Texans Ted Cruz and Rick Perry running for president.   Here's a quick look at Austin-born Carly Fiorina, who had some good moments in the first Republican presidential debate last week.   See her Truth-O-Meter report card HERE.

17 candidates, 2 debates, 1 Donald Trump and plenty to fact-check

Seventeen candidates, five moderators, two debates, one Donald Trump. All of it kept the fact-checkers busy Thursday.

Ted Cruz, Rick Perry among 17 Republicans debating today

Rick Perry relies on some well worn talking points in first debate.      

Checking claims about Texas voting rights and fraud

An appeals court panel today agreed the Texas photo voter identification law violates federal voting rights.   We've previously looked into claims about voting in Texas.

Limbaugh claim about Austin effectively banning barbecue restaurants catches fire

Rush Limbaugh's drew a Pants on Fire for his claim that Austin is effectively banning barbecue restaurants.   That's not so--and ridiculous. PANTS ON FIRE!    

Texas Capitol placed facing south to honor the heart of capital

We love it when a reader claim touches off our hunt for facts.   That’s what happened when Christine Gilbert of Austin wrote that the Texas Capitol faces south to honor a battle at Goliad. Not so, we concluded, though Goliad was invoked at the Capitol’s dedication.   READ OUR CAPITOL FACT CHECK HERE.   Readers subsequently nudged that we missed a possible explanation; they speculated the building was erected facing south to catch the winds off the Gulf of Mexico. Details ahead...

Donald Trump over-counts U.S. 'illegals'

Donald Trump says he heard there could be 34 million U.S. "illegals."   PANTS ON FIRE, PolitiFact Florida found.   NEW: Pundit correctly says majority of Hispanic residents in the country were born in the U.S.   As of 2012, according to a federal agency, some 11.4 million residents lived in the country without legal authorization. Others put the number between 11 million and 12 million. MORE AHEAD:

Greg Abbott keeps five early childhood education campaign promises

As a candidate, Greg Abbott said the state should encourage quality preschool offerings and beef up math and reading instruction in early grades.   Before the 2015 legislative session ended this June, he signed several relevant measures into law.   On the Abbott-O-Meter, which tracks progress on the governor's campaign promises, we’re marking KEPT five Abbott campaign promises relating to early childhood education.

Tweets from 2015 Global FactChecking Summit in London

What happens when fact-checkers from around the globe gather in a single room in London? We've got your Twitter live feed.

Were Donald Trump, John Cornyn 'draft dodgers'?

In 2014, we found no substance to a claim John Cornyn dodged the draft.   Did Donald Trump dodge? PolitiFact just lofted a jump ball.   SEE THE TRUMP STORY HERE. SEE THE CHECK PER JOHN CORNYN HERE.   NEW: See our story showing tweets from the 2015 global fact-checking summit in London, HERE.

The Planned Parenthood abortion video in context

An anti-abortion activist group released a video that they say proves Planned Parenthood "sells the body parts of aborted fetuses." Is it misleading?   We cull the video's trancript.   ALSO: Planned Parenthood says it doesn't harvest fetal tissue in Texas, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

Houston wasn't the first word spoken from the moon

Flashback time: In 2011, we rated False a claim the first word spoken from the moon was "Houston."   First word? Maybe "contact light."   Read the original fact check here.

Reader says politically correct terms undermine fact check of Rick Perry on murders by "aliens"

A reader didn't like our not calling border crossers "illegal aliens," also objecting to our references to "unauthorized residents."   Some word choices are a matter of Associated Press style.

Sharia court in Irving, Texas? Negative

Did Muslims attempt to open a Sharia court in Irving, Texas?   A reader asked us to check that out.   FALSE.

Fact-checking Jade Helm 15

Jade Helm is one of the largest military training exercises on U.S. soil. It's also the subject of many conspiracy theories.

Six fact-checks over Texas, our reader favorites in June

Our check into a HALF TRUE Doonesbury claim about Greg Abbott tracking the Jade Helm 15 military exercise drew the most reader views in June.   Our reviews of claims by the Midland County sheriff, Abbott himself and Austin City Council Member Don Zimmerman also made our top six reader favorites for the month.

Greg Abbott strikes out on his ethics campaign promises

The baseball saying is wait til next year. Greg Abbott has said wait til 2017 for lawmakers to revisit his ethics campaign promises.   Now we've marked those Abbott promises as BROKEN.   See the entire Abbott-O-Meter here.

Were the founding fathers just ordinary people?

The nation's founding fathers were just ordinary people, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sometimes says.   PolitiFact Wisconsin wondered about that.   Meantime, we hope you enjoy Independence Day.

Ted Cruz, new author, calls PolitiFact noxious yellow journalism

We may be making Ted Cruz sick.   That seems to be what the Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate thinks about PolitiFact and our fact checks, according to his just-published book, "A Time for Truth."   Cruz calls PolitiFact a "new, particularly noxious species of yellow journalism that is beginning to infect what passes for modern political discourse." And there’s more.   See Cruz’s full Truth-O-Meter report card here. COMMENT on our Facebook page.  

Trump: Voter polls show U.S. support for abortion "down a little bit"

Donald Trump--speaking before the U.S. Supreme Court acted on a Texas challenge to abortion clinic restrictions put in motion by lawmakers in 2013--said polls show U.S. support for a woman's right to choose an abortion "is going down a little bit."   PolitiFact in Washington, D.C. found otherwise.   See our separate look into the number of Texas abortion clinics here.

Greg Abbott says a billion in bullion repatriating to Texas. Mostly False.

Greg Abbott said a measure he signed into law returns $1 billion in gold bullion to Texas from the Federal Reserve.   MOSTLY FALSE, we found.

Before Supreme Court ruling, Texans defined marriage as between one man, one woman

Texas is among about a dozen states that barred same-sex marriages before the U.S. Supreme Court acted today. Texas voters defined marriage as between a man and a woman by going to the polls as we're recapping here...   READ ABOUT THE COURT'S RULING, AND TEXAS IMPLICATIONS, HERE.   SEE POLITIFACT'S FACT CHECKS RELATED TO MARRIAGE HERE.

Barack Obama and the Truth-O-Meter after the Charleston murders

After a gunman shot and killed defenseless worshippers, President Barack Obama made a couple statements touching off the Truth-O-Meter.   Obama said the day after: "Now is the time for mourning and for healing. But let’s be clear: At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency."   Separately, Obama tweeted: "Here are the stats: Per population, we kill each other with guns at a rate 297x more than Japan, 49x more than France, 33x more than Israel."   Obama's comments, checked by PolitiFact in Washington, D.C., came out MOSTLY FALSE and MOSTLY TRUE, respectively.

Ted Cruz photos by Associated Press included several of gun seemingly pointed at him

Ted Cruz looks like he's got a gun pointed at him in a photo taken by the Associated Press in Iowa over the weekend--and the photo alone provoked concern in some circles, Politico said Sunday.   Conservative-oriented asked readers to imagine the outcry if a Democrat had been depicted similarly.   The AP distributed several other photos of Cruz speaking. We're sharing them here...

Just kidding: Andy Borowitz says Texas gun shops outnumber abortion clinics more than 12,000-to-1

A reader asked: Did comedian Andy Borowitz have his facts straight when he suggested Texas gun stores outnumber Texas abortion facilities more than 12,000 to 1?   Short answer: Borowitz made up his numbers. Remember, he’s a professional kidder.   Still, we hunted accurate figures.

Jeb! Trump too; fresh presidential candidates and the Truth-O-Meter

Jeb! (Think of letters saved if everyone ran solely by their first name and an exclamation point).   And, in case you missed it, Donald Trump.   As speedily tracked by PolitiFact Florida and PolitiFact National, the field of Republicans aspiring presidential grew by those two last week. Here's your chance to see how each one has fared on the Truth-O-Meter.   SEE JEB BUSH'S TRUTH-O-METER REPORT CARD HERE. SEE DONALD TRUMP'S TRUTH-O-METER HISTORY HERE.  

UPDATED: Sheriff says U.S. alone in not securing borders with military

A West Texas sheriff declared the U.S. alone in not securing its border with the military.   Pants on Fire!   SEE THE TRUTH-O-METER ARTICLE.

'Teabagger' group distorts Ted Cruz and others with images and fake quotations

As Ted Cruz and others surely know, a Facebook group called "Stop the World, Teabaggers Want Off" draws traffic partly by depicting conservatives--including Cruz of Texas--saying things actually not said.   The group says it's trying to poke fun.

Fact-checking Hillary Clinton on voting rights

Hillary Clinton chose her words carefully in characterizing the actions of Republican governors -- and potential presidential candidates -- on how they handled voting legislation in their states, including Texas.

Ted Cruz claim about costs of tax compliance, military drew most PolitiFact Texas views in May

Ted Cruz won the month of May--for us.   Our check of his claim about the costs of tax compliance and how much the country spends on the military was our most-viewed story of the month.   PLUS: See Ted Cruz's complete Truth-O-Meter report card.

Rick Perry announces fresh presidential bid near Dallas

Former Gov. Rick Perry, who just declared for president in an airplane hangar near Dallas, has an expansive PolitiFact record.   See Perry's full Truth-O-Meter record here.   See our Twitter rundown of the most-viewed Perry fact checks over the years. OR comment on Facebook.

Rick Perry and border security

Rick Perry, the former Texas governor expected to announce for president, has hammered the federal government for falling short of stopping illegal border crossings.   Meantime, Perry has misstated quite a bit about conditions on the Texas-Mexico border.   PLUS: Rick Perry's full Truth-O-Meter report card.

Rick Perry and Texas job gains

Count on Rick Perry, expected to announce his candidacy for president on Thursday, to mention job gains in Texas on his watch.   Here's our primer on employment changes in Perry's 14-year tenure as governor.   PLUS: Rick Perry's full Truth-O-Meter report card.

Austin school board president makes Half True claim about local teacher pay

Gina Hinojosa joined others at the Capitol calling for billions in additional school spending.   Money is needed, the president of the Austin school district's board of trustees said, because district teachers are paid less than Texas peers near and far.   We found that pay claim HALF TRUE.

Texans legislating about permitting clergy not to perform gay marriage ceremonies

Texas legislation may be headed into law regarding the freedom of clergy to refuse to perform gay marriage ceremonies--but a proposal potentially penalizing elected officials, mentioned by Apple's Tim Cook, remains out of play.   Read up on the latest Texas House action here (and here and here and here). But about that penalty legislation...

Rick Perry celebrates Iowa ice cream, reminding us of food fact checks

Rick Perry, in Iowa, took note of a town's claim to being some kind of ice cream history.   Traitor!   We kid. But Perry's tweet got us to wondering how often we get to check claims tied to what we eat.

Fact-checking Texas fracking, pollution, earthquakes

Gov. Greg Abbott is aboard with legislation preventing cities, rather than the state, from regulating fracking. The restrictions were proposed after Denton voters barred hydraulic fracking in the North Texas city.   A couple fact checks come to mind.

Report: Texan Rick Perry poised to announce for president

The Dallas Morning News advises, here, that Rick Perry plans to declare his second bid for president June 4 in Dallas.   Translation: We're about 20 days away from Texans Perry and Ted Cruz facing off for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination--plus a few others, of course.    

In campaign, Steve Adler promised to resolve recycled-water conflict that was already settling out

Color us purple.   We're removing a recycled-water promise by Austin Mayor Steve Adler from the Adler-O-Meter, which gauges progress on his campaign promises. A reader helped us realize problems declared by Adler were being addressed before he took office. Read the deets...

Flip-flop: Rick Perry newly opposes Export-Import Bank

Rick Perry as governor urged Congress to keep the Export-Import Bank alive.   Perry, no longer governor, this week declared the bank should die. That's a FULL FLOP for Perry on the PolitiFact Flip-O-Meter.

Biggest Texas tax cut ever? Not

Van Taylor touted tax changes approved by the Texas Senate as the biggest tax cuts in Texas history.   They weren't, we found.

Carly Fiorina, Texas native schooled in California, and the Truth-O-Meter

Carly Fiorina, freshly declared for president, was born in Austin, Texas, though mostly grew up in the San Francisco area.   See her Truth-O-Meter report card HERE.   Several presidential hopefuls have Texas links--and previously, two presidents were born there.

Martial law in Texas? Hold that thought

Chatter fanned by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about federal troops imposing martial law in Texas isn't substantiated, news reports indicate.   Read a wide-ranging rundown of the situation from reporter Jonathan Tilove of the Austin American-Statesman, here.   BONUS: See our 2014 fact check of a claim rooted in a stunt undertaken by a Jones-backed operation that University of Texas students signed a petition supportive of killing babies after birth.

Bernie Sanders says half of Americans have less than $10,000 in savings accounts

Bernie Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont mulling a run for president, told an Austin crowd a lot of Americans have very little saved for a rainy day.   MOSTLY TRUE.

ISIS camp near El Paso? FALSE

If ISIS has a camp near El Paso, no government officials admitted it to us. Nor did anyone hint there's something to that declaration by Judicial Watch.   Truth-O-Meter says: FALSE.  

Sid Miller says West Texas towns 'out of water'

A first-year statewide elected official caught our attention by saying West Texas towns are so drought-struck, they're lately trucking in water.   But Sid Miller, the Texas agriculture commissioner sworn in this January, had no current-day examples.

Jon Hamm, documents say, hazed, hurt UT student in 1990

Actor Jon Hamm, who stars in the "Mad Men" TV series, allegedly hazed and physically abused a fellow University of Texas student in fall 1990, according to documents brought to light this week.   Prompted by a tabloid’s story, we checked into what officials and records confirm.

Ted Cruz did not say 'no place for gays, atheists' in his America

A reader asked us to check a Facebook post showing Ted Cruz saying there's no place for gays or atheists in "my America."   PANTS ON FIRE!

Texas-reared Rand Paul and the Truth-O-Meter

Rand Paul, who just declared for president, has met the Truth-O-Meter--35 times.   He's also the second Texan seeking the Republican nomination. Former Gov. Rick Perry has said he'll reveal his desires in May or June.   OK, Paul is from Kentucky. And he was born in Pennsylvania. But he grew up in Texas; his father, former presidential hopeful Ron Paul, was a Lake Jackson congressman.   As shown below, Sen. Paul has a wide-ranging Truth-O-Meter record. MORE:  

Pants on Fire for Facebook meme about Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, citizenship an online hit

 A Facebook meme suggests Canada-born Ted Cruz conveniently flip-flopping on needing to be born in the U.S. to run for president.   Pants on Fire! The comments attributed to Cruz don't reflect any actual remarks that we could find.   Our look at the meme turned out to be  

Ted Cruz's first fact checks as presidential hopeful

Fact  checks of Ted Cruz spiked as he declared his candidacy for president.   We ended the week by lighting afire a Facebook meme critical of Cruz and rolling in Obama.   MORE...

Scott Walker, Greg Abbott and the Truth-O-Meter

Scott Walker and Greg Abbott, both visiting the Texas-Mexico border, have something else in common.   Truth-O-Meter records!   Walker, governor of his state longer than Abbott has led Texas, has been checked more often, though.  

Half True: Greg Abbott claim about Dallas minority students outscoring peers everywhere in America

Remember Gov. Greg Abbott's celebration of Dallas students testing better than students any other place in America?   He overshot on that.   ALSO: On the Abbott-O-Meter, see Abbott's campaign Promises now In The Works.

Rick Perry alone among presidential prospects in military service?

Rick Perry, who might join Texan Ted Cruz in declaring for president, has said he's the only aspirant who's got military service under his belt.   That declaration overlooks some fellow longshots.

Ted Cruz and the Truth-O-Meter Already Hot

Ted Cruz, the lively Texas senator, is declared  his candidacy for president Monday. (Ahem, he tweeted his plans before he spoke.) Win or lose in that endeavor, the Houston lawyer already has a Truth-O-Meter record drawing lots of online attention. See his ratings through today below. Dig into some of his "greatest hits" in our story starting here. Or gander at a PolitiFact look into his eligibility to run for president (Cruz was born in Canada) here.   It's TRUE: Cruz is the longest-serving solicitor general of Texas in history.  

Attention SXSW! PolitiFact still has a rocking song

We'd almost forgotten PolitiFact has a rocking song.   Yo, SXSW!

Luck of the Irish on the Truth-O-Meter

Three-leaf clover? Blarney.   We've got three fact checks in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

Global fact-checkers investigate claims about women

As the United Nations celebrates International Women’s Day, nonpartisan fact-checkers from five continents looked at claims about women’s lives.

Not so fast: Cops fired, private security hired, crime plummets in Sharpstown?

 A website retracted its story stating a Texas community replaced police officers with private security--and crime plunged 61 percent.   The yank happened at last week after Texas Monthly blew a whistle.   And now we’ve got the rest of the story about what’s up in part of the Sharpstown section of Houston.

Ted Cruz, presidential possible, has 'Time for Truth' book coming

Ted Cruz has a book coming this summer, perhaps in time to run for president.   Coming in June: "A Time for Truth."   Can't wait? Check out the Texas Republican's Truth-O-Meter report card.  

Pete Sessions’ ‘murders every day’ claim about immigrants released by Obama

Remember last summer’s Pants on Fire claims about immigrants committing 3,000 murders in Texas?   A similar claim singling out Barack Obama just drew four Pinnochio's from The Washington Post’s Fact Checker which also revealed the state of Texas has reconfigured its data.   (See video of Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, making his statement at the 23:29 mark of the video posted above this story or go directly here.)

Did Obama say 22 times he couldn't stop deportations by himself? Almost.

Speaker Boehner posted a list supposedly showing 22 times President Obama disavowed his power to stop immigrant deportations without congressional help.   That count doesn’t hold up. But Obama made repeated disavowals.

Sheila Jackson Lee did not invoke "wrinkly, white-aged has-beens"

Sheila Jackson Lee didn't wish death on "wrinkly, white-aged has-beens."   A Facebook meme whiffs.   AND: Homeland Security is the only federal agency not funded through this fiscal year, as Lloyd Doggett said.

Ted Cruz leading Scott Walker in Texas? Not in Pants on Fire ratings

A poll shows Ted Cruz barely still the favorite of Texas Republicans considering presidential prospects--with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker close behind (within the poll's margin of error).   Poll results oft change. But Truth-O-Meter report cards just get longer. Walker has been fact-checked more than Cruz; he  also has more Pants on Fire ratings. More ahead...   Source: News story, "UT/TT Poll: In Texas, Walker Ties Cruz; Clinton Soaring," the Texas Tribune, Feb. 23, 2015

Checking gay marriage claims across the country

For the first time, a legally-permitted gay marriage ceremony took place in Texas today, though that legality is under challenge by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton as we type.   We're sharing the Austin American-Statesman's exclusive video of the Austin ceremony here as we recap Truth-O-Meter rulings on statements about marriage.

Greg Abbott's True/Mostly True 'State of State' claims

Greg Abbott’s first State of the State address included claims we’ve found factually strong -- plus statements about job gains, education and state workers in Texas, California and Illinois that we haven’t tackled.   Highlights ahead.

Greg Abbott's (50) promises

Did you know? Gov. Abbott, who gave his first State-of-the-State address Tuesday, took office after making about 50 campaign promises.   In his speech, Abbott touched on several of his promises -- which may cause the Abbott-O-Meter to show some movement in his favor (we've got fresh mulling ahead). Read all about his speech on Perhaps you noticed a claim we should fact-check!   SKIP AHEAD TO ALL OF ABBOTT'S CAMPAIGN PROMISES.

Alcee Hastings: 'Crazy' Texas bars shooting bears from second-story windows

Alcee Hastings, the Florida congressman who declared Texas a "crazy" state, went on to say the Lone Star state has a law barring bears from being shot from second-floor windows, or words to that effect.   Not at all. Pants on Fire ahead!   ALSO: See PolitiFact Florida's look into whether Texas restricts the number of dildos a person may purchase.

Molly White says Muslim group at Capitol was named terrorist organization

Molly White was right about a country naming the group that organized a Muslim day at the Texas Capitol a terrorist organization.   But the Belton Republican failed to say the U.S. government disagreed with the designation.   ALSO: California, here we come -- PolitiFact California!

In Context: Barack Obama's call for a veterans hospital in the Rio Grande Valley

Greg Abbott’s fresh mention of Barack Obama made us wonder.   Nearly seven years ago, did candidate Obama promise Texas a veterans hospital in the Rio Grande Valley?

Shariah law in Michigan? Fact-check flashback

A Muslim rally shouted down in Texas reminded us of our past check of a claim about Shariah law being imposed in a Michigan community.   See that 2011 fact check here.    

Super Bowl = more sex trafficking?

PolitiFact considers claims around the Super Bowl--including whether sex trafficking steps up this time every year.   And Texan John Cornyn figures into two fresh fact checks.

John Cornyn's flawed claim about jobs and Keystone XL pipeline

A reader urged us to check John Cornyn's recent claim about jobs created since the Texas leg of the Keystone XL pipeline began flowing oil.   Cornyn, turns out, was referring to construction jobs that no longer exist.

Greg Abbott gets a promise meter

Gov. Greg Abbott didn't list his campaign promises in his inaugural address.   But we compiled nearly 100 of his promises in the new Abbott-O-Meter.   See the Abbott-O-Meter.

Introducing the Adler-O-Meter

City Hall reporters for the Austin American-Statesman have helped us launch a meter to track progress on Austin Mayor Steve Adler's campaign promises -- all of them yet to be rated.

Five years of truths and not-so-truths

Light the candles. We're five years old.

Rick Perry gets a laugh out of Texas Truth-O-Meter

Outgoing Gov. Rick Perry recently got a laugh out of PolitiFact.   Appreciated -- and here's his Truth-O-Meter report card.

Missed signs, fatal consequences; new facts on child abuse in Texas

With Texas legislators just embarking on the 140-day 2015 regular legislative session, we suspect there will be ample down time for everyone to soak up facts gathered over six months by the Austin American-Statesman about how the state investigates child abuse and neglect.   Dig in: "Missed signs, fatal consequences: How Texas missed deadly patterns and key pieces of information that could have helped protect vulnerable children"

Big tax hikes taking effect? Pants on Fire

Perhaps you saw the chain email about multiple tax hikes taking effect this month. It's wrong in many ways.   Light a fire.

Louie Gohmert, House speaker aspirant, has PolitiFact report card

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, the Tyler Republican who's revealed he wants to unseat House Speaker John Boehner, is familiar with the Truth-O-Meter.   See Louie Gohmert's PolitiFact report card here.

In Context: Greg Abbott's vow to lift Texas universities into nation's top 10

Texas’ governor-elect is California dreaming a little by vowing to lift Texas universities in national rankings.   Is it an easy reach?

Fact check of Census Bureau mandate proves No. 1 in reader views in 2014

We tuned in to the morning show hosted by KOKE FM's Bob Cole and, waddya know, heard a grumble touching off our most-viewed fact check of 2014.   Upshot: It's Mostly True federal law requires U.S. residents to participate in the government's American Community Survey.

Ted Cruz claim about ISIS nailing Christians to trees led to a most-read fact check of 2014

Ted Cruz, critical of ISIS, said the group had gone so far as to nail Christians to trees.   Truth-O-Meter said: False.   Our check of Cruz on this front was our No. 2-most-viewed story of 2014. (The No. 1 story, coming soon, arose from Bob Cole's mail.)

Debunked claim about Texas prisoner ordering a child for last meal among 2014 reader hits

Ridiculously, a website got traction with stories suggesting a Texas inmate had requested a child for his last meal.   Our recap of this "order" getting debunked (by was our third-most-viewed story of 2014. Our countdown to No. 1 continues.

Our look into Obama ordering deaths of Americans among our popular fact checks

A U.S. Senate aspirant charged President Obama will killing four Americans with drone strikes.   We concluded three were not intended targets. And this fact check proved our fifth-most viewed story of 2014.   Our countdown to No. 1 continues.

Michele Bachmann didn't say Bible written in English

Michele Bachmann, who's leaving Congress, has some Pants on Fires to her name.   But readers this year flocked to our story on a Pants on Fire claim about Bachmann supposedly saying the Bible was originated in English (not so).   We continue our countdown of the top 10 most-read PolitiFact Texas stories of 2014.

Lesson of 2014: Check the facts behind Mexico border claims

A trio of fact checks of flawed claims about activities near the Texas-Mexico border drew reader interest, each one landing among our 10 most-read stories of 2014:   * Ted Cruz incorrectly said Barack Obama has promised amnesty to illegal immigrants   * Pants on Fire: Duncan Hunter makes unconfirmed claim Border Patrol caught at least 10 ISIS fighters   * Rick Perry claim about 3,000 homicides by illegal immigrants not supported by stat

Wendy Davis needed to clarify claim about Greg Abbott siding with company that hired rapist

Only one claim by a gubernatorial candidate landed among our top 10 most-read fact checks of 2014.   We found Mostly True the statement by Democrat Wendy Davis that as a Supreme Court justice, Greg Abbott found that a company whose vacuum cleaners were sold door to door "had no responsibility" in the hiring of a salesman who raped a customer.   Read the original fact check here.

Austin judge did NOT sentence man to death for having marijuana

Our most-read fact check of the year is pretty much Bob Cole's fault. (That's a hint.)   But other fact checks -- including our finding False Sen. Ted Cruz's claim about Christians getting nailed to trees -- also drew lots of reader interest in 2014.   Our countdown of the year's Top 10 most-read fact checks starts with our recap of a Facebook claim about marijuana.  

Texan Pete Gallego: This Congress the least productive, least popular in U.S. history

Pete Gallego of Texas slipped this into his farewell remarks on the House floor: "This Congress made history as the least productive, most unpopular Congress in the history of this proud nation."   Ever ever ever?   See the full fact check of U.S. Rep. Gallego, D-Alpine.

Austin Mayor-elect Steve Adler on the Texas Truth-O-Meter

Steve Adler, set to be sworn in as Austin's mayor in January, already has a record on the Texas Truth-O-Meter.   See Austin Mayor-elect Steve Adler's PolitiFact report card.

PolitiFact names its 2014 Lie of the Year

The emergence of Ebola in the United States sparked a political and media frenzy, but many of the claims made were far from accurate. Collectively, they are PolitiFact's sixth annual Lie of the Year.   Meanwhile, in Austin, runoffs for local offices are Tuesday. See related fact checks here!

Checking Austin candidates for mayor, city council

If you vote in Austin, you (should) know about 10-1; the soon-to-be reconfigured Austin City Council will have 10 members elected from individual districts plus the mayor elected citywide. Runoff elections are Tuesday.   We ended up doing more than 10 city-related fact checks. Here's a snapshot.   See every fact check related to Austin city government here.

Texan not in running for lie of the year

No Texan made it into the nominees for PolitiFact's lie of the year. You can vote anyway.   Vote now in PolitiFact Readers' Poll for the 2014 Lie of the Year.

Does Obamacare give businesses a $3,000 incentive to hire illegal immigrants?

Did President Obama's November announcement potentially affecting millions of unauthorized residents also create a $3,000-per-immigrant hiring incentive?   PolitiFact in Washington wondered.

Texas hits in November: Greg Abbott fact checks, Twin Towers recap

Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott figured into two of our most-read fact checks in November. But a 9/11 story won the month, per online reader views. More ahead or below.   The Texas Cinco:   * "Greg Abbott says he has sued Obama administration 25 times"   * "Roger Williams: Obama policies contributed to raising gas prices from $1.89 in 2009 to $3.51 today"   * "Americans must answer U.S. Census Bureau survey by law, though agency hasn't prosecuted refusals since 1970"   * "Greg Abbott plan doesn't mandate standardized testing of 4-year-olds, but school districts could take that tack"   * "In Context: Laura Pressley’s ‘something was planted’ in World Trade Center"

Texas worst in voter turnout? Maybe Indiana

Jason Stanford was hardly the only person to say Texas had the nation’s worst voter turnout this November.   But when he made his declaration, we noticed--and checked.

American turkeys heftier than ever?

Up over there in Wisconsin, a writer wondered if U.S. turkeys really are heavier than before.   In a hurry to know? "Turkeys today are twice as fat as they were in the 1930s, Mother Jones says,"

Obama incorrect his position 'hasn’t changed' on using executive authority to address immigration

Paul Brown of TWC News asked us if Barack Obama was accurate about his position not changing on whether he alone can change immigration policies.   * False: "My position hasn’t changed" on using executive authority to address immigration issues.  

In Context: Laura Pressley’s ‘something was planted’ in World Trade Center

A candidate for the Austin City Council, Laura Pressley, says a scientific study proves demolition materials were waiting in the Twin Towers when two jets struck. We see no sign she's said the government put the stuff there.

Mailbag: 'What is this – something like the immaculate immigration?'

Ever get behind on mail? We sure did.   Open the mailbag, Arthur.

Ted Cruz, Dan Patrick, Ryan Sitton say 1,000 people a day move to Texas -- but hundreds leave too

Triumphant candidates on Tuesday night heralded Texas’ growing power -- similarly invoking the incomplete claim that 1,000 people move here daily.

Republicans rolled in Texas; not everyone fact-checked yet

John Cornyn and Greg Abbott were among the Republicans who won every race for statewide office again -- the kind of sweep that Texas voters have touched off every year since 1996.   We've got work ahead. Not all the winners have extensive Truth-O-Meter report cards.

Take the Texas Truth-O-Meter Quiz

Think you're a whiz on Texas politics? Then take the inaugural PolitiFact Texas quiz!

Take 200 Texas fact checks, call us after Election Day

We figure we've done around 200 fact checks of Texas candidates and political figures leading into November’s balloting.   Ready to gorge?

Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis on the Texas Truth-O-Meter

Election Day looms. So it's timely to recap some instances of the Texas gubernatorial candidates getting things right -- or wrong.   But you can see every fact check we've ever done of Republican Greg Abbott here.   See every check we've done of Democrat Wendy Davis here.

Debunked: Texas prisoner-cannibal didn’t request child for last meal

A Texas prisoner absolutely didn’t request a child for his last meal.

Muslim prayer rugs on Texas-Mexico border? No confirmed finds

David Dewhurst said prayer rugs were found in the Texas brush near Mexico.   That's not factually confirmed, we concluded, and ridiculous.

Greg Abbott claim about terrorist prosecution leads to Austin woman declaring husband's innocence

A fact check led to an interview with the wife of an Austin man awaiting sentencing on terrorism-related charges. In a news story, she says her husband was pressured into an overseas plan by federal operatives.

Wendy Davis wheelchair ad hammers 'Mostly True' claims

We didn’t rate the wheelchair ad.   But the Truth-O-Meter has chewed over two Wendy Davis’ claims in the spot.

Texas Department of Public Safety says whoa to California congressman's ISIS claim

It’s not often, we figure, that a Texas state agency openly clashes with a congressman.   But it happened this week when California Rep. Duncan Hunter said the Border Patrol had caught Islamic State terrorists crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

Dan Patrick misses on ISIS, Central America, scores on other charges about Van de Putte

Dan Patrick's fresh multi-part claim about Leticia Van de Putte's record had enough factual support to rate Half True. In his new TV ad, Patrick otherwise makes an ISIS claim that hasn't previously borne out.

September's popular fact checks include reviews of Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis

Our check of a Ted Cruz claim about crucifixions in Iraq proved our most-read article in September. But fact checks of Wendy Davis also attracted many readers.   September’s top 5 hits, ahead.

California, New York, Ted Nugent lofted in Texas gubernatorial debate

Greg Abbott considerably outpaced Wendy Davis -- 17 mentions of a reporter's first name to her one, unless we failed to notice a "Peggy" or two in their debate from a Dallas TV studio.   Ahem: Previously checked claims also bubbled up.

Dan Patrick, Leticia Van de Putte and slippery moments in debate

Dan Patrick and Leticia Van de Putte each swung away in a Dallas debate. We spotted slippery moments.

City of Austin workers paid over $100K? Ye$.

One of the nearly 80 candidates for Austin City Council made a claim about city workers earning six figures.

"Capital Tonight" features PolitiFact Texas weekly

Paul Brown and "Capital Tonight" have been having us over to take questions. We share video proof (above).

Debate, TribuneFest: 'PolitiFact sometimes gets it right'

We heard fresh possibly checkable factual claims from this weekend's gubernatorial debate in the RGV and the interview sessions at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. At the fest, Republican lieutenant governor nominee Dan Patrick took issue with his latest Pants on Fire.

Wendy Davis, Greg Abbott say buenas noches from Rio Grande Valley debate

Davis and Abbott squared off in the Rio Grande Valley. Now we'll have fresh chances to expand their Truth-O-Meter records.

Greg Abbott mano a mano with Wendy Davis in Rio Grande Valley debate

It's not fisticuffs, but it's as close as we get in Texas politics. Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis debate today in the Rio Grande Valley. Warm up with some fact checks?

Abbott supporters offered subsidized trips to Rio Grande Valley

Greg Abbott is spending money to bring supporters to the Rio Grande Valley, where he and Wendy Davis are set to debate this week.

Ted Cruz on Obama and PolitiFact, 'an institution'

Ted Cruz invoked PolitiFact's Lie of the Year as a reason Barack Obama isn’t necessarily to be trusted.

Mike Collier reads 'fired teachers' into a fact check that didn't go there

It’s True Republican state comptroller nominee Glenn Hegar expressed pride in not increasing education aid. But Democratic nominee Mike Collier incorrectly said we made a judgment linking that legislative action to thousands of fired teachers.

Texas fact checks in August topped by look into Wendy Davis claim about Greg Abbott and a rapist

An ominous ad about Greg Abbott and a salesman-rapist led our fact checks sparking the most reader interest in August.

Finding the facts about immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border

Multiple political figures this summer made questionable claims about the Texas-Mexico border region and/or illegal immigrants -- ranging from people from terrorist states to Ukrainians to children from Central America. (And no, those weren't the political figures.) The Truth-O-Meter leaned south.

Fact-checking Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis in fall campaign season

How many times can we fact-check Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis? Yes.

Sarah Palin not often fact-checked in Texas

Two years passed between PolitiFact Texas fact checks of Sarah Palin; the latest pair had to do with Palin’s critique of the indictments of Gov. Rick Perry.

Beto O’Rourke, Rick Perry and bombs NOT going off in El Paso (maybe NOT safest U.S. city)

In a tweet critical of Perry, O’Rourke charged the governor with falsely saying car bombs are going off in El Paso, which O'Rourke called the safest U.S. city. O’Rourke was time traveling.

A fact check isn't a frozen custard (tips below)

Perhaps you’re familiar with five things to know about Rick Perry’s indictment. Now comes PolitiFact with seven tips toward better fact checks.

Mailbag: Reader's PolitiFact rating, ‘Out of Date’

It’s been too long since we shared reader emails. Open the mailbag, Andy.

Unsupported claim: Ted Cruz took a bribe to file federal lands proposal

Ted Cruz took a bribe from the billionaire Kochs to make a proposal, a pro-Democratic group said. That's ridiculously unfounded.

Tweets on Wendy Davis ad assailing Abbott dissent in case linked to rape

We’re sharing tweets about our fact check of an ad from Wendy Davis about Greg Abbott’s position in a case when he served on the Texas Supreme Court.

Henry Cisneros, in PolitiFact debut, declares historic first in mayor of San Antonio

Until now, Henry Cisneros hadn't faced the Truth-O-Meter. He recently got it right about the new mayor of San Antonio making history.

Rick Perry doubles down on people from countries with terrorist ties crossing border

In a Sunday interview, Perry asserted there’s a frightening record being set. Pants on Fire, PolitiFact in Washington, D.C., found.

Cruz cruises, Perry closes, Davis 10th--Abbott out of running

Winners: Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, while Wendy Davis landed 10th and Greg Abbott didn’t make the cut. Rest easy, punditoids. We’re solely talking about July's 10 most-viewed PolitiFact Texas fact checks, including three Pants on Fire results.

John Cornyn, draft dodger? That's Fatigues on Fire!

David Alameel said Cornyn dodged "his draft" in the Vietnam War era. To the contrary, documents indicate young Cornyn, like many, was granted student deferments. Got a light?

Greg Abbott, Rick Perry air unconfirmed claims about 3,000 murders by unauthorized immigrants

Rick Perry and Greg Abbott, championing border security, each attributed 3,000 killings to people jailed in Texas living in the United States without legal authorization. But their declared source for this figure doesn’t prove out such claims--and there are unanswered questions.

Limbaugh's Obama claim flamed by Truth-O-Meter

Rush Limbaugh's claim about the Obama administration planning the influx of children across the border came out Pants on Fire!

Most Texans aren’t Hispanic--yet

Roberto Alonzo got it wrong when he said Latinos comprise the majority of Texas residents. But the state’s population mix is changing.

Rick Perry, Rand Paul and American interventionism

Are Rick Perry, Rand Paul and Barack Obama on the same page on Iraq?

Ted Cruz: Barack Obama has been offering amnesty to illegal immigrants

Cruz says Obama has been offering amnesty to illegal immigrants. Not so, we conclude, and a former president figures into the story.

Wendy Davis says Abbott lost in court four times in a hurry

Davis told supportive Democrats that Abbott, a fellow lawyer, lost four times in court in a short spell. We explored some litigation limbo.

David Alameel didn't live in a colonia; he lived in La Colonia, he says

Until we checked, it looked like David Alameel lived at one time in an impoverished colonia.

Greg Abbott claim linking FBI to Wendy Davis lacks proof her work is under investigation

News stories spurred Abbott to say Davis' legal work is under investigation--in April. Abbott stepped up that charge in a billboard this week, saying her work is "currently" under FBI investigation.

Are you high? Texas man not sentenced to death for third possession of marijuana

Austin man sentenced to death for possessing gram of marijuana! Wrong.

What do Wendy Davis, Rick Perry, Donna Howard and Jodie Laubenberg have in common?

Last summer about this time, Perry, Davis and several other Texas leaders touched off fact checks connected to the abortion debate.

Illegal immigration a hot tamale topic in Texas

Illegal immigration stirs voters. The topic also touches off curious claims.

Fact-checkers call out in London to a "candid world"

PolitiFact journalists recently attended the Global Fact-checking Summit in London. Neil Brown, editor of the Tampa Bay Times -- the Florida newspaper that owns and originated PolitiFact -- delivered a keynote address hearkening to the Declaration of Independence.

The Nuge on fire with unsupported Obama claim

Ted Nugent’s gory claim about Obama gets a Pants on Fire.

Report: Rick Perry letter to Obama reveals the ‘difference between a scientist and a politician’

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tapped interest groups, not scientists, to research his case against President Barack Obama, according to an Austin American-Statesman news story. We earlier rated a claim in Perry's May letter to Obama as Half True.

PunditFact confirms steakhouse claim about Eric Cantor's campaign

PunditFact couldn’t resist a juicy claim about Eric Cantor’s steakhouse spending. We can’t either.

The fact-checked skinny on Pete Sessions of Texas

Now that Jeb Hensarling has reportedly decided not to to bid for House majority leader, fellow Dallas Republican Pete Sessions is the Texan in the mix, according to news reports today. Sessions has previously been fact-checked -- and also figured into our look into whether he raised campaign money at an adult club.

Jeb Hensarling, ‘prayerful,’ has been fact-checked

Jeb Hensarling is prayerfully considering what to do next, the National Journal reports, now that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost his re-election. Fellow Dallas Republican Pete Sessions also might be in play for a leadership post, Slate speculates. Both have previously been fact-checked.

Texas Republicans: Homosexuality “a chosen behavior”

Texas Republicans said in their platform adopted last week: "Homosexuality is a chosen behavior..." PolitiFact explored a similar claim in 2011.

Is Ted Cruz, victor of Texas straw poll, eligible to run for president?

Ted Cruz won a presidential straw poll of Texas Republicans taken last week. But is the Canada-born Cruz constitutionally eligible to run? A PolitiFact team looked at that last year.

Dewhurst bests Cruz -- in most popular fact checks

David Dewhurst claims about Dan Patrick and Wendy Davis and a Ted Cruz claim about Barack Obama fueled our most-viewed fact checks in May. The top 5 just ahead...

Rick Perry opposes the federal government setting minimum wage

A Democratic group charged Perry with not wanting the federal minimum wage. Perry has lately said he opposes the federal government setting a minimum.

Dan Patrick on the Texas Truth-O-Meter

Tea-party darling Dan Patrick, who whomped David Dewhurst in a runoff for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, has a mixed record on the Truth-O-Meter.

Consult Truth-O-Meter, vote in Texas primary runoffs

What are Texas voters supposed to remember past the holiday weekend? Maybe to tote the Truth-O-Meter to Tuesday runoffs.

Dan Patrick sought to require officers to inquire into legal status of suspects

San Antonio’s mayor said Dan Patrick proposed Arizona-style "show-me-your-papers legislation." Patrick called that a lie. Truth-O-Meter says…

Congress in 2013 turned fewest bills into law than any year since at least 1947

Joaquin Castro repeats a claim that Congress in 2013 was its least productive in recorded history. Aye--by bills passed into law.

No proof Wendy Davis raised money for a socialist or socialist group

Similar ridiculous claims by Greg Abbott and David Dewhurst caught the Truth-O-Meter on fire.

Dan Patrick, David Dewhurst debate for the second time in five days

Only in Texas: Two Republican lieutenant governor debates/discussions took place over five days. In today's roundtable, Patrick and Dewhurst aired some previously checked claims.

Obama, Dewhurst and a climate change musical figured into readers’ favorite April fact checks

What do Barack Obama, David Dewhurst and a climate change musical have in common? Readers flocked to fact checks about them in April. We highlight the Texas top 10.

Davis overstatement: Abbott seeks to force standardized tests on 4-year-olds

Wendy Davis said Greg Abbott wants to force 4-year-olds to take standardized tests. In reality, volunteering school districts would choose how to assess pre-kindergarten classes.

UPDATED: Keeping the record straight

We didn’t judge an entire David Dewhurst TV commercial as Pants on Fire. Separately, KERA-TV in Dallas objected to the Dewhurst campaign using video featuring one of its reporters.

Dan Patrick touts Dewhurst's Pants on Fire

In a fresh video ad, Dan Patrick touts a Pants on Fire bestowed on a David Dewhurst claim.

Mr. ‘Goeb,’ meet Mr. Dewhurst

David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick blast away about a name change and campaign debts. The Truth-O-Meter engages.

Patrick, Castro spar over immigration in San Antonio

Dan Patrick and Julián Castro faced off over immigration, getting chances to improve their respective Truth-O-Meter records.

Checking the facts on claims about your rights

Fifty years ago, the Civil Rights Act. For four years, we've checked a few claims about your rights. We're also eager to hear of any claims at the LBJ Civil Rights Summit that might bear checking.

Michael McCaul correct on military not screening recruits for mental health

Michael McCaul said on Fox News Sunday the military doesn’t screen recruits for mental health. That holds up, PunditFact found.

Cruz versus Perry for president featured on a Google Hangout

PolitiFact welcomed us to its inaugural Google Hangout this week. We talked about the prospect of Ted Cruz and Rick Perry vying for president--and how you can win a PolitiFact Texas coaster.

Texas top 5: Government surveys and Obama drone strikes

Our fact checks of claims about the U.S. Census Bureau and President Barack Obama having a hand in assassinating citizens were readers’ favorite fact checks in March.

Texas Truth-O-Meter: Kesha Rogers is a Democrat

Kesha Rogers is not a Democrat, according to the chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. We concluded otherwise.

Texas margaritas, Capitol-style

A Republican primary was salted by a claim that Stefani Carter spent campaign money providing margaritas in the Texas Capitol.

Is Texas the most reliably Republican big state? You bet your Georgia peaches

Larry Sabato’s claim made us wonder if Texas is the most populous reliably Republican state. You can bet your Georgia peaches.

Austin population has doubled every 25 years or so since founding

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell is correct that Austin's population has doubled every 25 years or so since its founding.

Did Clint Eastwood sign anti-Obama chain email?

A reader wondered if Clint Eastwood wrote a recent anti-Obama chain email signed "Clint." We failed to reach Eastwood, but doubts have been aired.

Dewhurst, Cornyn among most-fact-checked Texans still in running for statewide office

We’ve checked more than 100 claims by the 20-plus Texans still in the running for statewide office with David Dewhurst proving--by far--the figure most familiar with the Texas Truth-O-Meter.

Cornyn cages Stockman, Democrats may need runoff to settle Senate nominee

Primary election returns aren't final, but John Cornyn crushed his proclaimed tea-party challenger while Democrats might face a May runoff to settle on Cornyn's November foe. We've piled up our latest fact checks of Cornyn and outright winners Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis. For the latest results, go to

Consult your Truth-O-Meter before voting in Texas party primaries

Texas voters choose major-party nominees on Tuesday, though May run-offs are possible if the lead candidate in each primary fails to draw more than half the vote. Warm up for voting by reviewing claims we checked during the election run-up--including a smoky statement about the planet’s warmth.

Calling all cars for Texas balanced budget boasts

No one balances a Texas state budget by his or her lonesome. But that doesn’t keep incumbents from suggesting as much. Now we seek your help in identifying such budget claims by candidates in the March primaries.

Greg Abbott (again) doubts Wendy Davis on gun rights

Greg Abbott, running for governor, told CNN this week that campaigning with provocative rocker Ted Nugent "was a way to expose Wendy Davis for her flip-flopping on gun-related issues." In November, before Davis announced her support for allowing licensed Texans to openly carry pistols on their hips, we took an in-depth look at her positions and votes on gun issues going back to her days on the Fort Worth City Council. Read on for more.

Your early vote can be of primary importance

If you wait to vote till November, you could miss your chance to affect some important Texas races. Early voting for the March 4 primaries runs Feb. 18-28. Take a trip with the Truth-O-Meter through the names of some candidates you might not see again after March 4.

Full flops for Dewhurst, Patrick on repealing a constitutional amendment

U.S. Senate hopefuls David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick flip-flopped on whether to change how senators are chosen. Yes, both said, then no.

In context: Greg Abbott on third-world corruption near the Texas-Mexico border

Greg Abbott has been accused of labeling the Texs-Mexico border region "third world." What exactly did he say?

Federal aid covers most costs of cameras near Texas-Mexico border

Texan Todd Staples made a claim about his agency funding cameras watching the Texas-Mexico border. Most of the program's funding originated with Uncle Sam.

Listen: Austin's KUT explores Wendy Davis claim

Austin's KUT, 90.5 FM, asked us to unpack our check of a Wendy Davis claim. Listen by clicking on the orange button to the right.

The details behind David Dewhurst's security detail

A foe said Dewhurst is the first lieutenant governor of Texas to have a security detail. That appears so.

Wendy Davis claim about child custody Mostly True

We read the divorce decree. We queried expert lawyers. We found a Wendy Davis claim Mostly True.

Listen: Did Americans lack health coverage 40 years ago?

We talked with KUT, 90.5 FM, about Louie Gohmert's claim about Americans lacking health coverage 40 years ago. Click the orange button to the right to listen.

Got any questions about the candidates’ answers?

The Republican candidates for lieutenant governor faced questions on border security, abortion, education and other key topics in Monday night’s debate hosted by KERA-TV, Channel 13 in Dallas. Read on for the facts on claims they’ve made before -- and tell us what piqued your interest.

Rick Perry leads top elected officials with 10 percent of claims rated Pants on Fire

Rick Perry carries the nation--in Pants on Fire ratings, that is, though it's not quite that simple.

Listen: KUT FM explores a claim about San Antonio water consumption

Austin's KUT, 90.5 FM, quizzed us about our check of a claim about water conservation in San Antonio. Listen!

Texas gaining more than 1,000 residents a day, but North Dakota growing faster

Texas continues to gain more than 1,000 people a day. But it’s not the fastest-growing state.

Sounding out our latest Wendy Davis fact check

Austin's KUT, 90.5 FM, quizzed us about our latest check of a claim by Wendy Davis--about payday lenders. Click to listen!

U.S. Census Bureau survey must be filled out by law, but...

"Your response is required by law," the U.S. Census Bureau says on mailings about the 2014 American Community Survey. That’s correct, except...

Eddie Lucio: 40 percent of McAllen constituents obese

How often does a lawmaker say too many constituents are too fat? Eddie Lucio dared.

Mailbag: ‘Quit being fanatic left-wing hacks’

We’re hacks twice over, according to reader blasts. It’s time to open our mailbag.

Chain emails claim this picture's 'worth $678 million'

Texas readers asked us about chain emails on the contract to build going to a company linked to a Princeton classmate of Michelle Obama. and have taken a hard look at several claims in such emails they received. Was CGI Federal given a no-bid contract to build

Presenting: The top 10 PolitiFact Texas fact checks of 2013

In 2013, readers flocked to our fact checks of chain emails, statements about abortion and our report card for Ted Cruz. Hope you’re ready for the PolitiFact Texas Top 10 of 2013.

Fact-checking immigration: PolitiFact's year-end report

In 2013, the U.S. Senate passed immigration reform, but it died in the House. Along the way, we rated plenty of claims on both sides.

Up and away with a faux fact check of Santa

We’re not bringing the Truth-O-Meter to Santa Claus. But a writer did.

Abbott defended education cuts in keeping with job duties

Davis says Abbott fought school districts in court and defended billions of dollars in education cuts. Yes, but…

Sam Houston says he's practiced law far longer than Greg Abbott did before becoming attorney general

Attorney general aspirant Sam Houston says he’d have far more experience practicing law on taking office than incumbent Greg Abbott had when he took the job.

PolitiFact lie of the year probed on CNN

PolitiFact honcho Angie Drobnic Holan spoke with Jake Tapper of CNN about why Barack Obama's claim proved to be PolitiFact's Lie of the Year.

Cornyn, Davis tops among fact-checked statewide candidates

We’ve identified two Texas leaders--Cornyn and Davis. But we're not forecasting election results.  

Gun homicides down after - not due to - 1996 Texas law

Running for lieutenant governor, Jerry Patterson claims that not only did predictions of "blood in the streets" fail to come true after a 1996 law let eligible Texans get licenses to carry concealed handguns, but firearms homicides fell 40 percent.

Cruz, Obama vying with others for Lie of the Year

PolitiFact in Washington, D.C., is primed to name its lie of the year, which may have been uttered by Ted Cruz or Barack Obama. And don't forget the Readers' Choice award.

November's greatest hits: Checks about Obamacare, Texas voter ID laws

Our checks of claims tied to the Obamacare law and the Texas voter ID mandate were reader favorites in November. Gubernatorial hopefuls Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis drew attention, too, while Ted Cruz’s Truth-O-Meter report card remained of interest.

Where you from? In Austin, there’s a one in five chance it’s overseas

The City of Austin knows a bit about where residents were born.

Leticia Van de Putte and the Texas Truth-O-Meter

Leticia Van de Putte hasn’t run statewide before. But she has a PolitiFact report card.

Absolute statements and the Texas Truth-O-Meter

A Greg Abbott claim about the voter ID law causing "no problems whatsoever" reminded us that absolute statements often stir the Truth-O-Meter.

When online satire gets presented as the facts

Like the old game of telephone, satire is being transformed into "truth" by social media.

South Texan is second Latina to run for governor

Miriam Martinez ballyhooed herself as the first Latina to run for governor. False, it turns out. Even before the Truth-O-Meter twitched, Martinez revised her campaign website.

Sooey! Obama urges Texas to mimic Arkansas

Obama, speaking in Dallas, said a million Texans "could get health insurance right away" if the state expanded Medicaid via Obamacare. Arkansas, he said, "reduced its number of uninsured by 14 percent -- already, just in the first month -- by signing people up for expanded Medicaid." See how we rate his Texas claim and a version of his Arkansas claim that we'd already checked.

Smoking out voting claims

A Democratic group's claim about the Texas voter ID law proved combustible. We've also checked other voting claims.

Oops: 'If you like your health insurance, you can keep it'

Obama’s old comments come back to haunt him as the health care law enters a critical point of implementation. We review our key fact-checks on the issue.

Judging Wendy Davis

We saw flaws in two recent claims critical of Davis--one about abortion, the other about taxes.

Ted Cruz stirs Truth-O-Meter

Obamacare-battling Ted Cruz, of late the most prominent Texan in Congress, had some recent claims come out on the not-so-fast end of the Truth-O-Meter.

UPDATED: Government shutdown shuttered House’s “official” laundry

Roger Williams alerted us to a shuttered congressional laundry. But it's reopened.

Ten questions about the debt ceiling

Confused about what the debt ceiling is? As the government hurtles toward a possible default, here is an FAQ by PolitiFact's national staff about the debt ceiling and why it's important to every American.

Live chat on Obama and doctored photos

Highlights of our first online live chat: Multiple mentions of Obama and a chance to recap a doctored photo.

Republican brawl for lite guv keeping Truth-O-Meter busy

The Texas race for lieutenant governor won’t top the 2014 ballot. But might it prove No. 1 with curious claims to check?

Anita Perry echoes abortion claim by Carly Fiorina

Perry, like Fiorina, understates the countries that permit abortions after 20 weeks of gestation.

Wendy Davis v. the Truth-O-Meter

Wendy Davis declared today that she's running for governor, first by email. She’s already got a Truth-O-Meter report card.

Obamacare myths and a Texas judge's 'trash it' letter

PolitiFact recently compiled the top 16 fact-checked myths of the Obamacare law. Then a reader reminded us of a ridiculous letter signed by a Texas judge.

Tape recorder? Check. Texas Trib fest? There.

We’ll listen for curious claims during the Texas Tribune Festival taking place at the University of Texas--and we’ll have help.

Is Wendy Davis fairest of them all in Texas?

The single public poll run since Davis filibustered the Texas anti-abortion legislation delivered a mixed message about her popularity.

Perry, O'Malley spar over whose economy rocks more

The governors of Texas and Maryland traded factual claims on CNN’s Crossfire.

Checking Chris Christie = Rick Perry and Texas unemployment

A New Jersey Democratic proclaims Christie and Perry to be similar in bad ways. And did Texas unemployment surge more than two percentage points during Perry’s governorship?

It's iffy that 500 Republicans daily move to Texas

A Republican leader said 500 Republicans a day move to Texas. His reasoning starts from confidential voter lists.

State comptroller of Texas has never been a CPA

A candidate who is a CPA says the Texas state comptroller has never been one. Well, yeah.

Cruz paperwork claim about Obamacare draws on flawed research, assumptions

Ted Cruz made a vivid paperwork claim. It had holes.

UN treaty doesn’t mandate international gun registry

Steve Stockman warned that a treaty mandates an international gun registry. That’s not so.

“Sergeant, you don’t know me, but…”

A recorded call lands Dewhurst on the Truth-O-Meter.

Is Ted Cruz, born in Canada, eligible to run for president?

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz might be eligible to run for Canada’s Parliament, according to the Dallas Morning News. But even releasing his birth certificate hasn’t settled whether Cruz can run for U.S. president. PolitiFact takes a fresh look at the question.

Checking on a rodeo clown and Obama--in Texas

A congressman has invited a Missouri rodeo clown--freshly famous for lampooning Obama--to Texas. Heck, we’ve already had a rodeo clown moment.

Again, where was Obama born?

Blake Farenthold muses on impeachment and why that's unlikely to be considered in connection with where Barack Obama was born.

Obamacare law doesn’t target most federal workers

A Texan’s claim left the misimpression the Obamacare law applies to federal workers, including IRS workers responsible for enforcing provisions.

Austin classrooms juiced

A declared 2014 Texas House hopeful said some Austin classrooms lack electricity. Pants on Fire!

Is the health care law hurting the economy?

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has been making claims that Obamacare is a law that hurts the economy. But much of the evidence suggests another law deserves blame.

Prayer not restricted at Houston National Cemetery

Conservative group ForAmerica created a catchy graphic that's been shared more than 18,000 times on Facebook. The only problem is it's False: The Houston National Cemetery is not restricting Christian prayers. However, similar allegations gained legal traction in 2011.  

Democratic claim about Greg Abbott misses on misspending

A pro-Democratic group said Abbott misspent more than $1 million in grant aid. That's a Truth-O-Meter False.

Senator: Texas workers can be fired for being gay

Leticia Van de Putte said Texans can be fired, or denied jobs, for being gay. That’s not universally so.

As Holder targets Texas law, a look at our voter ID checks

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday in Philadelphia that he will ask a federal court to step in and examine Texas’ voter identification law before it’s put into place in November. Our related fact-checks include Holder's claim that 25 percent of African Americans don’t have a government-issued voter ID, Greg Abbott saying 200 dead people voted in Texas’ May 2012 primaries and how Texas came under the Voting Rights Act in 1975, not 1965.

Gas prices up under Obama, but had just taken epic fall

"It doesn’t take an economist to figure out how a gallon of gasoline has increased by $1.62 in four years," said U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin, in a recent newsletter to constituents. President Barack Obama's policies are holding domestic energy back, he said. But experts said the main reason was the huge drop in gas prices right before Obama's inauguration, as the global economy went into crisis triggered by the United States' "Lehman moment," when a mega-investment bank's bankruptcy and the government's refusal to bail it out sent markets reeling.

Austin biggest U.S. city with no ‘anchor’ in Congress

Six congressional districts reach into Austin under the interim plan imposed by federal judges. But Austin voters don't make up the majority in any of them. We determined that State Rep. Elliott Naishtat was correct when he recently said that Austin's the largest U.S. city with no "anchor" district.

Texas’ attorney general v. the Truth-O-Meter

State Attorney General Greg Abbott announced his bid for governor Sunday in San Antonio, and many observers already expect him to win, with at least $18 million on hand and conservative credentials that include suing the Obama administration 25 times -- the latter a claim PolitiFact rated True. See how we’ve rated Abbott on issues from greenhouse gases to voter ID.

Texas abortions down, no longer 80,000 a year

In 2011, we agreed 80,000 abortions annually occur in Texas. Now that figure is too high.

Austin's Fox 7 reviews popularity of abortion measure

Austin's Fox 7 News quizzed us about our check of a claim that the abortion measure before Texas lawmakers has the backing of most Texans--which we rated Mostly False.

Fact-checking Rick Perry, who declares he won't run for governor in 2014

Rick Perry's promised  "exciting" plan? He's not seeking another term as governor at the least. See updates at For our part, we are posting the Truth-O-Meter report card for the longest-serving governor in Texas history--and True-to-Pants on Fire report cards for various officeholders surely hankering to move up once Perry moves on.

Price check: Texas special session versus condoms, birth control pills or sexual health educators

For the price of a special legislative session, Texas could pay for many condoms or birth control pills or even sexual health educators, according to a sign we spotted. Let's shop.

Perry: Wendy Davis born to unwed mother, later gave birth out of wedlock

Rick Perry described Wendy Davis today as born to an unwed mother and having given birth out of wedlock. News to us.

Rick Perry's 'Half True' description of Wendy Davis

Time ran out on legislation pitched as improving abortion regulation in Texas. But Gov. Rick Perry called another special session, starting Monday. We spent the filibuster week on a quartet of related fact checks, including whether Perry accurately described Sen. Wendy Davis' childhood and early adulthood.

Laubenberg says her "rape kit" claim may have come out muddled

With the fate of legislation limiting abortions in Texas in question, a legislator who likened rape kits and a surgical procedure advised us that she knows that's not correct and did not intend to say as much.

UPDATED: Truth-O-Meter and abortion claims

The wee-hours debate in Texas over changes in law related to abortion generated one claim we found smoky. Meantime, we're sharing past fact checks regarding abortion.

McCaul: Obama plan entails release of hundreds of “dangerous criminals”

Michael McCaul warned. We checked.

Rolling Stones claim starts up Texas Truth-O-Meter

Did $25,000 flow to the burg of Rollingwood for the inconvenience of a nearby Rolling Stones concert? Like sugar.

Mailbag: ‘Your journalism professors would be so proud of you’

Readers blast. We share. It’s mailbag time.  

Were two-thirds of groups targeted by IRS not conservative?

After the IRS’s admission that it improperly targeted conservative groups, Progress Texas said two thirds of the scrutinized groups were not conservatives. That's unknown and unlikely, we concluded, making for smoke.

Rick Perry pitch touches on fact-checked claims

Perry’s fresh pitch-and-woo for businesses to move to Texas touches on established claims about jobs and people heading our way. The Truth-O-Meter rated the claims Mostly True to False.

Legislated spending of up to $4 billion not expected to halve Texas rainy day fund

A small-government advocate says Texas legislators agreed to cut the state’s rainy day fund by half. That’s incorrect.

If you vote in Austin primaries, you probably request a Democratic ballot

A Republican analyst's tweet led us to learn that 7 in 10 Austin voters in party primaries exclusively fill out the Democratic Party's ballot.

Rick Perry’s count of $10,000 college degrees

Rick Perry touted 13 Texas institutions offering $10,000 college degrees. We wondered.

El Paso "safest" large city in US? Hold fire

El Paso's county judge said the city is the safest burg of its size in the country. That sounded familiar--and flawed.

Susan Combs knows the Truth-O-Meter

Susan Combs knows the Truth-O-Meter. That’s not so for all the prospective contenders to succeed her.

PolitiFact Texas marks two years on Austin's KUT FM

Once a week for two years, Austin's KUT News has talked through one of our fact checks. Cake time? Kind of.

Bill Hammond says only 25 percent of Texas high school graduates are college ready

A leading business advocate said only one in four Texas high school graduates is college ready. Really?

Rick Perry, Sam Houston, slavery--and the Boy Scouts

Rick Perry, exhorting the Boy Scouts to continue excluding gays, analogized to Sam Houston and slavery on the eve of the Civil War. We wondered about that.

Mayor warns of 1 million people “coming to town”

Lee Leffingwell said 1 million additional people are "coming to town." We took that to mean Austin.

UPDATED: Grading Texas claims by, and about, Barack Obama

The president’s one-day swing to the Austin area gave rise to fact checks of, and about, him.

Mailbag: PolitiFact Texas's pants are on fire

We blew it, readers say, in rating Pants on Fire a claim about science and greenhouse gas emissions.

Is Ted Cruz constitutionally eligible to be president?

Rising Republican star Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, is being looked at as a potential presidential contender. But some question whether Cruz, who was born in Canada, could become the chief executive because of the Constitution’s requirement that the president be a "natural born citizen." PolitiFact Ohio dug in.

Obama, Perry, Hinojosa and jobs, jobs, jobs

Barack Obama came and went. Rick Perry and a leader of Texas Democrats took the occasion to loft jobs-related claims--now fact-checked.

Top 10 PolitiFact checks of claims by, and about, Barack Obama as he hies to Texas

What better way to welcome Obama to Central Texas than walking through the most popular PolitiFact fact checks of, or about, him this year--plus they include a 2012 check of Romney.

Mailbag: PolitiFact Texas proves facts ‘are irrelevant to what you do’

A Texas congressman is silly, one reader writes. PolitiFact Texas writes as if facts are irrelevant, another says. Let’s open the mailbag.

Is a new study of Medicaid a game changer?

A few weeks ago, we rated a claim by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, that "expanding Medicaid will worsen health care options for the most vulnerable among us in Texas." Then, this week, a landmark study was published that addresses some of the same questions. Would it have changed our False rating for Cruz? We take a fresh look.

Cartoonist incorrect about last state inspection of Texas plant

A California editorial cartoonist said the state of Texas last inspected the plant in West in 2006. That’s not so.  

More voters turned out for Austin election of '73 than for latest election with mayor's race?

Bee Moorhead tweeted about Austin's local voter turnout being worse of late than in, say, 1973. Get out!

Most Texas government workers got no pay raise from 2009 to 2012

An employees group says most state workers got no raises from 2009 to 2012. That checked out.

Hammond: Businesses pay 60 percent of taxes in Texas

Bill Hammond, who helms the Texas Association of Business, spoke up for business tax cuts by saying businesses pay 60 percent of taxes in the state. Really?

Perry says Obama yet to respond to 2010 letter on border security

In a CNN interview, Perry said Obama has yet to respond to the 2010 letter on border security he tried to hand the president on the tarmac of a Texas airport. We see smoke.

Al Qaeda camps with Mexican cartels? That's speculation, not fact

Louie Gohmert said on C-SPAN that al Qaeda has camps south of the Rio Grande. That's speculative, we find.

Dewhurst: 45 days "lost" to state testing

David Dewhurst says Texas school systems lose 45 days to state-imposed tests. We did not find a firm factual basis for his figure.

Texas supports a show glorifying cheaters?

You never know what you’ll hear on the Texas House floor. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when a legislator said government props up a show glorifying cheating spouses.

Further checking Ted Cruz on Medicaid expansion

PolitiFact in Washington took a longer look at a Ted Cruz claim about Medicaid expansion--and stuck with its original False rating.

Perry quotes Obama saying Medicaid ‘broken’

Rick Perry says Barack Obama called Medicaid "broken." That’s Mostly True.

Leffingwell says NRA members support background checks of all gun purchasers

Austin’s hizzoner gets the polls right on Americans, including NRA members, widely supporting background checks before all gun purchases.

Checking Texas shelters that euthanize dogs and cats with carbon monoxide

Kirk Watson said 29 Texas animal shelters use carbon monoxide to euthanize dogs and cats. That seems about right, though we also spoke with an official who said a rifle is locally preferred.

Perry, Cornyn, Cruz and Medicaid doctors in Texas

Perry, Cornyn and Cruz stood behind a claim that only 30 percent of Texas physicians accept new Medicaid patients. Survey says otherwise.

Ted Cruz claim about Democrats and Catholic church unsupported

Democrats told the Catholic Church that they’ll use federal powers to shut down church charities and hospitals if the church doesn’t change its beliefs. So said Ted Cruz. Pants!

Running the numbers on Latino voting in Texas

We checked a nationally cablecasted claim about Latino voting in Texas.

Encouraged by readers, we're checking just the facts in Texas

We welcomed a long-look chance to describe our mission in the Austin American-Statesman.

UPDATED: John Cornyn's rancher tweet among many claims about border conditions

John Cornyn’s disputed claim about hundreds of people nightly crossing a Texas ranch hasn't been confirmed. Other border claims have.

Mailbag: “Thanks again for showing your true colors”

We’re showing our colors, readers say, which is bad.

David Dewhurst’s Phoenix kidnapping claim reborn

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst of Texas may have been the first political leader to say Phoenix is a world kidnapping capital. Will NRA leader Wayne LaPierre be the last to loft this unsupported claim?  

Texas judge read PolitiFact before finding school finance system unconstitutional

A news bulletin said PolitiFact influenced a judge’s decision that the Texas school funding system is again unconstitutional. Aw shucks. Really?

UPDATED: California pokes at Texas mostly hold up

A Sacramento Bee editorial leveled several criticisms of Texas. We rated most of them True or Mostly True.

Gun-crime claims abound, but which are on target?

Claims about gun crime and gun control are thick in the air, and we’ve recently tackled some from prominent Texas politicians. Do stricter gun laws coincide with higher crime? Are hammers and clubs used to kill more people than rifles? Read on.

A's the most common college grade?

An Austin opinion column led us to consider the prevalence of college A's.  

Rick Perry fulfills, achieves compromises on 54 percent of his campaign promises

The Texas governor has fulfilled, or compromised on, more than half the promises he made winning re-election.

Doggett v. Cornyn

Lloyd Doggett drew a Half True bead on John Cornyn’s mention of partly shutting down the government.  

Austin mayor's watery claim

Lee Leffingwell’s claim about water quality proved iffy.  

MLK, Romney and the GOP

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has been central to two fact checks.  

Perry’s “phenomenal” False

Rick Perry proclaimed a "phenomenal" increase in school funding. It shakes out as a decrease.  

PolitiFact Texas turns 3

The Austin American-Statesman's Texas-centric venture in fact-checking political figures just turned three.

OMG! Welfare Death Spiral?! Read before you FWD or RT

A map making the rounds claims that "11 States now have More People on Welfare than they do Employed." We smelled smoke.

A $300 million fact check

As lawmakers convened, a state board authorized the release of millions of dollars for public schools--reminding us of a pair of relevant fact checks.

Susan Combs on the Truth-O-Meter

The state comptroller has a Truth-O-Meter report card featuring two Flip-O-Meter checks.  

Smoking out Rick Perry, David Dewhurst and Joe Straus

More than 100 times, claims by Rick Perry and two fellow leaders have met the Truth-O-Meter, sometimes to smoky results.

Did Washington say firearms ensured freedom from government tyranny?

Texas’ U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (in the news of late for his vote against re-electing House Speaker John Boehner), recently said on "Fox News Sunday" that Americans should be able to own military-style weapons "for the reason George Washington said a free people should be an armed people. It ensures against the tyranny of the government." That wasn’t quite what the father of our country meant, we learned.

Sizing up the Texas economy

How huge is the Texas economy? We checked a couple big ol' claims.

Craig James touched off readers' favorite PolitiFact Texas check of 2012

On the hustings, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Craig James drew a standing ovation with a speech witnessed by a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman. James included a fiery claim about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and banning U.S. firearms, ultimately touching off the No. 1 PolitiFact Texas fact check of 2012. We do mean fiery.

Julián Castro critique of Romney's advice sparked No. 2 readers' favorite

When a Texan gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, the Texas Truth-O-Meter kicked into gear. The resulting check of a claim about Mitt Romney proved to be our readers No. 2 favorite of the year.

Lawrence O'Donnell claim about GI Bill/welfare fueled No. 3 fact check of 2012

A promotional spot for Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC program stirred our interest after O'Donnell said critics likened the original GI Bill to welfare. Our plunge into post-war history led to a fact check that ranked high among the year's reader favorites.

Paul Sadler's claim about debt under Bush led to readers' No. 4 favorite

In a July 2012 debate, Democratic U.S. Senate aspirant Paul Sadler bemoaned the federal debt, going so far as to invoke the latest Texan to serve as president. Our check of his claim placed No. 4 among reader favorites for the year.

Hank Williams Jr. saying Obama a Muslim prompted No. 5 favorite fact check

Hank, why do you drink? Hank, why do you roll smoke? Oops. We got distracted from our readers' No. 5 favorite fact check of 2012.

Ron Paul's "zero" tax claim fueled No. 6 reader favorite fact check of 2012

Ron Paul's zinger about setting the income-tax rate at zero for everyone touched off the Truth-O-Meter. Our review put him in our readers' favorite articles of 2012 for the third time.

UPDATED: Ron Paul claim about popularity of gold standard No. 7 reader favorite

Ron Paul's flawed claim about a poll and the gold standard landed him in our top 10 reader favorite fact-checks of 2012 for a second time.

Michael Williams claim about Obama and gas prices No. 8 reader favorite

A one-time U.S. Senate hopeful who lost his 2012 U.S. House bid before ending up in state office accounts for our readers' No. 8 favorite fact-check of 2012. And Michael Williams aired his remark in 2011.

Loaded chain email No. 9 reader favorite of 2012

Beware chain emails? Seems wise. Readers flocked to our check of a chain email about a federal agency loading up on ammunition.

Ron Paul's flawed count No. 10 among reader favorites

The Texan who stuck around in the 2012 presidential race made the most statements viewed most often by our readers through the year. Perhaps surprisingly, no fact-checks of the Texan who left the race early made it to our readers’ top 10. Today through New Year’s Eve, we’re rolling out the favorites.

Texas testing 1, 2, 3

We look again at the frequency of student testing--this time in Massachusetts and Finland.

Jeepers, Mitt Romney Wins for PolitiFact Lie of The Year

Mitt Romney’s campaign falsehood about Jeep moving production to China is PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year. There's also a minute-by-minute recap of how the mistruth popped and stuck around.

Obama in Texans' sights

Texans are keeping Barack Obama in their sights. We've got proof.

Ten claims nominated for PolitiFact "Lie of the Year"

What’s the PolitiFact Lie of the Year? You can vote on that.

Help PolitiFact in Washington pick its Lie of the Year

It's time to choose the Lie of the Year--and PolitiFact in Washington seeks your help.

Chairman McCaul's 2011 baby doll claim

Michael McCaul has a short PolitiFact report card, including a baby doll claim.

Rick Perry's promises, metered

We’re getting closer to rating the fulfillment, or not, of all of Rick Perry’s 2010 campaign promises.

PolitiFact's Thanksgiving guide

Find yourself sitting beside a relative who has sent you lots of chain emails? Here's PolitiFact's annual guide on what to say. Stash it under the green bean casserole (or JELL-O) until you need it.

Secession and the Truth-O-Meter

Texas can’t secede, we’ve noted. That hasn’t kept residents from signing a petition.

The value of fact-checking in the 2012 campaign

Critics harrumph that fact-checking doesn't work because politicians keep lying. But politicians aren't our audience. Voters are.

Report cards for Ted Cruz, Tammy Baldwin, Tim Kaine

Sen.-elect Ted Cruz of Texas already has a Truth-O-Meter report card. So do Sens.-elect Tammy Baldwin, the Wisconsin Democrat who defeated a former governor to win a Senate seat, and Tim Kaine, the Virginia Democrat who bested a fellow former governor.

Fact-checking the whoppin’ Texas ballot

What a Texas ballot! And just in time for Election Day, we’re piling up our related fact checks.

Medicare cuts, a talking point that sticks around

If you've followed the campaign, you've heard a version of it: To pay for Obamacare, President Barack Obama would harm seniors by cutting $716 billion from Medicare.     What started with obscure congressional debate and a few media mentions has now been repeated by dozens — maybe hundreds — of politicians.

Biggest falsehoods of the presidential campaign

PolitiFact in Washington has identified some whoppers.  

Mostly True claims on taxes and Austin City Council history

Ballot propositions related to health care in Travis County and how Austin governs itself touched off fact checks.

Romney, Obama, foreign policy debate

Truth-O-Meter plugged in? Check. PolitiFact is fact-checking the third Romney-Obama debate in Florida.

Final debate between Cruz, Sadler goes smoother

Though the talk didn't get as heated as the U.S. Senate hopefuls’ last matchup, Ted Cruz and Paul Sadler found plenty to disagree about Oct. 19, 2012.

Sadler, Cruz saddle up for second debate

Paul Sadler and Ted Cruz debate on a football Friday night. We’ll listen, tweet and seek your advice on fresh claims to check.

Obama’s flawed claim about Romney and Arizona’s immigration law

What twice we rated False in Texas remained so when Barack Obama said it (again) in New York.

Romney, Obama and fact-checking the town-hall debate

Colleagues deliver a breaking story on who got the facts straight in the Hofstra University presidential debate.

Fact-checking taxes in the presidential race

What are the facts when it comes Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's tax policies?

Texas-OU and gambling across state lines

A group that hopes for casino gaming across Texas airs familiar figures about Texans gambling in neighboring states. Maybe it's a novel way of saying hook 'em...

Fact-checking the vice presidential debate

PolitiFact researchers in Washington, Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin leaped to noting the factual claims by Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Some early returns are in.

Bill Powers says UT places second only to Berkeley nationally in PhDs awarded each year

Bill Powers boasted about UT’s ranking in PhDs bestowed. His claim was on point for a recent year, but...

To suggest a fact-check, tweet with #PolitiFactThis

Want to nudge PolitiFact fast? Try this hashtag on Twitter: #PolitiFactThis.  

Flames and a Texas income tax

Ted Cruz whiffed on an income-tax claim earlier this year. He connected regarding Paul Sadler.

Ted Cruz, Paul Sadler, the Texas Truth-O-Meter

Ted Cruz and Paul Sadler, who rumbled in a Dallas debate, already had Truth-O-Meter report cards.

Tan Parker: Texas Democrats have lost longer for statewide office than Republicans anywhere

After we checked a claim about Texas Democrats leading Democrats elsewhere in years shut out of statewide office, Tan Parker nudged that the state’s Democrats also have been shut out longer than Republicans anywhere. Zing!

Event to kill 80 to 90 million people, John Sharp says

John Sharp said that according to scientists, a future event will take the lives of 80 to 90 million people. Really?  

Texas Democrats shut out of statewide office longer than Democrats in other states

Joaquin Castro says Texas Democrats lead the nation in a losing-streak way.

Paul Ryan returning to Texas

Paul Ryan stumps in Houston this week. He’s met the Truth-O-Meter already.

PolitiFact Texas at the Texas Tribune Festival

We listened to speakers at the second annual Texas Tribune Festival. Hear anything we should check?  

Gary Johnson says he'll be on every ballot

The Libertarian presidential nominee said he’ll far outpace other third-party hopefuls by making every state's ballot. We find that's unsettled.

UPDATED: Who pays taxes? Roberton Williams knows

Flipping channels, we came across a familiar expert speaking to how many Americans pay federal income taxes. Thing is, Roberton Williams has figured into numerous PolitiFact fact checks.

A record Texas revenue surplus?

A close observer speculates about Texas government likely having a record revenue surplus -- reminding us of our state budget  fact checks.

Jerry Patterson: ‘We’re producing oil and gas, and the turtles are fine’

Texas' land commissioner says he was sued over drilling for oil on the Gulf Coast and protecting turtles, but won. And, he says, the turtles are fine.

Julián Castro echoes Clinton

Castro tracks Clinton about job gains on Obama's watch.  

Readers sound off on time taken for mandated tests

Several readers looked askance at our fact-check on how many days Texas schools spend in mandated testing.

Sixteen Democratic convention fact checks (and counting)

By the time Barack Obama completed his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, PolitiFact researchers had completed 16 fact checks of Democratic speakers.

Julián Castro and Mitt Romney's advice to borrow from your parents

Julián Castro's keynote included what turned out to be a laugh line -- his claim that Mitt Romney advised college students to start a business by borrowing from their parents, if need be. Did Castro recap correctly?

Julián Castro and San Antonio's economy

Julián Castro, keynoter at the Democratic National Convention, aired a familiar claim about San Antonio's economy.

Julián Castro’s national moment

Four years ago, he bounced around Denver in relative obscurity. Tonight he’s got the coast-to-coast speaking slot that helped elevate a who’s-he state senator named Obama in 2004.

Break the email chain of fools

Like bacteria, chain emails can lie dormant for years, then pop up to spread again. Texas readers have alerted us to some circulating now, addressing tax on home sales, Medicare payments and an "unprecedented" Obama executive order. Inoculate yourself!

Mitt Romney's big night, plus a Texas teacher

On the last night of the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney accepted the party's presidential nomination -- and a Texas educator saluted specialized academies.

Checking Paul Ryan and more at the Republican National Convention

We're fact-checking the second full night of speeches at the Republican National Convention.

In Tampa, Ted Cruz joins in as claims are launched

The Republican National Convention launched into full swing Tuesday. To start off, PolitiFact fact-checked some claims by and about former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida. We edged in with a check of Ted Cruz's comparison of national debt to the Gross Domestic Product.

Ron Paul's convention

Who needs a convention? Ron Paul did fine without, touching off waves of we're-with-ya chants in his Sunday speech to supporters -- also touching on two claims we’ve previously checked.

John Carter's claim about board intruding between doctors and patients

Texas U.S. Rep. John Carter lofted a flawed claim about a federal board intruding between you and your doctor.  

Austin volunteer’s research holds up

When we inquired, a volunteer researcher redid his earlier look at whether Austin is the largest U.S. city that elects no City Council members from geographic districts. His work held up.

Paul Begala says his Romney claim ties to New York Times’ blog post

After we published our check of a Paul Begala claim about Mitt Romney, Begala told us he had leaned on a New York Times news blog post. Our Mostly False rating stands.  

Testing Ryan and the Texas GOP

Mitt Romney’s VP pick, Congressman Paul Ryan, gave the keynote speech at Texas’ Republican convention in June. We’ve checked two statements from the speech, and our newest fact-check concerns a "critical thinking" plank in the Texas GOP platform adopted at the convention.

Tracking federal debt change, Truman into Obama

Our check of a claim about increases in the federal debt under George W. Bush led us to a breakdown covering every president from Harry S Truman into Barack Obama's tenure.

Palin talks food stamps

Palin’s Texas visit boosting Cruz gave us a new claim for the Truth-O-Meter: Is one in seven U.S. families on food stamps?

Cruz, Sadler, the Truth-O-Meter

Cruz and Sadler, November foes, have each met the Texas Truth-O-Meter.

Texas fact checks to take to the polls

Heading into the Texas primary runoffs, we’ve stacked up about a dozen related fact-checks. Meantime, a Sarah Palin check is in the works.

Checking facts before the Texas primary runoffs

The word "criminal" has popped up in recent, checked candidate or campaign group statements. And for fiscal wonks, there’s a whopping Truth-O-Metered sales tax claim. We invite you to read our latest items before the Texas primary runoffs.

Checking claims about “cocaine constable” and his “incarcerated” challenger

A Travis County runoff features competing the-other-guy-was-a-crook claims.  

Public debt changes, president by president

A Democrat's claim about debt under George W. Bush led us to learning how much the public debt changed under every past president, starting with Truman.

Calling Dewhurst a moderate

A group that favors Cruz says the major Texas newspapers call Dewhurst a moderate. That's Mostly False.

Dewhurst and Cruz tread familiar claims in U.S. Senate debate

In Dallas, Republicans Cruz and Dewhurst duked it out in advance of their July 31 Republican primary runoff election. We tracked some tough, familiar claims. Did you hear a fresh, untested sally?

Obama’s record on the Truth-O-Meter

President Obama, stopping in Austin, naturally figures into many fact checks.  

Roger Williams and pancakes for yuppies in Washington

Williams cries foul about federal aid launching a Washington pancake house. We sniff the syrup.

Fresh (re-baked) blasts from Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst

Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst hatch competing ads about a payroll tax and being a businessman, respectively. We’ve probed both topics.

Spotlighting claims by Julián Castro, David Dewhurst and Wendy Davis

Our latest checks of leading Texas Democrats and a Republican spotlight inaccurate -- or, at least, incomplete -- accounts of what happened when state lawmakers gathered in 2011.

Supreme Court upholds argument that "penalty" is a tax

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the health-care law in part by embracing a familiar argument -- that the law's penalty for not obtaining health coverage fits with the power of Congress to levy taxes.

Dewhurst revisits “apples to carburetors”

Dewhurst, comparing Border Patrol agents and New York cops, reminds us of a previous time he did so -- which one observer likened to comparing apples and carburetors.

Truth-stretching about Arizona immigration law

We've checked many claims about SB 1070, the Arizona immigration law, and often found the claims were a stretch.

No rating reached on claim about Adan Ballesteros and "cocaine blood money"

An Austin political action committee says Adan Ballesteros, seeking re-election as a constable, accepted "cocaine blood money." We decided this claim cannot be rated.

The real thing on Paul Ryan, Texas and a Coca-Cola study

It sounded so good: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan telling Texas Republicans a Coca-Cola study showed Texans love Texas more than residents of any other state love their own state. But...

Romney, Obama and NALEO

Romney and Obama speaking to a national Latino group reminds us Texas Democrats say elected Latino Democrats vastly outnumber elected Latino Republicans in Texas.

Dewhurst, Cruz, Cornyn, the Sequel

As noted by the Houston Chronicle, Dewhurst is trying to remind Republicans that Cruz did not endorse Cornyn for a leadership role. We earlier checked a related jab.  

Obama’s move on immigration and amnesty

The Obama administration’s move on immigration reminded us we’ve looked into how to define amnesty.

Mailbag: ‘Dear Comrade... You performed exactly as we instructed’

Readers objected to our finding no basis to a description of Barack Obama as a socialist.

Cornyn says investigator earlier pitched in for Obama's election, vetting vice presidential prospects

John Cornyn called for Eric Holder to go, also questioning another government lawyer's independence.

Grady Yarbrough, Democrat, ran twice statewide as Republican

Paul Sadler says his Democratic U.S. Senate opponent ran twice for statewide office as a Republican. Indeed.

Perry, Dewhurst and Barack Obama on the links

Rick Perry echoes a Dewhurst claim about Obama's golf outings.

Paul Krugman, Texas and Truth-O-Meter

Paul Krugman, in Austin to keynote an awards ceremony, is a Nobel-winning economist and columnist. He also has a mixed record, leaning to True, on the Truth-O-Meter.

Romney, in Texas, and Obama job records

As presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney swung through Texas, PoiltiFact looked into claims by Romney and Barack Obama about creating jobs.

Flaming claims by David Dewhurst, a political group and Craig James

We’ve rated three recent ridiculous claims as Pants on Fire. One was made by a political group, the others by David Dewhurst and Craig James.

Gauging Republican beliefs about Obama

Our look at a Texas Democrat’s claim about Republicans and Barack Obama led a reader to point out a poll we’d overlooked.

Texas runoffs mean two more months of fact-checks

The top two vote-getters in the Republican U.S. Senate primary — David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz — are headed to a July 31 runoff. And theirs is not the only unsettled contest. That means about 60 additional days for the Truth-O-Meter to weigh candidate claims.

Texas runoffs mean two more months of fact checks

The Associated Press forecasts a Republican runoff in Texas for that party's U.S. Senate nomination. That means about 60 additional days for the Truth-O-Meter to weigh candidate claims. Runoffs occur July 31.

PolitiFact checked more than 30 candidate claims before Texas party primaries

We poked into more than 30 claims by, or about, candidates on the Texas party primary ballots, extending from remarks by U.S. Senate candidates through those by hopefuls for Travis County and Williamson County posts. Reminders dead ahead.

A fresh untruth about tuition for undocumented students

We've posted our review of a fresh claim that a Republican legislator gave in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. Our look at this claim -- which caught fire -- reminded us we'd previously explored misconceptions about the Texas tuition law.

Austin’s KUT and PolitiFact Texas share one-year anniversary

With a gooshy cupcake, PolitiFact Texas and Austin’s KUT, 90.5 FM, marked the anniversary of weekly radio segments exploring Texas Truth-O-Meter items.  

Craig James, fellow Republicans in U.S. Senate race deplore Obama's leadership

Republicans seeking a Texas U.S. Senate seat have questioned Obama's leadership -- with Craig James recently saying the president seeks to ban U.S. firearms. That claim is smoky.

Ron Paul stops spending; we'll keep checking

Texan Ron Paul is cutting off spending on his presidential campaign. The Truth-O-Meter carries on.

Leffingwell and fellow Austin City Council incumbents victorious

Lee Leffingwell and three fellow Austin City Council members won re-election Saturday. We earlier checked some of what was said leading up to the vote.

Checking Austin taxes, affordability and a claim about a Rick Perry Republican lobbyist

Wondering if candidates for the Austin City Council are accurate about local affordability or taxes or their opponent's fealty to Rick Perry? We've checked several Austin-centric claims in advance of Saturday's city elections.

Mailbag: ‘It is all junk!’

Our check of a claim about testing dates in Austin’s schools drew some emails. Let’s open the mailbag.

Planned Parenthood versus the State of Texas

As the dispute over whether the state can exclude Planned Parenthood health centers from the Women’s Health Program plays out in court, we look back at two fact-checks of statements about Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the program.

Ron Paul's 40,000 new laws

Ron Paul said at Texas stops that 40,000 new laws landed on the books at the start of 2012. Not so.

Colbert goofs on Texas schools, Thomas Jefferson

Colbert asked Don McLeroy, a former chairman of the State Board of Education, why he wanted to yank Jefferson from schoolbooks. Not so, McLeroy replied. The Texan had a point.

Perry's Coyote Special difficult to order?

At an NRA meeting, Rick Perry joked about the demand for the Ruger-made gun inspired by his 2010 coyote killing. Curious, we learned that demand for Ruger’s products in general is so high that all orders are temporarily suspended — though there’s no confirmed Perry factor.

Bogus chain email about seniors

We smelled smoke on a chain email saying the May 12 election features a vital issue affecting elderly residents and people with disabilities. The Texas secretary of state even issued a warning.

Owning up to error about Austin's student test dates

An Austin librarian made a dramatic claim about school test dates. Then she realized her misstatement.

Abbott touts 50 election fraud convictions; we subtract 29

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently touted 50 election-fraud convictions. After a close look, we subtracted 29.

Leppert on the mark about Cruz's background

Tom Leppert said in debate that Ted Cruz hasn't led businesses. That holds up.

U.S. Senate debate: 'Facts are stubborn things'

Several Republicans vying for a shot at succeeding Kay Bailey Hutchison clashed over their respective records in tonight's debate. Even before they tangled, one hopeful re-floated a claim about another that we've checked before.

Is 'pink slime' safe?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently defended a form of ground beef that critics malign as "pink slime." In addition to calling  the product "nutritious" and "affordable," the Texas governor described it as safe. Is that right?

Dewhurst v. Obama

U.S. Senate candidate David Dewhurst leveled two charges about Barack Obama; one proved True.

$8.5 million goes to Perry's scholarships goal

There's a new turn on a Perry promise about college scholarships, which we recently rated as a Compromise.

Hunting fictions about voting in Texas

Esperanza "Hope" Andrade, Texas’s chief elections officer, unveiled a campaign she described as fighting myths about voting in Texas.  And what are those myths?

Charlie Baird, Rosemary Lehmerg, the Truth-O-Meter

Austin Democrats Rosemary Lehmberg and Charlie Baird aired sweeping -- but flawed -- claims.

Whither Ron Paul? Check his report card

A national newspaper asked the other day: "Whatever happened to Ron Paul?" Well, he still has a PolitiFact report card.

Compare Truth-O-Meter report cards?

PolitiFact in Washington has unveiled a feature that lets you compare Truth-O-Meter report cards for candidates and groups. Its first comparisons feature the presidential candidates and the Republican and Democratic parties.

Chain email’s Obama joke unconfirmed

A chain email says a racially-tinged joke about Barack Obama drew a standing ovation at a Texas rodeo. A presidential joke was told, we conclude, but the email is otherwise off base.

Has cost of 2010 federal health care law doubled?

U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz tweeted a claim racing through Republican circles: that new projections show the 2010 federal health care law’s cost has doubled. False, says the Truth-O-Meter.

Texas order and Newt Gingrich's claim

A San Antonio federal judge’s "kumbaya" order reminded us we’d checked a claim about him by Newt Gingrich.

Limbaugh v. Maher

Rush Limbaugh’s mischaracterizations of a law student made waves, prompting some critics to say that comedian Bill Maher’s descriptions of Sarah Palin and others were made in a similarly rebukable vein.

Mailbag: "Do you even check your own facts?"

Our checks of claims by Lamar Smith and Lawrence O'Donnell drew emails from readers. Let's sample the mailbag.

Pat Robertson echoes Texas candidate on marijuana

Pat Robertson says marijuana should be legalized. We learned that an El Paso congressional candidate beat him to that declaration.

Rick Perry’s promises

Rick Perry has been off the national campaign trail long enough for the Perry-O-Meter to crunch into gear. Here's proof.

Pre-abortion ultrasounds in Texas

A New York Times columnist's concerns about the new Texas law requiring a woman seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound reminded us of our check of a 2011 claim.

It’s got facts, and you can dance to it

South by Southwest begins occupying Austin this week. We’re getting in the groove with our own theme song: "Gimme The Truth (The PolitiFact Song)."

About that chain email you got … we check those, too

We checked — and found False — a circulating email claim that a 2008 Dallas proof-of-insurance ordinance had resulted in area tow lots being filled mostly with the cars of illegal residents.

David Simpson says agent went through airport scanners undetected

State Rep. David Simpson, not impressed with the federal agency responsible for security at airport checkpoints, says that five times last spring, an undercover agent made it through body scanners at a Dallas airport. We wondered.

Ron Paul’s claim on gas prices touches off fire

Gas prices are going up, but an overstatement about their creep by presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas set the Truth-O-Meter aflame.

Familiar claim in Ron Paul ad slamming Rick Santorum

Presidential hopeful from Texas says rival former senator from Pennsylvania doubled the size of the U.S. Education Department. No single lawmaker could do that, we figure. Besides, the department's budget did not double when Republicans dominated.

MSNBC host O'Donnell mostly wrong on GI Bill being called welfare

In a much-aired advertisement, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell forcefully says critics called the GI Bill welfare. That’s not quite so.

How many are helped by deal on payroll tax cut?

Per a congressional deal on extending the payroll tax cut, many say 160 million workers stand to benefit. In an earlier fact-check, we learned that those workers hail from about 122 million households.

Ted Cruz re-defends a flamed claim

In an email blast and blog post, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Ted Cruz of Texas takes issue with our recent flame-kissed rating of his ridiculous claim that an opponent has a record of promoting an income tax.

Gingrich versus Biery

Newt Gingrich excoriated a Texas judge’s warning about his order related to prayer during a high-school graduation ceremony. Did Gingrich recap the judge’s position accurately?

Ted Cruz's report card

Texan Ted Cruz recently lofted a ridiculous claim about an opponent for the U.S. Senate. His overall Truth-O-Meter report card covers four fact checks.  

Rick Santorum's report card

With Rick Santorum swinging through North Texas, it’s timely to remember his PolitiFact report card.

PolitiFact Texas digs into Fast and Furious

Attorney General Eric Holder’s congressional testimony on the botched federal gun trafficking operation reminds us of our recent fact-check of a claim by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst that we rated False.

Ted Cruz reminds crowd of David Dewhurst's Communist claim

As noted by Austin’s KVUE-TV, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz this week revisited his charge that an opponent called him a red Chinese communist. We'd checked that.

Repeated: Martin Luther King was a Republican

PolitiFact colleagues in two other states just looked into a Texas-tested claim that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

Minority population growth in Texas revisited

A Houston Chronicle news article raising the possibility of a bipartisan agreement setting primary elections for early April includes a familiar claim about the state’s minority population growth from 2000 to 2010.  

Howdying PolitiFact Tennessee

There’s nothing Half True in Tennessee -- yet. Here’s our howdy to PolitiFact’s 10th and latest state-level effort to check the facts.

Reader: Maybe rename PolitiFact the Opinion-O-Meter?

When readers find us off our rockers, they let us know. Here’s to another dip in the mailbag.  

Fifty fact checks of Rick Perry for president

Claims by or about Rick Perry as he stumped for president gave the Truth-O-Meter a vigorous workout. Highlights, please!  

Fact-checking Rick Perry’s presidential run

Texas Gov. Rick Perry kept the Truth-O-Meter whirring during his run for president.

S.C. debate claim familiar? Find our research fast

America has bases in 130 countries? A million new jobs were created in Texas?  Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Rick Perry of Texas covered a lot of ground in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day debate. Click here for our research on some of their claims.

PolitiFact Texas turns two

PolitiFact Texas just turned 2 -- bounding into toddler-hood in part thanks to strong interest in fact checks of Rick Perry and Barack Obama.

Rick Perry’s bargain haircut?

Gov. Perry says he once got his remarkable hair cut for $1, but now it’s costing $25. We wondered.

Perry calls Obama socialist, sets Truth-O-Meter aflame

Debating in New Hampshire on Sunday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry charged President Barack Obama with being a socialist. The Truth-O-Meter found that claim not only inaccurate but ridiculous. Pants on Fire!

The Ron Paul PolitiFact report card

The U.S. representative from Lake Jackson placed a strong third in Iowa’s Republican caucuses — but first among Texans seeking the party's presidential nomination.

Perry's abortion shift latest fodder for Flip-O-Meter

We warmed up the Flip-O-Meter to assess Rick Perry's shifting position on abortion. He's not the only Texas official who's received the flip-flop test.

Super PACs air similar claim on Pelosi-Gingrich ties

Claims about Newt Gingrich teaming with Nancy Pelosi on global warming appear in video ads from two different super PACs, including one supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential candidacy. PolitiFact put those claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

Rick Perry’s bail-out denial catches fire

Rick Perry said a Texas agricultural loan fund he once oversaw did not get bailed out. As governor, actually, he approved spending $14.7 million in taxpayer money to cover program losses.  

Perry a scratched record on Romney book claim

At least three times starting Saturday night, Rick Perry and his presidential campaign revisited the mostly wrong claim that Mitt Romney altered his book between editions to remove a sentence showing his support for a federal mandate that people buy health insurance.

Gingrich says Obama passed up IBM's offer to find health-care savings

In a Texas debate, Newt Gingrich said the CEO of IBM had told President Barack Obama how to save billions of dollars in health-care fraud -- and Obama passed up the offer. For real?

Rick Perry claim in running for "Lie of the Year"

Rick Perry won't know for a while if he's the Republican presidential nominee, but one of his claims has already been nominated -- as PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year."

Fact-checking Rick Perry's chat with Jay Leno

In between the late-night jokes, Texas Gov. Rick Perry made claims on taxes, jobs and Social Security that we’d heard before.

Perry recaps Obama’s 57 states’ goof

 Rick Perry, defending an incorrect reference to the U.S. voting age, said President Obama once referred to the nation's 57 states. He did?

Flip-flop for Susan Combs?

Years before the Formula One racetrack agreement became public knowledge in Central Texas, state Comptroller Susan Combs was a strong supporter. Yet on Nov. 15, 2011, she hit the brakes: Texas would not disburse $25 million in advance of the first race, she announced. We put her statement through PolitiFact’s Flip-O-Meter. Did Combs do a high-speed turn?

Mailbag: ‘If your uncle had large mammary glands, he'd be your aunt!’

Readers are frequently very good writers--so good, it hurts. We’re shaking out the mailbag again.

Did President Obama call Americans lazy?

A new 30-second television ad by Texas Gov. Rick Perry makes that claim, and we inspect.

David Dewhurst video distorts journalists' statements about economy

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's campaign posted a video online Nov. 7, 2011, assailing President Barack Obama's record with a couple of edited TV clips that distort journalists' statements, according to our look back.

Perry reminds backers of Ford’s Texas tamales gaffe

After Wednesday’s debate "Oops," Rick Perry’s crew sent out a letter with a few other famous political gaffes -- including the "Great Tamales Incident" of 1976.

Republican debate touches past claims about federal taxes, Medicaid

A few claims in this week's CNBC Republican presidential debate brought to mind past fact checks. Michele Bachmann spoke to how few Americans pay federal income taxes. Herman Cain bemoaned how much it costs to comply with tax laws. And Rick Perry said things will be better if Medicaid is turned over to states to manage.  

Fact-checking the Republican debate in Michigan

We'll be listening closely as the economy takes center stage at tonight's Republican presidential debate at 7 Central time on CNBC. So line up your snacks and flex your Twitter fingers — we'll tweet live @PolitiFactTexas and our colleagues in Washington and Florida will be tweeting @PolitiFact.

Rick Perry said everyone gets a tax cut under his plan

"No matter where you are in the stratosphere, you're going to be getting a tax cut," said Republican presidential contender and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, speaking of his flat-tax plan.

Proposition 2 poses no cost to state taxpayers?

A proposition on the November Texas ballot would step up authorized bonding authority for water-related projects. Texans for Prop 2, an advocacy group, says the bonds would not cost state taxpayers. Really?

Fact-checking Herman Cain

Herman Cain versus the Truth-O-Meter; how’s he doing?

Do governors control job gains and losses?

In just the past five months, PolitiFact has checked job-creation and job-loss claims about governors of Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin. Not one of the 11 statements rated True.

Checking Anita Perry on a family-related job claim

Anita Perry says her son had to quit an investment banking job due to a federal regulation. Really?

Romney misleads, flawed Perry video says

Rick Perry’s latest online video calls Mitt Romney misleading. It misleads.

Romney put illegal immigrants to work, Perry says

Familiar, fact-checked claims flew at the CNN Republican presidential debate including a charge that Mitt Romney employed undocumented immigrants to mow his lawn.

Fact-checking the Republican debate in Nevada

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan was under attack early from the GOP field. Later Mitt Romney and Rick Perry collided over immigration.

Edits fuel distortions in Perry video on Romney

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s online video leaves out key words and leaves in misimpressions about rival Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, and President Barack Obama.

Revisiting Rick Perry, Al Gore, Ronald Reagan

Some familiar claims were loosed at this week’s Republican presidential debate -- including Rick Perry’s claim that while Texas gained 1 million jobs, the country lost 2.5 million. A rundown...

Michele Bachmann assails Rick Perry

Rick Perry wasn't front and center in this week's Republican presidential debate, but Michele Bachmann chose to level a flawed question his direction.

Are you now or have you ever been?

Provocative labels--socialist, for instance--fly these days like "liberal" used to be tossed around. In Texas, Ted Cruz recently said David Dewhurst’s camp called Cruz a Communist.

Rick Perry supported guest worker program

Rick Perry has supported a guest worker program for illegal immigrants, a national leader of the Libertarian Party says. Wes Benedict’s claim mostly checks out.

Mailbag: 'You’re a loser, aren't you?'

Our checks of claims about class sizes in Texas and Rick Perry’s hometown lacking a ZIP code drew many reader comments. We share a few.

Santorum links Perry, Obama and binational health insurance

At the last Republican presidential debate, Rick Santorum said Rick Perry talked about binational health insurance for Texas and Mexico in 2001 — and threw Barack Obama into his claim. Did Perry advocate binational health plans?

David Dewhurst as chupacabra?

Likening David Dewhurst to the mythical chupacabra, Ted Cruz says the lieutenant governor skipped nine U.S. Senate forums after announcing his candidacy in July. Really?

PolitiFact's report card on Herman Cain

Herman Cain, the Republican presidential candidate who took issue this weekend with Rick Perry's trips to a hunting camp near a rock with a black slur on it, has been checked by PolitiFact 13 times. Cain has earned two Mostly True ratings, three Half True, one Mostly False, five False and two Pants on Fires.

Mailbag: ‘You reminded me of my English teacher’

We’ve been catching up on messages from readers, some wishing we’d reconsider our judgments.

Are Texas wildfires linked to climate change?

In a political speech in California, President Barack Obama took some jabs at Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his comments on global warming. "You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change," Obama said. But are the Texas wildfires linked to climate change? PolitiFact put that to the Truth-O-Meter.

Mitt Romney gigs Rick Perry's tuition offer to illegal immigrants

Romney’s blast at Perry’s Texas: "Four years of college, almost $100,000 discount if you are an illegal alien (and) go to the University of Texas." We checked his analysis.  

Smokin’ Texas claims by Ron Paul, pro-Bachmann group

Separate claims about Texas taxes and spending by Ron Paul and a group backing Michele Bachmann for president caught fire on the Truth-O-Meter.

Did Romney cut a pivotal line from his paperback?

Rick Perry claims Mitt Romney made some strategic edits in the paperback edition of No Apologies to downplay his comments on health care. PolitiFact examines both editions to see if Perry is right.

Fact-checking the Fox News-Google GOP Debate

The GOP candidates faced off in Orlando, with questions from Fox News and YouTube. We put them to the Truth-O-Meter. And we'd already just completed a check about the Texas law permitting some illegal immigrants to get in-state college tuition.a

Rick Perry versus the field, round three

Republican presidential candidates debate a third time in 22 days tonight. We’ll watch for fresh claims, including jabs at front-running Texas Gov. Rick Perry, mindful that the last debates fed several fact checks.

Ron Paul gauges U.S. involvement abroad

Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul let rip with a specific tabulation of U.S. military involvement in last week’s Republican presidential debate: "We're in 130 countries. We have 900 bases around the world." He was mostly right.

Rick Perry doubled spending in decade, ad says

A group backing U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota for president says spending in Texas has doubled under Rick Perry. We found the methodology behind this conclusion flawed.  

Punching Rick Perry

The latest Republican presidential debates gave candidates opportunities to poke at the front-runner, Texas Gov. Rick Perry. PolitiFact has since caught up to some blows with fact checks.

Rick Perry griddled at Florida CNN/Tea Party Express debate

At the CNN-Tea Party Express debate in Tampa, the Republican candidates discussed Social Security, Medicare and immigration, with candidates often trying to griddle Texas Gov. Rick Perry. We put their claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

It's not all about jobs; education's an issue, too

Heard enough about the economy from the Republican presidential field? Since Gov. Rick Perry got into the race, questions about the state's education record have started to crop up.

Jobs, jobs, jobs in Republican debate

The GOP candidates talked about jobs, immigration and more jobs during the debate at the Reagan Library.

Rick Perry backed Al Gore, didn't lead his Texas campaign

It’s a legend of Texas politics and, of late, a hatchet for foes of Gov. Rick Perry. The story goes that as a Democratic legislator, Perry chaired Democrat Al Gore’s presidential campaign in Texas. The legend has been aired routinely for more than 13 years—all but unchallenged by Perry. PolitiFact Texas even repeated the story as fact. Well, scotch that.

Texas wildfire claims

Texas Gov. Rick Perry told reporters Monday that Texas will seek a federal disaster declaration for the wildfires ravaging parts of the state. Earlier this year, we fact-checked contrasting claims about the state’s request for such a declaration in the wake of other fires.

For Labor Day, we recap claims about jobs, wages and labor

For Labor Day weekend, we review recent claims about jobs, labor and wages.

Mailbag: Social Security as a Ponzi scheme

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, stumping for president, has revived his description of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme, a claim we rated False last year. It seems timely to share fresh reader missives per our judgment.

Rick Perry stands by book

According to an Aug. 28, 2011, Houston Chronicle news report, Gov. Rick Perry isn’t backing off his latest book. Good to know; "Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington" just helped us complete a fact check of Bloomberg pundit Margaret Carlson’s claim about Perry’s stances on Social Security, Medicaid and the federal income tax.

Rick Perry airs 2010 "lie of year" in fund-raising pitch

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, leading the field for the Republican presidential nomination in a recent Gallup poll, recently dispatched a fund-raising letter touching on some claims we’ve reviewed — including the PolitiFact National 2010 Lie of the Year.

Al Sharpton is fired up about Rick Perry

On MSNBC, Al Sharpton called Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign message "fact-free" and then offered up some Texas stats that we've checked before.

Rick Perry and secession

Critics often say Texas Gov Rick Perry wanted his state to secede from the union. PolitiFact Texas has explored this--thrice now--and pinned what he really said.

Rick Perry's rural legend

Texas Gov. Rick Perry told crowds this week the government wants to require farmers to have a commercial driver's license before they can drive a farm tractor across a road. PolitiFact Texas checked it out and rated it False.

Rick Perry and the Texas economy

With Texas Gov. Rick Perry now running for president, we review our fact-checking on claims about jobs and the Texas economy.

Checking Rick Perry

No one in Texas has faced the Truth-O-Meter more than Rick Perry, who's gotten more True ratings than anyone else in the state -- 10 -- while also leading in False (14) and Pants on Fire ratings (7). The just-declared presidential hopeful has generally fared well on our other meter, the Perry-O-Meter, which rates the fulfillment of campaign promises, though given his speech in South Carolina today we're also marking as a Promise Broken his repeated vow not to run for president.

Perry nails jobs claim

In a Texas speech, expected presidential candidate Rick Perry accurately pegged a claim about recent job growth in Texas while touching on claims we’ve previously found incomplete. Meanwhile, an Iowa group’s pro-Perry TV ad, posted to the right, offers an untested take on the job-gains topic.

Watson's online meeting hits on familiar themes

State Sen. Kirk Watson and his guests reflect on 2011 legislative session — and cover some ground previously trodden by PolitiFact Texas.

Dewhurst a career politician?

Tom Leppert, the former Dallas mayor running for the U.S. Senate, wasn’t impressed with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s joining the 2012 field of candidates. Leppert reacted to Dewhurst’s declaration by deriding him as a  "career politician." That descriptive of Dewhurst also has been levelled by a U.S. senator who’s backing another Republican running for the Texas seat.

Truth-O-Meter works hard during federal debt debate

The daily back-and-forth in Washington over the federal government’s finances has provided numerous opportunities for the Truth-O-Meter and PolitiFact researchers.

Bulb claims by the dozen

Texas U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess says you won’t be able to buy traditional 100-watt light bulbs next year. That claim drew our inaugural rating of Mostly False, which this week replaced Barely True on the Truth-O-Meter.

Introducing, Mostly False

Starting today, PolitiFact’s Barely True rating for significantly flawed statements by political figures is history. In its place, we’re introducing Mostly False, meaning that a claim contains some element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression.

Tax break extension a Compromise for Perry

The Legislature’s two-year extension of a business tax exemption prompts the Perry-O-Meter to register a Compromise for the first time. During his re-election campaign, Gov. Rick Perry pledged to make the exemption permanent.

Barely True or Mostly False?

When we asked for reader opinion about whether to change our Barely True rating to Mostly False, the floodgates opened. And the comments went heavily in one direction.

Boehner, Dewhurst and stimulus jobs

Ah, Washington: The U.S. House speaker posts a message on Twitter, then a campaign committee e-mails a barrage of press releases, each one tweaked to target different individual members of Congress, including two Texas Democrats. Before the day passes, the lieutenant governor of Texas airs the same flawed claim about how much each job attributed to the 2009 federal stimulus package ended up costing the federal government.

Gov. Rick Perry fulfills two promises to veterans

Although backlogged claims have grown, Gov. Rick Perry’s efforts helped push 16,771 requests for benefits from Texans to the federal Department of Veterans Affairs.

No football, killer seat belts

We can’t flee the Texas heat so we tried a PolitiFact alternative by peeking at some fellow state sites for potentially cooling fact checks — like a Georgia review of a claim that taking away football encourages crime. Join us as we scoot around ...

Texas-bound Beck will need bigger blackboards

Glenn Beck told his Monday radio audience that he’s moving to Dallas and building a radio and television studio. To welcome him, we assessed Beck’s pre-Texas standing on the Truth-O-Meter.

For Perry, another promise Kept, two Broken

New to the Perry-O-Meter: We rate how the governor’s pledges on taxes and tuition fared during the 2011 legislative session.

Perry keeps promises on border security, trafficking

Gov. Rick Perry unsuccessfully sought legislation to ensure that law enforcement officers can ask about the citizenship status of someone they’ve detained. But he has fulfilled campaign pledges related to border security and human trafficking.

He's not from here

Every once in a while, a candidate says an opponent doesn’t vote or even live in the district they both seek to represent. In Texas, at least, it’s a cinch to check on someone’s voting history, though where someone lives can prove dodgier to determine...

PolitiFact in Your Pocket

Improbably, PolitiFact drew the attention of a certain Austin 13-year-old. "Dad!," the daughter of PolitiFact Texas’s editor emailed this week. "PolitiFact is the top paid app for the news category at the app store!" So it was, briefly. The Truth-O-Meter is newly pocket-sized...

Kirk Watson “hearts” PolitiFact Texas

In a recap of the 2011 regular legislative session, Sen. Kirk Watson of Austin touched on redistricting, the state budget — and, repeatedly, PolitiFact Texas.

George Will “hearts” Rick Perry

Over lunch with Gov. Rick Perry in San Antonio, conservative pundit George Will developed a column extolling Perry’s potential as a presidential aspirant — and plowed into turf we’d previously worked ...

Mailbag, the sequel

We emptied some of our mailbag last week, saving blasts touching on obesity, Barack Obama and Ron Paul until now...

Latino power in Texas

State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, recently wrote that the map of 36 Texas U.S. House districts advanced to Gov. Rick Perry by the Republican-controlled Legislature "diminishes the voting strength of the growing Hispanic electorate." Republican colleagues charged her with race-baiting. We rated Mostly True an earlier claim like Van de Putte’s...

Jon Stewart, Fox News & PolitiFact

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, fresh off having a statement about viewers of the Fox News Channel rated False, ascended Mount Fib (his words) in a segment of his Tuesday show.

Lawmakers, Perry stand up for incandescents

Texas lawmakers and Gov. Rick Perry have taken a stand for the right of every Texan to buy Texas-made incandescent light bulbs. The proposal just signed into law reminds us that we’ve illuminated bulb claims before.

Mailbag: "It's no wonder you people are losing your jobs."

Our inbox was bulging with criticism, compliments and some choice words to keep our egos in check.

Rick Perry’s Texas success story

Gov. Rick Perry, who subbed in for Donald Trump at a New York dinner Tuesday, often touts his home state’s economic prowess. We’ve tested some of his claims.

Fact-checking the GOP debate in New Hampshire

Gov. Rick Perry won’t be there, but U.S. Rep. Ron Paul will, and we’ll be watching for testable statements.

Senate debate over, now the Truth-O-Meter

Four Republican hopefuls vying to succeed U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey made claims during a Wednesday forum that we’d checked before.

Texas no-fly zone?

Will the Feds make Texas a no-fly zone if legislators criminalize "groping" during airport pat-downs? Does purchasing an airline ticket buy you a background check? PolitiFact scanned these and other high-flying claims.

Leo Berman claim about Obama topped our charts

During the 140-day Texas legislative session that ended May 30, we tested claims from floor debates, press releases and advertising. But by far, our most-read article proved to be a check of state Rep. Leo Berman's statement about Barack Obama’s birthplace. Presenting the top 10 PolitiFact Texas articles from January through May...

Texas Democrats accused of maxing out U.S. credit card

The National Republican Congressional Committee says big spending by congressional Democrats, including U.S. Reps. Ruben Hinojosa and Henry Cuellar of Texas, pushed the nation’s debt to the limit. PolitiFact Ohio poked into that.

PolitiFact Texas on the air

We've debuted regular appearances on a Dallas public affairs TV show and Austin’s KUT-FM.

Countdown to Perry for president?

Is the country ready for another Texas president? After repeatedly denying that he’d run for the nation’s highest office, Gov. Rick Perry changed tack, saying he’d consider it. Time to update the Perry-O-Meter...

Rick Perry tours border with Fox's Van Susteren

Gov. Rick Perry hosted Greta Van Susteren of Fox News on the Texas border this week and talked about border security, the president’s recent El Paso stop and that Perry is "tempted" to run for president in 2012. We heard claims like those we’ve checked before.

Perry keeps promise on eminent domain reform

More than a week before the end of the legislative session, Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill limiting the power of governments to seize private property. That’s a Promise Kept.

Checking Obama, Paul, gas prices and border fence

President Barack Obama figured into our fact checks of gas prices and border fencing last week. We also looked into a comparison by GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul of Texas and Texas Democrats’ budget claims. To the Flashback...

Is Tommy Lee Jones right on how much Texas spends on education?

Urging Texans to visit a website connecting visitors to their legislators, the actor says Texas ranks 44th in education spending per student. We’ve checked that.

Is the border fence finished?

In his immigration policy speech in El Paso on May 10, President Barack Obama said the U.S.-Mexico border fence ordered by Congress years ago is "basically complete." PolitiFact checked that.

Flashback: Obama, the Mexico border and Shariah law

Fact-checks of legislators and an Austin City Council hopeful blended last week with looks at President Obama’s statements while in Texas — plus our first review of a claim by the White House press secretary, Jay Carney.

Perry and Obama remain miles apart

The White House says Gov. Rick Perry turned down an invitation to meet with the president. We put that claim to the Truth-O-Meter.

Fact-checking Obama and others on border claims

President Barack Obama made some testable claims during Tuesday's immigration policy speech in El Paso. But PolitiFact has previously checked numerous border-related statements.

Ron Paul's belly ache, two Texas Pants-on-Fires

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, bellied up to a Half True claim in the first pre-2012 GOP presidential debate last week. In our fact checks, we rated a pair of other Texans’ statements Pants on Fire. To the Flashback...  

Fact-checking Ron Paul’s first debate

We're fact-checking several claims the Texas Republican made during Thursday's presidential debate in South Carolina. Check back to see how he fared on the Truth-O-Meter.

Obama’s birthplace, a Perry promise, Texans gambling

Our look into a Texas legislator’s assertion about President Barack Obama’s birthplace proved our readers’ favorite article last week. We also marked a Rick Perry promise "kept" and probed Texans gamboling to gamble. To the Flashback...

Obama promised to kill Bin Laden

With the announcement that Osama Bin Laden is dead, PolitiFact readers pointed out President Barack Obama's October 2008 vow to kill him. Is this the president's most significant Promise Kept?

In interview, Cornyn revisits fact-checked statements

During a lengthy conversation with the Texas Tribune, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas touched on at least four claims previously run through the Truth-O-Meter.

Texas lawmaker questions Obama’s long-form birth certificate

In a move to end "birther" claims that he wasn’t born in the United States, President Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate Wednesday. State Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, remained skeptical.

Ron Paul’s PolitiFact report card

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has launched a presidential exploratory committee. We’ve previously explored several statements by the outspoken Republican.

Perry-O-Meter: Guv kept education funds promise

With $830 million in federal education aid poised to flow into the state, the Perry-O-Meter tilted to Promise Kept on a pledge by the Texas governor to work with the U.S. Education Department to secure that money for schools.

Sifting pokes at Rick Perry plus a toxic warning

President Obama’s interview with a Texas reporter and a poke at Gov. Rick Perry by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tickled the Truth-O-Meter last week. We also pondered the costs of cancer and whether Austin’s water has a dash of added toxicity. To the Flashback...

Less than 20 months to the next presidential election

Boy howdy LBJ, we’re already edging toward the 2012 presidential election judging from a March claim that snagged our attention. We took up GOP prospect Mitch Daniels’ riposte that government workers in 41 states fare better than the taxpayers who support them. Of course, many possible candidates also are fair game for the Truth-O-Meter.

How is that Barely True?

True: Readers sometimes question our conclusions. Maybe this will help. We’ve just posted an explanation of the Truth-O-Meter ratings to our home page.

Truth-O-Meter takes on DWI costs, budget warnings

Two "what-if" warnings and a compensation snapshot per the state’s thousand-plus school superintendents fluttered the Texas Truth-O-Meter last week. To the Flashback...

Superintendents’ pay means salary — plus perks

State Rep. Stefani Carter’s claim that the Beaumont school district has the state’s highest-paid superintendent caught our attention. Really? Our own spot-check — taking into account salaries plus benefits — revealed that at the least, the leaders of the Houston and Dallas districts get more ...

Fact-checking claims about concealed handguns

Textbooks? Check. Handgun? That prospect’s being debated at the Texas Capitol as lawmakers consider legislation allowing guns on campus--plus, we now read, a proposal letting legislators and others tote concealed weapons anywhere.

Readers favored beer and college statements

Our fact-checks about college tuition and the craft beer industry were reader favorites last week. We also checked how many Texas college students arrive academically unprepared and whether an Austin elementary school is rooted in the Texas Constitution.

How likely are you to be struck by lightning?

State Rep. Van Taylor says you're more likely to get zapped than to be shot by a concealed handgun license holder. We weren't so sure.

Check, please? Our tab on alcohol-related claims

When San Antonio state Rep. Mike Villarreal recently piped up about the growth of the craft beer industry, he stepped into familiar Truth-O-Meter terrain.

McCaul’s explosive claim was readers' favorite

Our review of U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul’s comment about terrorists putting explosives into baby dolls was a reader favorite last week. But we also checked eye-catching statements by Sen. John Cornyn and state Rep. Sylvester Turner.

Is Perry keeping his promises?

Halfway through the legislative session, we decided to review Gov. Rick Perry's campaign promises on the Perry-O-Meter.

Lawmakers rock the Truth-O-Meter needle

Our meter moved from False to True last week.

Mailbag: “What a complete waste of newsprint.”

We fact-check lawmakers, while readers put us in check.

Meter moves on new Perry promises

When Gov. Rick Perry gave a speech about tempering frivolous lawsuits this week, we realized we earlier missed four of his campaign promises. To the Perry-O-Meter!

PolitiFact Week in Review

We checked statements about guns and the rainy day fund last week, as well as a claim about Jim Crow in the Texas Constitution.

Fact-checking Perry’s tele-town hall

During a conference call that reached thousands Monday night, Gov. Rick Perry said lawmakers will balance the budget without raising taxes. We’re tracking that promise, but we’ve previously checked other claims that Perry aired.

Austin's Lee Leffingwell survives debut at PolitiFact

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell survived his debut on the Texas Truth-O-Meter last week while statements from three legislators, a Democratic activist and a New York Times columnist also rocked the needle. Read on. It's the debut of the PolitiFact Texas Flashback.

Texas school districts combined are about the size of U.S. Postal Service

Counting all Texas school districts as one entity, you’re eyeing the fifth-largest employer in the world--one that’s about the size of the U.S. Postal Service. That’s the latest in a busload of education claims to face a Texas fact check.

Facts debatable? Truth-O-Meter says no

When lawmakers debate, factual claims fly--keeping the Truth-O-Meter busy.

Sweeping statements oft fuel fact checks

As fact-checkers, we sit up especially straight when someone connected to Texas politics makes a flat-out claim. Absolutes seem to holler for review.

Fact-checking columnists

Elected officials aren’t the only ones sounding off on Texas politics. We’re lately checking fast balls launched from the Big Apple.

Rick Perry wishes he was in ... Washington?

In a Fox News interview this week, Gov. Rick Perry said he wishes he was part of Thursday’s Washington huddle between President Barack Obama and his Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderon. He also bemoaned conditions along the U.S.-Mexico border, touching on hot topics we’ve fact-checked before.

PolitiFact fields fire after rating False a Rachel Maddow statement

The editor of PolitiFact National appeared on CNN’s "Reliable Source" this weekend, defending a recent False rating bestowed on a statement by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Perry-O-Meter moves on federal education money

With a trip to Washington, Gov. Rick Perry works on his promise to bring home $830 million in federal education aid that’s on hold.  

Mailbag: “You should have a Socialist-O-Meter”

Readers tell us how they would have rated statements (and one suggests a leftish replacement for the Truth-O-Meter).

Truth getting milked in Wisconsin showdown

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, we read, says no one should be shocked he’s seeking to whittle collective-bargaining rights for government-employee unions in the Badger State. PolitiFact Wisconsin put the kibosh on that claim; it’s also fact-checked more than a dozen others, finding few statements to be True.

PolitiFact National posts principles of PolitiFact

For the first time, Washington-based PolitiFact National has posted the principles we live by in choosing statements to check and then, after research, reaching our ratings.

Pants on Fire!

The Truth-O-Meter seems more flammable lately.

Texas abortion counts vary by, oh, a gazillion percent

As Texas senators discussed a proposal to require women seeking abortions to get a sonogram first, two made wildly different claims about the annual number of abortions in the state. One was right, and the other, well, he gave a belated shout-out to PolitiFact Texas. Thank you. Thank you very much.

The Truth-O-Meter report card on John Cornyn

With Texas’ junior senator running for Republican whip, we review how his claims have fared on the Truth-O-Meter.

The Perry-O-Meter moves on eminent domain

When the Texas Senate advanced legislation designed to better protect property owners, Gov. Rick Perry edged closer to keeping a campaign promise.

Democrats paint different picture of Perry's state

After Gov. Rick Perry’s optimistic State of the State address, Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis ripped ruling Republicans while also launching statements that sounded very familiar — as in already fact-checked.

Perry's familiar lines plus "shout-out" to Doggett

Gov. Rick Perry fired off an un-Truth-O-Metered charge this week — that a "certain Texas congressman" is holding education dollars hostage. But other State-of-the-State statements had a familiar ring.

Your moment of Zen: The Daily Show lampoons the Texas House

Comedy Central took on Republicans who called for a Christian conservative to lead the House, prompting us to revisit statements about the speaker’s race.

Keeping health plan that you like--or not

In 2009, President Barack Obama memorably said that under the Democatic-steered health care overhaul, "if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan." It’s the catchphrase that’s launched a raft of Republican rejoinders -- even now, a year after the legislation was passed. U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Corpus Christi, recently wrote that the administration predicts that up to 7 of 10 Americans with employer-provided health coverage could lose that coverage. PolitiFact National looked into that.

Pro-life, pro-choice, pro-truth

In American politics, few issues bring blood to a boil as consistently as abortion. Over the past 13 months, we’ve checked numerous related statements including, most recently, Gov. Rick Perry’s Jan. 22 declaration that there have been 50 million U.S. abortions since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

We're No. 1!

Woo hoo... sometimes.

Perry promise meter grows by one, on voter ID

Make it 32! We're adding a promise to the Perry-O-Meter, our device for tracking how Gov. Rick Perry's campaign pledges shake out. Our latest find involves the voter identification issue that roiled the 2009 Legislature.

"Is your organization Mostly Liberal?"

Readers tell us how they would have rated certain statements.

Perry-O-Meter debuts to gauge governor's promises

On Tuesday, re-elected Gov. Rick Perry is bound to swear — you might say promise — to "faithfully execute" his office’s duties and  "preserve, protect and defend" the U.S. and Texas constitution and laws. Fact is, Perry has made about 30 promises already. And now the Austin American-Statesman’s PolitiFact Texas is launching the Perry-O-Meter to track how his promises fare. We miss any?

Truth-O-Meter report card on Kay Bailey Hutchison

After Texas' senior U.S. senator announced she won't run for re-election, we decided to review her past ratings on the Truth-O-Meter.

Fact checking statements about sanctuary cities

When Gov. Rick Perry brought up sanctuary cities as an emergency item for the session, we reviewed statements we've checked that covered similar turf.

Statements about the budget shortfall fall short

Texas is $27 billion short of what agencies say they need to continue current services — a hard number on the shortfall that’s been talked about for months, giving us a chance to review statements that didn't hold up.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul talks gold, Fed with Colbert

Is money funny? It can be, when Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert engaged Texas Congressman Ron Paul in a conversation — sort of — about the gold standard, the perishability of paper money and the worshipability of a golden calf.

Texas Truthiness in 2010

Not everyone's pants were on fire this year — some worthy statements sent the Truth-O-Meter needle pointing to True. Statements by U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White were among our most-read fact-checks that found the speaker correct.

Phoenix as kidnapping capital tops reader favorites

When Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst referred to Phoenix in June as the world's No. 2 kidnapping capital, it got our attention. Our resulting review proved to be one of our readers' favorite truth tests, though statements by Rick Perry, John Cornyn and even Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert also intrigued readers. Click on for our inaugural Top 10.

Keeping tabs on the 2010 "Texan of the Year"

Gov. Rick Perry, who whupped a U.S. senator and Houston's former mayor in 2010, is the Dallas Morning News' Texan of the Year. Announcing its choice, the paper noted Perry's penchant for "bold declarations" — something we've also noticed. In honor of Perry's most recent honor, we offer our most-read checks of Perry statements.

Following Perry, we dive into income tax history

Gov. Rick Perry has traced Washington's downfall to the federal income tax and Woodrow Wilson. We wanted to know how much the 28th president was to blame...

PolitiFact Natonal's Lie of the Year: Government 'takeover of health care'

The Republican talking point was the most pervasive falsehood of the year, used hundreds of times by GOP leaders and candidates. And it worked: a majority of Americans believe the law is a government takeover.

Mailbag: "Reassign the PolitiFact staff to obits."

The election's over, but we're still busy checking claims that make us wonder. And readers keep writing when they disagree with the rating...

Fact-checking attacks on the DREAM Act

With the DREAM Act heating up in Congress, so too is rhetoric about it. We take a look at claims from opponents of the proposal, which would provide a path to citizenship for children brought to the United States illegally who later complete two years in college or the military. U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, is among the foes.

Dewhurst statement could be PolitiFact Lie of the Year

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst of Texas has landed a statement now in the running for 2010 Lie of the Year (though the same statement was, uh, kidnapped by others)...

Fact checking "Decision Points"

We're still deciding here in Texas what statements to test from President George W. Bush's memoir, but PolitiFact National has already checked a claim the 43rd Commander in Chief made while promoting his book.

Shacking up: Social Security & Ponzi schemes

In the past few months, PolitiFact has explored claims likening Social Security to a Ponzi scheme. Strong reader interest in our look at the topic — 100-plus comments on the PolitiFact Facebook page — reminds us that Social Security draws heat.

Jon Stewart: "What has you, governor, fed up?"

That's what the Daily Show host asked Gov. Rick Perry last night. In explaining, Perry recycles some talking points we've already checked.

Mailbag: "You are clearly out of your league."

After months of sifting through campaign mailers and press releases, it's time to pay attention to some other letters we've received...

Rick Perry takes on Washington... state

The Seattle Times scoffs at Gov. Rick Perry's letter courting Washington state business leaders — "Thanks a bunch, Rick" — and Perry thanks them right back.

Reader hits were topped by a faulty shot at Rick Perry

The No. 1 article on our website of late? A flawed shot at Gov. Rick Perry, who sailed to re-election Tuesday. But this fall's PolitiFact Texas Top 15 reflects statements by and about other political figures too...

Perry and White twirl with the Texas Truth-O-Meter

GOP Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic challenger Bill White have kept the PolitiFact Texas Truth-O-Meter clicking--or would that be reeling? Hence, an Election Eve flashback to some of their True, False and Pants on Fire statements...

Caller: How would you vote (just 'tween us and the Truth-O-Meter)?

Our latest article on U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett's charge that GOP challenger Donna Campbell has called for an end to federal education aid pivots on how she answered a caller's question to a public-access cable TV show--but it's not our only article based on ayes and nays...

Big-as-Texas job gains and number o' unemployed

Gov. Rick Perry's favorite number: 850,000, which he touts as the Texas jobs added on his watch. Democratic challenger Bill White floats a different doozy: 1 million--nearly the number of unemployed Texans early this year. Conflicting job claims often test the Texas Truth-O-Meter...

My opponent is... RICH!

A quarter century ago, legislative hopeful Rick Perry of Haskell filed paperwork with the state indicating he was worth about $13,000. By 2009, we figure, Gov. Perry was worth a little more than $1 million. That is, his net worth increased 77-fold in 24 years. Why care? Well, how politicians make money is often an attack point — sometimes clear-cut enough for the Truth-O-Meter.

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Chain e-mails keep the Truth-O-Meter in flames

A Democrat, a Libertarian and a Green walk into a room...

It's an, um, taxing tale, but as expected, Gov. Rick Perry didn't show up to Tuesday night's one-and-done gubernatorial debate (video at right). Compliments of Bill White, Kathie Glass and Deb Shafto, we picked up on claims that we've checked before.

Guv candidates each spend an hour in the hot seat

It wasn't quite a debate, though Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic nominee Bill White each sat under the bright lights last week and aired claims that have already faced the Truth-O-Meter.

The Truth-O-Meter follows Texas politicos on Twitter

Bill White says Rick Perry told students organizing a gubernatorial forum that he couldn't attend due to a scheduling conflict. Then the day of the event, Perry tweeted that he'd enjoyed a rare morning off by going for a run with the dog. White's move? A re-tweet, of course.

Candidates use and abuse numbers to make a point

An $18 billion budget shortfall plus $1.7 billion in operating losses plus 850,000 jobs adds up to fodder for the Truth-O-Meter.

Aw shucks, Rick Perry blasted Washington while signing request for billions, Back to Basics ad says

In a fresh video advertisement from the Back to Basics political action committee, a folksy-sounding narrator depicts Texas Gov. Rick Perry as inconsisent about what the governor often characterizes as bad ol' Washington. The ad brings up what we've written about before — that in 2009, Perry asked President Barack Obama to forward congressionally-approved economic stimulus money.

Jason Isaac fires off flawed "largest tax increase" claim

Jason Isaac of Dripping Springs, the Republican challenging Democratic state Rep. Patrick Rose, calls the incumbent a "liberal thorn" in a video advertisement posted online this week. In the spot, Isaac levels charges we have not reviewed plus one we found very familiar about the "largest tax increase" in Texas history.

Bill White mystifies Rick Perry—my friends

Bill White, the most interesting man in the world? That's not quite Gov. Rick Perry's take in a video ad we've also heard on the radio. Playing on the jaunty Dos Equis ad campaign, Perry closes a list of recycled claims with a final jab about White not making public his tax returns from years he was deputy U.S. energy secretary: "When you run for governor, hide your tax releases, my friends."

Back to Basics ad demands Rick Perry face Texans and debate

And it targets the guv with some old ammo.

Passports, please

Whether it's justifying or attacking Arizona's immigration law, or making the case for improved security on the Texas-Mexico border, elected officials have kept us busy checking claims about violence on our southern border.

Rick Perry assails Bill White with three ads salted with familiar charges

In case Texans were forlorn about missing out on TV ad wars raging in other states, GOP Gov. Rick Perry popped three new 30-second spots this week painting his Democratic opponent, Bill White, as having been a spendthrift, even unethical mayor of Houston. We've confirmed that one of them has run in Austin; we're not sure if or where (or how often) the ads are running otherwise. Filling the airwaves or not, the ads float new charges we have not reviewed and hammer a few criticisms PolitiFact Texas has heard before...  

Mailbag: "Would my pants be on fire if..."

Nov. 2 looms — OK, it's about 50 days away — which means our mailbox (and our Facebook page) is piling up with campaign fodder. In the pile are more statements to test, and, naturally, more mail from you.

One car, two car, red car, blue car

Hank Gilbert, the Democratic candidate for agriculture commissioner, accused the GOP incumbent, Todd Staples, of an ethics no-no: driving a Suburban purchased by his campaign. The Staples camp says Staples drives a different Suburban, which he bought for his personal use. So -- one vehicle or two?

"Pardon me, but your bias is showing!"

Gov. Rick Perry, no fan of the federal government, has said Washington has three responsibilities: extending the military, securing the border and delivering the mail on time. He also says the feds have blown two of those three. We've not asked which one he considers a success, but can't complain about the mail: our (in) box lacks not.

Dewhurst among un-thrilled with PolitiFact, NPR reports

PolitiFact Texas, launched six months ago, has fans and objectors--the latter includingLt. Gov. David Dewhurst who told NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik: “This is regrettably a new low for the Austin American-Statesman and for this particular group. It shouldn't be in the newspaper. It should be on the editorial page. I mean, for heaven's sakes.” Folkenflik's report aired this week, touching off reaction across the land.

Kidnappings, Social Security, it's your turn

Before we sink into full-blown summer — abundant with fresh statements to test, we hope — let’s unload our mailbag. It’s too heavy to carry through July. These reader notes are edited for length and style.

Democrats pound Rick Perry

That roar in Corpus Christi this weekend? It wasn’t necessarily the surf. Conventioneering Texas Democrats pounded Gov. Rick Perry, lofting some charges we’ve explored before ...

White's three-piece dart: Debt, spending, shortfall, all on Perry

What keeps Gov. Rick Perry from committing to debate Democratic challenger Bill White? That's none of PolitiFact's business, actually.  Yet we were struck by a White shot at Perry tucked into an Austin American-Statesman editorial published Monday. Perry, White said, “doesn’t want to talk about how he’s nearly doubled state spending, doubled state debt and how Texas is facing an $18 billion shortfall.” We can't judge if Perry doesn't want to chat about all that. But... 

Yakking's over at Republican Party of Texas convention; let the Truth-O-Meter kick in

We came, we saw, we're going to conquer — our reporter's notebook, that is, and various pungent statements we scribbled down at the Republican Party of Texas convention that wrapped in Dallas on Saturday. We'll post updates as we digest this fresh (red) meat. But to set the table, here's a sampling of convention claims we heard that had already been through the PolitiFact Texas Truth-O-Meter...

Mailbag: "Why don't you move to the editorial section of the paper where opinion is expected?"

Readers call us out; PolitiFact Texas, get a grip!